Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exams, The Flu and Work and the Loss of a Car.

I would have posted for Random Tuesday yesterday, but I was very depressed. On Monday night I got home from work at about midnight. I went inside and was trying to finish a conversation with M when I heard a loud noise from outside. I looked out my window and my car was there, being hooked up to a tow truck! I freaked and ran downstairs, My parents apparently had forgotten to pay the car payments for the last few months, even though they had the money. I went out and the guy said that unfortunately there was nothing he could do, so I collected my books out of the car and watched as he pulled my car around, he lowered the car and I heard a grinding noise, and freaked a little, the next day I was told that the axel had broken and that even after I paid to get the car out it wouldn't be cheap to fix. So my mother decided that I will have to buy a new car.

So Now onto why I did not post yesterday. I was depressed, I did not have class because Exams start today and was planning on studying, but instead I lay in bed for roughly six hours in the state between sleep and awake until Piper cam and woke me up, dragged me out and said smile. We went to Wal-Mart and bought the items we needed for the Master Cleanse If you have done/heard about this let me know how it went! After that I went back home to be depressed again.

The Swine Flu, is the big epidemic that is going on now. Everyone is freaking out, and my boss had ordered me to get handsanitizer because he cannot afford me to get sick, this is especially important because M decided to quit with no notice, I will never understand why people ask you to get them a job and quit a month later. We were discussing the Swine Flu before exams and one of the girls I know asked me how the Swans and Piggies were sick at the same time, we all looked at her and were like What? She said "I heard about the Piggy Flu and the Swan Flu." I laughed and now have a 'theory' about the "Swan Flu" it is very simple: The swans were mad that the cows, and other birds and now pigs have the flu so they got it too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Reason I am going Crazy with no net at work!

1. I can't check my blogs I read

2. Can't write in my own blog

3. Cannot work on the final assignments I have for the classes that are ending next week! (YES!)

4. Cannot change my Netflix

5. Can't watch the netflix online.

6. Have you ever tried to sit for nine hours with NO entertainment??

7. I can only watch so many movies before I get bored.

8. I can't sleep in the car after work because I have to work on the assignments that I should have been able to do at work.

9. I get grumpy on little sleep

10. I have to stay out of the good conversations in the student center because of the fact I am working on those assignments

11. Writing a paper in the hour before class is not conductive to having a good paper.

12. I need to spend the before class time studying

13. Class is over in two weeks so I need to do all this work.

I hope that everyone enjoys this!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday!!

Wow Its been a while since the last RTT post.

I love Keely's Randomness and had a large plan for mine but I keep leaving the notebook where I wrote all of my ideas in the places I am no longer at.

I was thinking that I don't believe I necessarily look like I am seventeen but I feel good that the guy at the car fixing place thinks I am, I have corrected him many times but he continues to ask me if I am seventeen.

A guest at my hotel told one of the other girls that I work with that he thinks I would be fun to get drunk with. I am wondering now why a lot of people say that. In response she said "Angel might look innocent and all goody two shoes but shes really not all that innocent."

So I asked some of the guys who I hang out with before class and they all decided that it must be the fact I have a very bubbly personality and that it would be funny to see.

I have been working on a tribute speech to my Nana, I am probably just going to wing it.

One of the girls at work calls me like crazy, even though she knows I am not the manager, and not in an authoritative position. My mother thinks that I need to be promoted to shift supervisor and get a raise. I would love the raise not so much sure that I want to be in charge of people.

I made a bet with a friend of mine about weather or not I could go with out red meat for a week, he says you begin to flip out after a week, so we will see. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The One Where She Finds A...... BABY???

