Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beauty Bucket List- July


So I heard about this going around and I TRY to set myself monthly goals, but I tend to fail miserably every time. So I liked this idea, I’m doing a monthly beauty bucket list! Not everything is going to be blogged about so please follow my Instragram so you can see some of them!!


This month I want to try

Self Tanner

Statement Eyeliner


Bright Pink lips

Orange Lips


What do you want to try out of your comfort areas this month??

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bark Box Review

So most of you know that I have a puppy. Her name is Penelope but we call her Penni.

I have been REALLY curious about Bark Box for a while, but I don’t spend that much money on ME a month. Well Groupon had a coupon for 3 months for the price of one, so I signed us up!! (if you are interested let me know, I’ll send you and invite!)

Here’s what Penni got this month!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 024


Lootcrate and BarkBox June 025I like the fact that the box when you open it is simple and no extra crud inside for making a mess.

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 026

First thing in the box is a Mega Last Ball from JW Pet.  BarkBox Says: Made in the USA in eco-friendly facilities that use solar power; the MegaLast Ball from JW Pet is inspired by spring shapes and colors! Durable for chewers, made with recyclable materials, and extra bouncy for long-lasting fun.

What Penni says: She has played a little with the ball, she’s not really a ball playing type, and so far she hasn’t felt the need to chew on it, but it is super bouncy from when she has been playing with it.  

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 028

Next in her BarkBox Penni had Duck Recipe Barkers from Healthy Dogma. They say: Healthy Dogma makes delicious, grain and gluten-free treats in flavors your pup is bound to enjoy – only the most natural, high quality ingredients are used! Free of corn, wheat or soy.

Penni liked these, we got an 8 oz. container for her to try, which is according to their site about 7.95 each and she seemed to like the treats, but she doesn’t get a whole lot of treats per day and honestly doesn’t have any dietary restrictions to need gluten-free and grain free treats.

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 030


So this treat is where you get a glimpse of my “Special” Penni being special. I call her special everyone else says she is spoiled. I popped the smoothie in the freezer and gave it to her today, she picked up the frozen disk and dropped it on my bare foot and literally would not eat it until I cut the frozen disk into bite sized chunks for her to delicately nom on.

Anyways according to BarkBox: Cool off and rehydrate with Mr. Barksmith’s Carrot Cake smoothie! Inspired by garden-grown produce, this smoothie is made with a blend of apple, bananas, and carrots- That’s it! Pop It in the freezer for an extra chilly treat!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 027

Penni got to try these as soon as the Barkbox came for being good while I opened everything! I can honestly say she likes these as well!!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 031Lootcrate and BarkBox June 032

Bark box says- Bocce’s Bakery- Cheese, wheat-free, preservative-free goodness. With organic, local ingredients like cheese, turkey bacon, and truffles – and yes, dogs deserve them, doggone it –, humans may be the ones begging our pups to pass the mac & cheese, please!!

So what do you guys think of Bark box? would you get it for your pup?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Subscription Share: LootCrate

Today I am going to share a NEW subscription service with you guys, It’s called Loot Crate, (no that is not an affiliate link, I don’t think this company does them, although if they ask how you heard about them and you do sign up please mention me!! )
Loot Crate is a company that sends out a monthly box (like Birchbox and Ipsy,) But it is geek centered!!! For $13.37 + S&H a month they send you a box filled with toys, collectibles and candy!!
They say there is a $40 value in each box,

So I signed Kensei up for a 3 month Subscription and the First box we got was the June Transformers Box!!!
So What Was in it??
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 001
It came in a cute black box and when we opened it I saw some adorable little inside bits, Lootcrate and BarkBox June 004
And this part made me giggle, as a not so proficient gamer myself, even I know this code!! Lootcrate and BarkBox June 022
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 002
Inside the ACTUAL box was some pretty cool things!
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 018A little collectable button with the month and theme on it.
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 006A little Transformer Hex Bug!
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 007Lootcrate and BarkBox June 008
Some MLG Gaming Gear and Stickers. Lootcrate and BarkBox June 009An Autobot Vinyl sticker for the car, (Kensei was NOT happy about this, he is more a decipticons fan. ) Lootcrate and BarkBox June 010Lootcrate and BarkBox June 012
A Decipticon Mystery Toy, He got Thrust.
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 017
AND A Marty McPrime T-Shirt!!!
All in all not a bad deal for 14 + Shipping!!!
If you like getting things like this sign up at Loot Crate now, for July, Use the code SAVE3 and you’ll save $3 off the crate which is way worth it!!

