Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Happened To Manners??

Sometimes I really HATE my job… Well not the job itself but the people I deal with, the rude obnoxious people who think because I work in customer service I am here to take their crap and do nothing… and for the most part that IS my job.

Sometimes I get people Who’s kids make me want to smack the parents… Then groups of annoying people… and sometimes it’s a full moon. But I mostly deal with it with a smile on my face. Tonight I am angry though…

I had a guy come to the desk for 2 rooms, he handed me his drivers license, and I checked the reservations, he didn’t have one, so I check the guest history and no dice. Then he says I have a card on file… now there are only 2 ways hotels will let you use a credit card that is not present, you can book through a prepaid site like expedia,, priceline, orbitz, cheaptickets, or others of their ilk, (personally they are NOT worth it) 


You can sign up for 3rd party authorization, which is when you fax us an authorization letter and a copy of your Credit card and ID and we keep it on file for when you want the card charged… it literally takes 10 seconds!!

This guy literally cussed me out because I would not charge a card, I did not have a way of verifying because he told me too. I have to follow protocols people!!


And another thing….

Hotels have a Check In and Check Out time for a reason, it is not just to decorate the pretty paper on the desk, or because we hate you and don’t want you to stay with us, or because we like to see you squirm.

It is so that the rooms can be properly cleaned and made ready for the next guest. This does not mean at 11 am you can come in, have me tell you that I will not have any rooms until 3pm and then go outside and follow my housekeeper around until she’s done with a room, and walk up to the desk and expect me to give it to you… My head housekeeper has to check it, and my maintenance man has to fix any problems we may have had. If you sit there and pout and whine like a two year old and throw a fit because I tell you to wait, then you will get on my nerves, and that makes me have a worse day.

Sorry for all the venting today. I honestly have not been having a good week and today just set me off. I will post more often I promise.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Have I Been Reading??

So I haven’t been posting much because honestly I’ve been too absorbed in some books, I figured that an easy way to show you all some good books to read would be like this!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Seriously Please???

I love kids, I adore them and I think they are sweet, and the best gifts on the planet and I want a lot of them… But I have a rant today….

When you have kids at a hotel, please remember that the front desk is not your babysitter. I understand that some times you have to wait on your ride, this doesn’t mean you can stand outside and let your 3 under 5 year old children run around my lobby, and break things, dump things and lick things. Nor does it mean that you can allow your children to run from the lobby into the parking lot and into the VERY busy street that is fed by an Interstate EXIT RAMP.

I have other things I need to do besides chase after YOUR children and tell them to put that down, or please don’t dump that.

Then after I have watched your children for two hours, and feel like telling you that my rate when I used to babysit was 5 an hour per child so you now owe me $30. I don’t need to clean up all the messes that your child made so that my lobby looks presentable again….

I want to stress I LOVE kids and I know that sometimes kids misbehave, but SERIOUSLY??


Okay rant over… How’s your day going?

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