Thursday, April 03, 2014

Day 3 What Makes Me Me


This is a little more complicated for me, I am a pretty complex ball of nerves, obsessions, confidence, doubts and dreams.

I tried to ask Kensei but he shrugged and kept playing his game,

so here is what I think makes me, me.

I am Italian and French and family means everything to me. I love my friends as if they were my family and no one and nothing would change that.  I am always willing to look on and for the bright side of life, and tear up at silly commercials.

I dream about doing things and going places but inside I know I am a homebody and unless I won the lottery I’d never actually go.

I see the world though  rose colored glasses and I am okay with that. I would much rather believe that a person is good than bad. it is hard for me to see things in shades of grey, I tend to be a white /black  right/wrong kind of girl.


What makes you you?

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Harlynn said...

All the things you dream of doing you have to remember you have the power to do. I realized this just the past year. The things I had accomplished amazed me. You can amaze yourself, I think that's what life might be partially about. Doing everything you can until you amaze yourself.

Start up a savings and make a list to hang up of all the places you dream to go. The savings could start off as a piggy bank and your first trip could be Italy, but it will happen if you keep working towards it. I can tell you have ambition from your writing. Now prove it. Well, what I should say is prove it as much as you can. Obviously you've proven it to me.

On a side note, that's bad ass you're both Italian and French. Two of the most beautiful languages. c:


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