Sunday, April 17, 2011


staycation swap

While I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on a nice vacation, to the beach (3 hours away) or the Mountains (4 hours away) with the climbing gas prices, hotel fees, and not being at work it just won’t work for me, so when I saw the Staycation Swap over at ATLYankee Belle’s blog I knew I had to sign up!

So first thing is our ideal staycation:

I am a bookworm, so for me the best thing I could do would be a nice night in, I love smells, lol Candles and Baths and relaxing, while I’d love a spa day, I think a nice smelly candle (or three lol ) some soft music and a good book and I’d be relaxed and content for a wonderful staycation!


What’s your idea of the perfect Staycation??

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