I used to do a monthly link up of these boxes but it seems to be missing in action, do you get a box of some type? would you be willing to link up with me? If so anyone know how to make a button??? Let me know guys!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

11 Questions!!

I got tagged to do 11 Questions from my AMAZING Books N Bloggers Swap Partner over at Oshiro Design!!

So here they are!!

11 Questions

1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
I am really not to complicated, I ADORE cheddar and American cheese, and Mozzarella of course, but I’ll try just about any kind.

2. What are you excited about?

  • School Starting in August
  • M’s wedding in August
  • Hopefully Relaxing a little bit this month.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
This is going to sound sad, but since I was 7 I really haven’t had a big party or anything. I went to work/school and then Kensei took me to Shogun, I’ve never been there, but sadly the people we were splitting the table with threw a fit about the “Show” so I didn’t get the full experience. Sad smile 

4. What is on your bedside table?
Vicks warm humidifier… that REALLY needs to be cleaned, 6 cups, Kensei’s cheese dips, 4 nail polish bottles and various hair care items.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand?
Coke, no ice. Nachos no jalapeƱos, or popcorn (extra salt and butter)  with sno-caps to put into the popcorn

6. What book are you currently reading?
I honestly haven't started a new one yet.

7. Any summer plans?
Not really. other than going to M’s Wedding in August

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for?
Honestly I am so behind on TV shows I have no clue!

9. What’s the last thing you bought?
Chips and jujubees from Walgreens

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
people who act like they own the world and everyone should bow down to them!!

11. What are you grateful for this week?
My family, friends, my job and that I woke up today!


I tag everyone!! II ‘d love to see your answers to the questions please leave me a link in the comments!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Angel Reads: Persy and the Prince


Disclaimer: I was given this book from Net Galley for my honest review and opinion.

Persy and the Prince

This book intrigued me. I was super excited to read it because A the Heroine works at a hotel! (hello? my job right?) and be I’m a sucker for cinderellaesque  broke girl gets rich guy opposites attract stories.

Persy I fell in love with instantly, I mean the girl is walking a dog, who decides to pee on expensive carpet and saves it with an old magazine which she then hands to her boss to dispose of easy peasy. She was feisty, determined, deep, she cared for everyone and wanted to help out as much as she could.

Jordan on the other hand is a JERK at the start of the book, it takes someone getting SERIOUSLY hurt for him to loosen up and be a human and not an ass.

My main gripe with this story and the reason I give it 2 stars is the end. There is NO resolution whatsoever. Oh they say I love you to each other (it’s a romance of course they do) but that is it, there are a lot of issues that leave you questioning what the heck when it ends…


For a light and fluffy read, its okay, but the ending really annoyed me.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Social


It’s been a while since I joined in for Sunday Social!!



1. When do you take time for you?

My me time is usually about an hour before I leave for work or when I get home depending on what shift I’m working, I usually just snuggle in bed with my Penni Puppy and watch YouTube

2. What do you find to be your biggest weakness?

Coke…. I can’t go a day without Coke-A-Cola, I was recently REALLY sick and went 2 weeks drinking only flat sprite, when I felt better that first sip of coke was literally heaven.

3. What is your biggest attribute?

I am a REALLY loyal friend once we are friends we are friends for life!

4. What is your favorite place to shop online?, I buy WAY to much from them!!

5. What is your favorite place to kill time?

If I have money? Target, if I’m broke? the house in my bed sleeping!!!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Books N Bloggers Swap!!!


OMG guys I know I’ve been gone for freaking ever! I have just been killing school then I got super sick! But I am BACK!!!! And back in time for my FAVORITE swap of all time!!!

This is the best swap I do all year!!

It is really simple, you get 3 books for your partner and they get you 3! I have done this swap EVERY time since it started! If you want to see my past Books N Bloggers swap check them out!




And Here!!



Important Dates to Remember

  • Sign-Ups Close on June 9th, 2014

  • Partners Assigned by June 11th, 2014

  • Packages Ship by June 27th/28th, 2014

  • Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes live on July 2nd, 2014


GO SIGN UP!!!! Maybe we will be partners!!!

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