Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Clase De Espanol

Ah last night I dreamed in Spanish. I made a high f in Spanish 122 last semester, so I had to take it again to transfer to my new school. I signed up and was all ready to go when I realized that the same professor would be teaching it yet again. This would be okay, but no female has ever made higher than a D in his class, and D's don't count or transfer. I walked in and was immediately singled out as one of the 15 people who were retaking his class (out of 20) and he stuck me in the front row. Not my happiest day.

So I decided to study with two friends who were also retaking and we went over a lot of Spanish last night. I got home at midnight and went to sleep so I could be here bright and early at 6 am and dreamed entirely in Spanish. At one point dream me pulled a stunt out of Wizards of Waverly Place the movie and asked for subtitles, I got them, but they were in Spanish.

Wish me luck with this one k?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear So and So: The Gripe Edition

Dear So and So...

Dear Reader's:

Thanks ever so much for putting up with my whining and griping and venting for the last little bit and for those of you who asked about Pocky, because typing that post made me smile.


Dear Girl who works after my shift:

WTF??? You scream and cry and plead and beg to get weekends off, so Bossman gives you two off a month (that two more than I get) and then you decide that you don't like having to work Mon-Thurs to get the weekend off??? SO now that school is starting and I have my class schedule planed around the hours you were supposed to be having me work so you could get weekends off you friggin change your mine??? WTF???


Dear AIT Military Personnel:

I know that AIT and Basic must suck. You get yelled at and they are mean and you have to eat really fast. I am sorry you can not go anywhere with out a buddy. I am also sorry that half of you are to young to even drink your sorrows away. BUT that sympathy doesn't give you the right to tie bedsheets into a rope and repel down my hotel, or does it give you the right to give 10 18, 19 and 20 year olds enough alcohol to poison a cow, and then laugh as they make a mess of my lobby. It definitely doesn't give you the right to laugh when I ask who supplied them and then hand you a mop and bucket, nor is it a good idea to trash your rooms and SET THE BED ON FIRE epically because I have you credit cards on file (BTW That $700 charge is cheap considering you smoked in two non-smoking rooms, set the bed on fire, broke a mirror and left smashed beer bottles all over the floor. I think bossman let you off easy) And I did find it freaking hilarious when after I tried to get you to clean up your mess and you laughed, the police came by and forced you too.

The girl who will NOT be renting you rooms next week!

Dear Freaking bug that keeps biting the back of my neck:


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well a lot of people expressed curiosity about the most wonderful dessert, snack in the world! (Well one anyways) So I decided to post this for you guys!

Pocky is a wonderful candy, its not even really a candy, the first time I tried it it reminded me of Dunk-A-Roos. Basically It is a cookie stick that is dipped in icing of various flavors. Very simple. I love most of them there are a few flavors I am not fond of but that is just me.

This is a milk tea flavor, I do enjoy this one it is really sweet with kind of a honey taste. It is also one of the ones I find a little cheaper at the Asian Food Stores and at the World's Market.

The only Flavor I love more is the orange Flavor, I love this one If I am not careful I could eat this every day!

One of the only flavors I don't actually like, I do enjoy green tea but this flavor to me was not good at all!

So now that I have introduced you to Pocky I hope you will go to an Asian store and check some out they really are very good, and the boxes actually come in little packets of three or four so they are great in kids lunches Jujube gets them in hers all the time!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raindrops on Roses and Wiskers on Kittens...

Well it's Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop time: Brought to you this week by the letter Q and the number 6. (sorry watched Sesame Street while babysitting)

I love when People ask about what other people like so I decided to go with Number 3 What would I put in my favorite things basket to give to someone else. (If anyone is interested I may actually be doing a giveaway sometime soon, and this seems like a pretty good idea. So let me know in comments what you all think.)

Favorite Movies: I am either an 80's, 90's girl or romantic comedies. I loved Prince Charming, Amazon Women from the Moon and Earth Girls are Easy. I am also a fan of romantic musicals, On the Town, Singing in the Rain, Anchors Aweigh. And I love to Watch the Pirate's of Penzance with Angela Lansbury.

So Next is Favorite Book:
That's a Tough one but right now I love Gena Showalter's Darkest Series and Kerrelyn Sparks vampire books. I love romance and lately I have been on a Paranormal kick.

Favorite TV Show:
I am currently getting a kick out of Psych, Castle and Warehouse 13. I also love to watch Charmed, Tru Calling, Dark Angel, Buffy (later seasons I became a Spike Girl)

Favorite Kids Book: For younger kids Goodnight Moon is a classic must have, older kids I like Little Princess, for girls. Phantom Tollbooth is also a good one.

Favorite Food: I can always eat Japanese and Chinese not matter what. I also LOVE Italian food. I think that sweet wise I am a pocky girl, I love the sticks dipped in flavors.

Favorite Stores: I can spend a ton in Wal*Mart, I love TJ Max, and Michaels.

