Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exams, The Flu and Work and the Loss of a Car.

I would have posted for Random Tuesday yesterday, but I was very depressed. On Monday night I got home from work at about midnight. I went inside and was trying to finish a conversation with M when I heard a loud noise from outside. I looked out my window and my car was there, being hooked up to a tow truck! I freaked and ran downstairs, My parents apparently had forgotten to pay the car payments for the last few months, even though they had the money. I went out and the guy said that unfortunately there was nothing he could do, so I collected my books out of the car and watched as he pulled my car around, he lowered the car and I heard a grinding noise, and freaked a little, the next day I was told that the axel had broken and that even after I paid to get the car out it wouldn't be cheap to fix. So my mother decided that I will have to buy a new car.

So Now onto why I did not post yesterday. I was depressed, I did not have class because Exams start today and was planning on studying, but instead I lay in bed for roughly six hours in the state between sleep and awake until Piper cam and woke me up, dragged me out and said smile. We went to Wal-Mart and bought the items we needed for the Master Cleanse If you have done/heard about this let me know how it went! After that I went back home to be depressed again.

The Swine Flu, is the big epidemic that is going on now. Everyone is freaking out, and my boss had ordered me to get handsanitizer because he cannot afford me to get sick, this is especially important because M decided to quit with no notice, I will never understand why people ask you to get them a job and quit a month later. We were discussing the Swine Flu before exams and one of the girls I know asked me how the Swans and Piggies were sick at the same time, we all looked at her and were like What? She said "I heard about the Piggy Flu and the Swan Flu." I laughed and now have a 'theory' about the "Swan Flu" it is very simple: The swans were mad that the cows, and other birds and now pigs have the flu so they got it too.

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