Friday, June 27, 2014

Bark Box Review

So most of you know that I have a puppy. Her name is Penelope but we call her Penni.

I have been REALLY curious about Bark Box for a while, but I don’t spend that much money on ME a month. Well Groupon had a coupon for 3 months for the price of one, so I signed us up!! (if you are interested let me know, I’ll send you and invite!)

Here’s what Penni got this month!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 024


Lootcrate and BarkBox June 025I like the fact that the box when you open it is simple and no extra crud inside for making a mess.

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 026

First thing in the box is a Mega Last Ball from JW Pet.  BarkBox Says: Made in the USA in eco-friendly facilities that use solar power; the MegaLast Ball from JW Pet is inspired by spring shapes and colors! Durable for chewers, made with recyclable materials, and extra bouncy for long-lasting fun.

What Penni says: She has played a little with the ball, she’s not really a ball playing type, and so far she hasn’t felt the need to chew on it, but it is super bouncy from when she has been playing with it.  

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 028

Next in her BarkBox Penni had Duck Recipe Barkers from Healthy Dogma. They say: Healthy Dogma makes delicious, grain and gluten-free treats in flavors your pup is bound to enjoy – only the most natural, high quality ingredients are used! Free of corn, wheat or soy.

Penni liked these, we got an 8 oz. container for her to try, which is according to their site about 7.95 each and she seemed to like the treats, but she doesn’t get a whole lot of treats per day and honestly doesn’t have any dietary restrictions to need gluten-free and grain free treats.

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 030


So this treat is where you get a glimpse of my “Special” Penni being special. I call her special everyone else says she is spoiled. I popped the smoothie in the freezer and gave it to her today, she picked up the frozen disk and dropped it on my bare foot and literally would not eat it until I cut the frozen disk into bite sized chunks for her to delicately nom on.

Anyways according to BarkBox: Cool off and rehydrate with Mr. Barksmith’s Carrot Cake smoothie! Inspired by garden-grown produce, this smoothie is made with a blend of apple, bananas, and carrots- That’s it! Pop It in the freezer for an extra chilly treat!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 027

Penni got to try these as soon as the Barkbox came for being good while I opened everything! I can honestly say she likes these as well!!

Lootcrate and BarkBox June 031Lootcrate and BarkBox June 032

Bark box says- Bocce’s Bakery- Cheese, wheat-free, preservative-free goodness. With organic, local ingredients like cheese, turkey bacon, and truffles – and yes, dogs deserve them, doggone it –, humans may be the ones begging our pups to pass the mac & cheese, please!!

So what do you guys think of Bark box? would you get it for your pup?

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~*Night Owl*~ said...

Looks like a great idea to try.

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