About Me

So This Blog is all about life through my eyes.

This is me! 

I am a little bit of a dork for example, Jujube and I did our makeup to watch the season premiere of Doctor Who last season!

I am not your typical 27 year old girl, I have a strange family life, I work full time and go to school full time as well.

I am not married like most of my friends, but I have been dating my Fiancée, boyfriend what ever you want to call him ;) Kensei for nearly 10 years, in fact our 10 year anniversary is 10-31-2014.


I don’t have kids but I do have a baby, she’s a Fur Baby but she's all mine. My Penelope Puppy, Penni for short.

And now that I’ve finally moved to Memphis she has two sisters, an older one Sugar, and a baby sister, Lady.

I love the sun, I love to tan, and I also love snow. The mix is interesting I know!

I talk a lot about my  Family, I have a younger Brother I call Air Force,


a younger sister I call Jujube,

and of course a Daddy

and a Mother. 

My best friends are Piper,


M, and



Eri, and M used to work at the same job as me, We all used to work at the same hotel together! 



I completed the 30 Days Of Me posts, so if you want to know a little more about me please take a look.


I love comments and try very hard to comment back and visit the blogs that do comment to me.



If you want to know more about me take a look at my It's All About Me Posts!!!






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