Friday, April 17, 2009

The One Where She Finds A...... BABY???

Yup! That's right folks I was almost an Instant Mom today. In Fact if America were anything like it used to be I probably would be a mother right now. I was at the mall today, not spending money (For Once) but to meet up with my Aunt who was in town and as I was leaving, alone and early due to a migraine brought on from trying to write a paper in the hour before the class, on a book I never actually read more than one chapter of, I noticed something strange, an expensive baby stroller was sitting by the garbage can. It looked like this:

I was surprised because well it looked like a rather new stroller and they aren't exactly cheap. So I being the nosy type of person I am walked over to look in the front thinking it must be ruined inside somehow. I wasn't in fact there was the most adorable little girl asleep in the stroller. I was shocked. Remember this was by a GARBAGE CAN! I looked around but didn't see anyone that could possibly be mommy or daddy, so I decided to wait with the stroller and give them a piece of my mind for leaving the baby alone. TWENTY minuets later and yes I timed it. Still no Mommy or Daddy. I was super shocked and when she woke up I was a little concerned because, there was no diaper bag or food or anything for her, I am estimating that she was at most 7 months old. I saw someone I knew and asked them to go get the police that patrol our mall for me.
When the officer arrived I explained to him that I had now been waiting forty minuets in the hot sun with the baby and no parent had arrived to claim her. He took her into custody and we both were wondering about the fact that several people had to have passed her before me, and someone would have a\had to have seen Mommy or Daddy leave her, so why did no one say anything?
If we were still living during the time of my paper, that I had the migraine from, I would have told the officer that because her mother had left her, I would raise her and if the parents contacted the police to tell them I had her. But we aren't and I didn't and walked off wondering about whether the mom was ever found.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I hope they found the mother...that's very scary.


Sherendipity said...

That's bizarre.
The poor thing.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! So sad!

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