Thursday, April 03, 2014

Day 3 What Makes Me Me


This is a little more complicated for me, I am a pretty complex ball of nerves, obsessions, confidence, doubts and dreams.

I tried to ask Kensei but he shrugged and kept playing his game,

so here is what I think makes me, me.

I am Italian and French and family means everything to me. I love my friends as if they were my family and no one and nothing would change that.  I am always willing to look on and for the bright side of life, and tear up at silly commercials.

I dream about doing things and going places but inside I know I am a homebody and unless I won the lottery I’d never actually go.

I see the world though  rose colored glasses and I am okay with that. I would much rather believe that a person is good than bad. it is hard for me to see things in shades of grey, I tend to be a white /black  right/wrong kind of girl.


What makes you you?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

30 Days Of Blogging Day 2 My Fear

Day 2 is all about what our biggest fear is…


Melissa "Sunshine" Grady-Lyde's pin on Pinterest.

I have a lot of fears, I am scared of snakes and spiders and thunder although I love lightening, but my biggest fear is disappointing people I think. I have plans for myself and I will go out of my way to make them happen to avoid disappointing myself as well as I will go out of my way to not disappoint others. One problem I have had for a while is the inability to say no, I will work extra shifts when I don’t have the time, or sign up for things so I don’t disappoint people.

I like for 6s, but I think more importantly than that, it's not that 6s forget themselves, it's that they forget who they are in Christ when they allow themselves to get lost in their fear. 6s need to remember, that as children of God, we have nothing to fear because our God's grace and kindness will sustain us through all things.#fear

I have loved the stars by Eve Sand · Galileo Quote, Quote Art, Inspirational Art, Typographic Print

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Goals

Monthly Goals

My March Goals!!

1. Try to post at least 3 reviews--- Success!! I posted a review on Scoundrel Ever After, The Chase, and Before Midnight!    If you only have time to read one of them read The Chase!

2. sign up for Obama Care so I don’t have to pay the fee --- Success!! Not super happy about it because I am now paying 100 more a month for something that I can only use in catastrophes.

3. spend spring break relaxing and catching up on school work – Fail…. I am so far behind in my class work this semester I want to cry.

4. Clean the bedroom and do the laundry regularly. --- Fail….. I currently have no floor in the bedroom it is covered in dirty clothes.

5. Try to drink at least 3 glasses/bottles of water per day --- Fail… I drank water well for the first half of the month but I stopped in the middle.

6. Post a review on my Jawbone and try to stay active each day --- I have been active lately but have not yet posted my review on the bracelet.


April Goals:

  1. Finish this semester in as good a way as it started out… I want As and Bs but I would be thrilled with a C.
  2. Try to drink at least 3 glasses of water a day—keep track of this with my Jawbone and Myfitness Pal
  3. Keep up with the 30 days of blogging link up
  4. post a review on the jawbone and my opinion of it.
  5. Try to post at least 3 book reviews.
  6. Work on my super secret collaboration project so that I can share it with you guys!!



What are your goals for the month?? I’d love to know!

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