Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring and Guests!!


So  one of out guests walked into the lobby today, Think Teen-Disney/Nick star image

and while messing with the latch on the Box that says mail… she twirls her hair and goes, “so like ummm where does like the mail go??” image

Yeah its been one of those days lol, So I saw this on Aubrey’s blog and thought I’d give it a try.

What's your favorite spring outfit {or two}?

Blue DressPink top

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am sorry!!!

a...sdrawkcab sepyt retupmoc ym nehw evol I  

wow.... okay I love it when my computer types backwards... lol I am sorry that I've been gone for a while, I have had a busy week! I applied to two new colleges, to get some more school in before I move. Also I was a little weird-ed out the other day... I noticed a new follower and clicked on the name to find that it was an ex of Kensei's who has told me that she wants to get back with him, and that even though we're engaged it won't be long till he "Gets rid of me"" (we've been together for 10 years this Halloween) so I was very upset that she found my blog and was following it... I almost went private because of that, but I have made so many friends because of this blog that I didn't want to let one person, I don't like spoil it for me ya know?

I promise more posts soon!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A sad sad day…

I woke up this morning at 7 and yelled at my father to turn off, or at least turn down the TV. I had no clue that what was going on was going on until almost 8 when I finally got out of bed to go turn it down myself and watched in horror as the first video clips of Japan came on. Then I heard the News about Hawaii and California, I know people there so I franticly called until I got answers…. and then I thought about the people who are going to call their loved ones, their friends, and family and not get an answer… and my heart goes out to them.

I know that many people will, some won’t but hopefully more will keep these people and places in your prayers, and if you want to do a little more than that donate to the red cross, please click here  or you can click here,  if you don’t want to put your information online you can txt REDCROSS to 90999 instead and donate $10, or if you were planning to go out tonight stay in and donate the money you would have spent out.

If you go to my Twitter page, Re-tweet the VitiCoco tweet, they are donating $1 for every retweet, its free and only takes a second to help someone!

Just remember to Pray for everyone ok?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Lent begins tomorrow, I am still not sure what I am giving up, I am mostly leaning toward cutting down on sodas, (2 a day max) and also giving up like really fast food (McDonalds, burger king etc.,) I can’t give up all fast food because if I forget my lunch when I go to work ( which happens more than I’d like) I won’t have anything to eat at all.

What are you all giving up? Do you do Lent? My friend Shan made me smile today because she responded to my frantic what should I give up Facebook post with Smoking, it should be easy because I don’t smoke.

I am going to NY soon, I can’t wait I really miss my family and even though there is no one left on my moms side I am going to see if maybe we can visit their graves (morbid I know) but they were the main family I was close to.

Okay so I did this once already but I am doing it again… Ask Me Anything!!! Anything you want to know about me, my life, my family, friends, relationship, anything at all!! I need to fill out my about me and I really want to know what you guys what to know!

My favorite things!!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Spring Swap!!

So I just found this swap! It’s not to late to get in on it! I love spring time!!


just go by Janna’s and take a look!!

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