Coffee: I am not really a coffee drinker, but I enjoy Starbucks Strawberry Frapp, and Hot Coco.

Okay it is your turn What are your favorite things? What do you think of mine? Did you visit Mama Kat yet?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking News Random Searches: RTT

Hey it is RTT and Keely's got me going again! Make sure you go by her blog and take a look. (two plus for unmom in one sentence wow!)

First of all I work at a hotel. My hotel is by Ft Jackson, They have Basic Training and AIT, We get them both at the hotel. When AIT gets a weekend pass they act like they are very young. The older guys buy drinks for the under age and I spend all night yelling that sheets are not good repelling ropes.

That should bring a good search next month.

I had a class cancel I think they should notify us when they do that, here I was waiting for classes to start with my book money all ready and I look at my class schedule and realize that two have been dropped, that caused a frantic search for something to keep me full time!

now the part that I have been waiting to get to: Things that have brought people to look at my blog for the month of July:

she's my terrify this was 100% and I was number 2.... What is she doing???

Homemade NyQuil- is that legal?? I need the recipe if it is that stuff can get expensive.

Swan Flu, If you haven't read that post you should It was kinda cute...

confessions of a blond mind eps.1 I am wondering, are you calling me blond?? I am sad now...

Kensei in a Dress... Well he hasn't been in one before but I will tell him that the web wants to see him in one...

Call Girls, carnel confessions, confessions of a college callgirl, Call Girl Prom, Angel Hotel Porn.... Okay come on people I barely even cuss on my blog how the heck was I the number 2 result for these????

And last the number one result I got was Angels Sees What? What do I see?? Don't leave me hanging here!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inappropriate Giggles

Have you ever just randomly had an image pop into your head while discussing something serious? And then felt the insane urge to laugh out loud??

I was talking with a guest at the hotel this morning and she was telling me her concerns about her room. She was talking about things we know of but honestly without money from the owner can do nothing to fix.

She complained about the fact that there is no AC in the lobby, the showers all leak, the housekeepers are not the best, but then she said something that made me want to giggle.

Here's a Little Back story:

Our Owner canceled all of our pest control because he thinks "It can be done better and cheaper by the staff"

Well perhaps but we have WAY to many roaches and bugs and mice to handle on our own. So when this guest started telling me about the Bad Bugs in her room. I knew that she meant the amount and still the image of a bunch of Palmetto Bugs, and Roaches in leather jackets with knives appeared in my head and every time she said how bad, or nasty they were I just kept seeing them fighting with each other West Side Story Style over turf.

I was able to keep a straight face and I know my brain ripped that image off of TV because I am not the creative, but after she left I remembered a conversation that I had with one of the other Desk Clerks, It was after we found a roach in the cash drawer, one that was angry we disturbed it's sleep.

She made the comment they were overrunning the hotel and I joking replied that One day we would walk in for a shift and find out we were relieving the roaches. So not only do I have Fighting gangs of bugs in my head but I also have huge ones working the front desk and being all "Hi! Welcome to X hotel!"

Does this happen to anyone else?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Responces To ER Post.

Wow I think that that was the most comments I have ever gotten on a post before! Thank you guys for making me feel loved!

If you would like to know what on earth I am talking about Part One and Part Two can be found at those links.
To answer your questions:

I was in a cast for a year and a quarter. so from 18 to a little after 19. Yes Captain it was pulled off of both bones, your ankle attaches to the leg bones and well mine wasn't anymore, no jutting bones or blood thank goodness, (I don't do blood I would have passed out on the floor.)

I had six surgeries and a year of rehab (until i was 20).

I have metal and plastic pins in the leg and ankle now, not a big issue unless it rains or I fly, but otherwise the leg is fine, I walk and work on it every day.

Thank you all so much for the concern, it makes me feel like part of the blogging family now, not just watching from outside! You all Rock!

Friday, August 14, 2009

ER part two

Captain because you seemed so sad here is part two!

So When I left you all I was in the Ambulance on the way to the hospital, which is actually only about 15 min from where I lived at the time, good right? Only their X-ray machine was out. So the EMC (i think that's what they are called... or maybe that's a DJ.... i don't know) called the other hospital forty min away to see if theirs was up, it was but the expressway was closed because of a bad car accident, so we took the long way, which is a dirt road... a dirt road people... my leg was hanging in air bouncing every second causing screams to erupt like mount Vesuvius.

On a lighter note, my cell phone didn't stop ringing until dreamy eyes finally answered it with a gruff "she'll call you back later" and turned it off... I had some explaining to do after that one. Eventually Dreamy eyes realised the dying cat sounds were coming from me and had his partner hold my leg, this didn't help much now along with every bump in the road I felt extra weight too.

We finally got to the hospital and into the ER I told Dreamy that I wanted pills, shots, IVS, Drugs of any shape and form. He laughed it off but when the other guy wheeling me slammed my leg in the door he agreed as soon as the doc checked me out.