Yup! That's right folks I was almost an Instant Mom today. In Fact if America were anything like it used to be I probably would be a mother right now. I was at the mall today, not spending money (For Once) but to meet up with my Aunt who was in town and as I was leaving, alone and early due to a migraine brought on from trying to write a paper in the hour before the class, on a book I never actually read more than one chapter of, I noticed something strange, an expensive baby stroller was sitting by the garbage can. It looked like this:

I was surprised because well it looked like a rather new stroller and they aren't exactly cheap. So I being the nosy type of person I am walked over to look in the front thinking it must be ruined inside somehow. I wasn't in fact there was the most adorable little girl asleep in the stroller. I was shocked. Remember this was by a GARBAGE CAN! I looked around but didn't see anyone that could possibly be mommy or daddy, so I decided to wait with the stroller and give them a piece of my mind for leaving the baby alone. TWENTY minuets later and yes I timed it. Still no Mommy or Daddy. I was super shocked and when she woke up I was a little concerned because, there was no diaper bag or food or anything for her, I am estimating that she was at most 7 months old. I saw someone I knew and asked them to go get the police that patrol our mall for me.
When the officer arrived I explained to him that I had now been waiting forty minuets in the hot sun with the baby and no parent had arrived to claim her. He took her into custody and we both were wondering about the fact that several people had to have passed her before me, and someone would have a\had to have seen Mommy or Daddy leave her, so why did no one say anything?
If we were still living during the time of my paper, that I had the migraine from, I would have told the officer that because her mother had left her, I would raise her and if the parents contacted the police to tell them I had her. But we aren't and I didn't and walked off wondering about whether the mom was ever found.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I should be writing a paper for psych now, but I think I will wait an hour. (Manic Monday's are below the actually post.)

I was told the other day that Piper's husband ( they have only been married a little while) Will be shipped overseas as soon as he gets out of AIT. this is very sad news, Piper hasn't really seen him since they got married. He went to Basic the day after the wedding and when he finishes he will have one day with her that they will spend driving to Ft. Lennerwood MS. Then after his three months there they will have one day until he gets on the plane to go to where they are sending him for at least a year.

The good side of this is that Piper wants to move to TN with me when I go. I have been a little worried about moving and not knowing anyone. Believe it or not I can be a little shy when I don't know anyone. This that I will have a friend. Another upside is that Piper gets a housing allowance, and so we can get a really good apartment between her money and mine. Both of us will be attending school, I will be working too.

So I was looking at the apartments and realized that I have expensive taste! More on them later.

And Now its time for!!!

Manic Monday!!!

I am going to backdate a little here:

Manic Monday #160

Do you screen your phone calls?

Yes I do, but only if I don't recognize the number, I have the people who I call and who call me in my phonebook, If your name doesn't pop up I won't answer until I know who you are.

When was the last time you lost your temper?

I try really hard not to loose my temper, I think the last time was a fight with my mother.

When you're lost, do you ask for directions?

depends on how lost, I tend to drive a few more blocks after realizing I am lost and then ask for directions.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wow... a Whole Week.

It is hard to believe that I went an entire week with out a post but that is what my blog is showing me. I have been very tired this week, working like crazy and with the last official month of school until finals, I then can relax (But only if I pass the evil class of Statistics, (Which most likely will not happen))

So It is Tuesday and that means Randomness!!!

Everyone head over to Keely's Blog to look at more of the random things in people's brains!

First off I tried to use my Cell phone to capture the random thoughts that I had this week. I thought that it was going fine until I erased my txt messages and in the process accidentally erased the drafts that I had save too, aka my randoms. I need a new way to keep up with the random thoughts I have because well, I can't remember them when it is time for me to write my post.

I LOVE I get many awesome books and can send out the ones I don't like (which are few and far between.) But I think that the idea behind it is good.

I regressed this week, back to a child. I bought a bunch of markers, a pack of 50 and 10 were the scented kind. Being me I then printed off a ton of coloring book pages and proceeded to color them while at work. This led me to thinking, was the world one big coloring book with scented markers when it was created? I think so, mainly because of the next random thought

I think God has a sense of humor, I also think that God's Sense of humor is slightly twisted. Now, not twisted in a bad way but twisted as in he/she gets a kick out of things not everyone finds funny. Kind of like British Humor. I love British Humor, put Monty Python on and I will be giggling and full of joy for hours, but if you make my brother watch the same thing he will just look at me and repeat whats so funny about that??

Speaking of..... No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

I think that the end is the bast part, but if you don't watch the whole thing it really isn't as good.

Which Leads my Brain directly To Mel Brooks!

And Because I had to You Tube those, I felt the need to listen To Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego!

I would have posted that but I decided to stop at two videos. I hope everyone has a good RTT!!
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