Monday, April 18, 2011

Airforce Has A New Girl!!!!

I Am happy to announce that Air-force has FINALLY FINALLY gotten a new girl-friend. Her name is Savannah. (he wants me to call her Panda, she says no) She is sweet, (so far) although she spells her name wrong. I should have more updates on them soon!!







Sunday, April 17, 2011


staycation swap

While I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on a nice vacation, to the beach (3 hours away) or the Mountains (4 hours away) with the climbing gas prices, hotel fees, and not being at work it just won’t work for me, so when I saw the Staycation Swap over at ATLYankee Belle’s blog I knew I had to sign up!

So first thing is our ideal staycation:

I am a bookworm, so for me the best thing I could do would be a nice night in, I love smells, lol Candles and Baths and relaxing, while I’d love a spa day, I think a nice smelly candle (or three lol ) some soft music and a good book and I’d be relaxed and content for a wonderful staycation!


What’s your idea of the perfect Staycation??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Jiggle But Not As Much As I Used To Week 2

Weight Loss Challenge

Okay so having spilled my guts for the first time EVER last week and actually typed my weight online, I didn’t do as much as I wanted to this week, I planed to do at least part of a DVD daily, but Honestly I slept in more than I should have, but I have worked on my eating, I ate healthy almost every day this week, and have made myself several frozen lunches to bring to work and eat!  So I know you all want to know the scale I was actually able to lose a pound, not as much as I’d like to have but I have been working on cutting back my soda’s and replacing them with flavored water or tea so maybe a better number next week!


I honestly have had a bad week on this though, but it has made me more determined… My fiancée Kensei made a comment that really upset me.  I’ve always been curvy like I said in my previous Challenge post, but when I was posting pictures of myself and my family from a beach trip the other week, he made a comment about was I sure I wanted to because it looked like I had gained a LOT of weight… it really upset me, and I am still honestly a little po’ed about it, but he doesn’t see anything wrong with the comment.

Okay see you all next week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Map!


These are the Places I have lived/ Spent more than a week in.

I lived in Ohio, New York, and South Carolina.  My fiancée lives in TN, and I have spent a week, in the other states, I have never really gone past Texas though, I want too!

Do yours here!! I can’t wait to see everyone's!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dialect Vlog


Okay so I did this once before but I decided that because of the new words I'd go ahead and do it again!!


So I hope that ya'll liked this!! Sorry for the shaky camera work! lol can't wait to see everyone else's!  

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

This is going to be hard for me, I hope I can keep up with it but I need to do this not only for my health but for my own self confidence, I used to like the way I looked, I wasn’t to thin, but I wasn’t fat either, I was pleasantly curvy, and I liked it. Then I Broke My Leg, Went to the ER, (part 3 here) and spent a YEAR on the couch recuperating. By the end of that year, I wasn’t pleasantly curvy anymore, but it didn’t stop there, I picked up a lot of bad habits being out for a year, and haven’t managed to break them yet.  

I am actually really nervous about this because I have never put my weight and everything OUT there before… and I am scared that I won’t lose any weight at all…. but here goes….

I should weigh 107-145…. I don’t….

Hi my name is Angel and I weight 269…. gosh I feel really bad….  that’s a 46.2 BMI that’s not good at all… My goal is to get to that target range, but first I want to work on getting to where I need to be, so my first goal is to get to 200 and then work down….

I have Jillian’s 30 day shred, but can’t get past easy and a nice collection of exercise DVDs.. so that’s what I’ll be doing, as well as maybe trying to get up before it hits 90 degrees here, (so like 5 before the suns up) and running/walking the track behind my house.

I don’t have a diet, exactly I work crazy hours but I am going to try to stop my munching when I am bored/emotional'/stressed and cut back my soda’s to one glass a day and then one a week.


My Favorite Things Swap

Okay so I know this is late but I have had a hectic time with work lately!!

I had SOOOO Much fun doing the Swap, even with the snafu's that happened during shipping, I LOVED it!!

My swap partner and I actually were REALLY close to each other and she picked some amazing things!

055Okay so the postal service opened my box a little for me…. yeah that’s how it arrived, but Aubrey was amazing in the way she packed everything!!!056Look at that pretty goodness???


First I got this pretty butterfly note card!


and then candy!! How did she know that the bottles are my favorite????061062063064068

Great things for skin and lips!! I was thrilled! and those kitchen magnets are ADORABLE


Texas Turtle Coffee, and an adorable cup, I haven’t tried any yet, (its been to hot for coffee, but I work night shift a few times this week so I’ll be making some for work!)067069

070It felt like she REALLY  knew me because I got nail polish and a pedicure set, and two magazines and lip gloss, I loved EVERYTHING and I hope she liked what she got as well!!!

go check out the others!!
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