I lay in the ER for a good 30-40 before being looked at a few more doors hit me and I said some words even I am ashamed to have passed my lips, and eventually it was decided that I broke my leg in three places and (here's the gross part) pulled the ankle off both bones completely. There were torn and ripped and pulled everything, but no one told me this because my parents had been waiting at the other hospital for me until they were told I had been moved and the Doc decided to not tell me a thing till they got there.

I got an ER cast and an appointment for a specialist for two weeks later. An ER cast is roughly some Plaster and some gauze, basically a VERY expensive splint. I went home lay on the couch and took the strong pills, only to awaken the next morning with a note from my parents saying they had left for their vacation at the beach with Air force and Jujube and that people would be by to feed me open the garage door when they came.

So for two weeks I sat on the couch with the ER cast and had lunch and dinner, no TV because even though it was right in front of me the remote was broken and the ER hadn't given me crutches.

So that is the ER story I can continue on with what happened if you all would like or not.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Tales From The ER

Well this is late and I am sorry Mama Kat because well it is really late but this is my story for your workshop today.

4.) List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah


Your trip to the ER...spill it.

First top ten things I will not put names here because well, that's just not nice.

1. Why are you still talking to him?? He scammed you out of $2,000 what does it take to learn a lesson?

2. Yes you are being a b**ch

3. I am your friend and as your friend I need you to leave now, so I can stay your friend.

4. Why did you marry him? he treats you like crud.

5. I think we need to talk...

6. if you run away and don't tell anyone where you are going one more time so help me....

7. church, church, church if you are such a church loving person why are you sleeping with three other people and why do you try to fore your ideals on me??

8. all that drinking is going to kill you one day.

9. Yes you smell like smoke, if you smoke a half of a pack in an enclosed area you will!

10. I am not your mother, so stop making me act like it!

Okay now that that is out of my system the ER trip.... this one might actually have to be in parts because well its a long story.

I was 18, I turned 18 the week before, I was working as a waitress at a deli for crappy money and even crappy tips, because people think that deli''s pay you more. They don't.

I had just gotten an assistant manager position at Ultra Tan, they were building one near me, I was supposed to start a week after I came back from my two week vacation to Myrtle each with my family. I was about to quit the restaurant. (see I was doing a lot of stuff)

When Prue and Piper called to ask if I wanted to go to Skyline, (I finally got to go this year!) I had always been to young to go before, so they would drop me off and go and tell me what a fun time I missed the next day.

I was ecstatic! I was going to Skyline! I told my parents I couldn't go to Choir practice because I was going out, but I knew my part and would sing on Sunday. I rushed into the bathroom to get ready as soon as they were out of the door.

Here's where the dramatic part comes in, We had the AC unit installed the week before, they installed it upside down or backward or something along those lines, the water was supposed to drain only the drain was running uphill and instead it leaked through the vent onto the tile in the bathroom. Airforce had tried to make the bathroom smell good by spraying Endust into it before they left, which kinda creaked a slick surface, I slid and flew and slammed my head on the back of the tub, knocking myself out for a few moments.

This would have been normal for me (I actually visited the ER a lot as a child I was very klutzy) but when I came to I wasn't in pain, I sat there for a few and took an inventory, neck okay, slight headache, arms and wrists fine, legs.... wow that one doesn't look right... lets move it and fix it... OWWW OWWW OWWWW NOT GOOD!!! Yes that was my though process. I should have called 911 I know. But I called Piper and Prue. they had already left so I called Cowboy Prue's then husband. He said he would try to get them. Then I called my parents ( I had my cell in my pants pocket thank god) they didn't answer so i called Kensei who was in TN, he called every Baptist Church he could find online until he got the one they were at and told them to come home.

When They got home my dad was positive I had sprained my ankle and told me to stand on it, while he was helping me up the agony shooting though me caused me to finally yell "Someone call freaking 911 already!!"

So they did.

The fire department came and then the ambulance and the ER guy with the most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw... could have been the pain... the collard and boarded me and off we went, but things actually got worse from there....

And this is becoming longer than I thought so I think that I will post the rest tomorrow!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Saying Goodbye..

Piper and Chris the Guy she finally settled down with

Piper from the trip

Again the trip

Piper from high school. Right after we first met.

Do you know what one of the saddest things a girl can do is? Saying goodbye to her best friend. Piper and I have been best friends and almost sisters from the day I first met her in the hall at school. She was reading a romance novel and one of our mutual friends decided we should meet. Normally with new people I am shy and a little reserved but with her we started talking immediately, we have been best friends ever since. We have survived boys, graduation, college roommates everything. Today I said good by to her.

She married a great guy and they are moving. I know that we agreed to call and write, and be the godmother's of each others kids, but when people move away it is my experience that well you loose touch no matter how hard you try to stay together. I am sure we will talk on birthdays and holidays and kids christenings. But saying goodbye is hard. I don't make a lot of friends and the ones I do I love, so when they leave I get rather emotional.

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