Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One In Which She Considers Her Choices....

Well I am going for serious here on this post. In January 2010 my Dad will be transferred to Peach Tree City Georgia. So this poses some questions. Do I move with them? There are two sides to this one. I should graduate with my Associates and be able to transfer at the end of fall Semester next year. So I could move with the family and help them out while I go to school in Atlanta or somewhere similar. Or I could use this as my push and move to TN with Kensei. I can go to school there and spend more time with him. Second if I do move with them does this mean I am never going to have my own place again? But if I move in with Kensei then I will be sharing a house with him, his father and roommate, so I'd be the only girl and slightly uncomfortable. This needs thinking on, luckily I have almost a year to consider.

Next topic: Have you ever been really Happy about something? Something that would make you seem catty? Kensei's ex girlfriend called him today, I don't like her, never have and most likely never will. They have been best friends forever and he wanted us to get along, The first thing she said when she met me was "I had him first and I'll have him after he dumps you" I was 16 at the time and those were fighting words. But like good little girls we smiled and faked that we were going to be "Bestest buddies!" She called to tell him she was in a serious relationship. I was so happy when he told me I almost gave it away! Now I am wondering if that necessarily makes me a bad person?

AHHH.... Relaxing.

Well Thursday was my day off from work. I was just going to go home and sleep but I was surprised with a free massage at Zen. I have never had a massage before and after that one I plan on having a lot more if I get the money! Have any of you ever gotten one? I recommend it greatly.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fill In we go!

1. I'm sleepy, I'm annoyed, I wish work was over already.

2. Why do I have so many things to pay and not The winning power ball ticket?

3. How does this Computer work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put more blankets on my car bed.

5. I consider myself lucky because I am a happy person.

6. One day we’ll see whether people can coexist peacefully..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This Thursday Thirteen Is all about my favorite TV Shows From childhood on! In No Particular Order....

1. I just like this show it amuses me.

This is a cute show and I watched it like crazy growing up.


This a cute little Anime

Vampires, Supernatural, Cartoons. Fun!!


I love this show with the little Australian Accents and the mermaids. I think it is cute.

This is another reality show.. I just like to compare my house to theirs I guess.


Lamb Chop was a great show... It gave us "This is the Song That Doesn't End"

Liberty's Kids, Teaches about History and is a good show to teach kids.

Another cute little magical Anime.

10. see above

I Love the nanny

My new fav tv show.


A Good Show too...

Okay Done now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comics and interesting thoughts...

So I read a totaly un PC comic.

© Blind Ferret Entertainment — Read More Least I Could Do At LICD.COM

If any of you like very un politically correct humor you should read this one. But I am warning you so I don't get hate mail, it is very wrong in many ways, and most definitely shouldn't be viewed by people under 18. okay all legal things over with seriously have you ever wondered that? I had to go through 200 emails today to get to the ten that were not spam and as I was going through I was wondering what if I really did win the lottery I never entered....okay I am done now!

Wow... is it time already???

First off a response to some comments from my last post:
Keely- I totally have no clue what is going on with blogger. I was happy that I had five followers and then they all went away and now they are back!

Casey- yes my dad is awesome! He is totally the best dad in the world! lol If you ever want I can totally pretend you are Africa!

Okay now to what confuses me... Yesterday was Fat Tuesday! I always forget about these things. I am currently deciding what I am going to give up for Lent. I usually give up soda and candy but with my work and class schedule with out my soda I won't be awake for class. So I will have to give it serious consideration what I am giving up this year.

Second I did not have a great day. I fell asleep in my car as usual but because I am not used to the new phone I wasn't listening for the new alarm and was late to my history class, it was only about five min but it was late enough. I love History. I am generally good at History. I've never gotten below a B in a History class. I walked in and he is cussing the class out about our tests. I should mention that I asked a friend of mine to take notes while I was out sick for that week with the flu. He said he would but never gave me the notes, also neglected to tell me we had a test the Tuesday I came back. I walked in to a test and was nervous plus I had missed three chapters. So We got our tests back and I got an 18..... yeah it was 18 out of 25 but that is still a 72ish grade and not what I normally make. I had a question so I talked to the professor after class and basically was told he was super disappointed in me and that my test was obviously not the best that I could have done. I promised to better on the next test and was still really upset. (I am slightly a type A person, when I should do things and they don't turn out like I think they should I flip out) So I went to the drive Thru next door. They forgot half my order and when I went around again I was distracted and upset and you know those little poles they have to stop you from hitting the building? Well I hit the pole.... not a good thing.

So For now I am going to sit here and think about what I am doing for lent. Hopefully you guys have had a better day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well. First off it is very early. My boss fired the girl who worked audit and so I took her place. Have you ever worked for a job and even though you were technically classified as a little fish you did all the work a big fish (manager) would do with out the pay or even title? Yeah That's me.

I did a really bad thing yesterday. I skipped math. I had a take home test that I was supposed to do over the weekend but working double shifts from 3pm-7am I was so tired I forgot so instead of sleeping yesterday I went to the student center and did all 50 problems. Then I gave the paper to a friend to turn in and went to the student center again to study for my psychology test. I think I did good.

have you ever listened to someone who had to much NyQuil?? I think you sound drunk when you take it. Plus if you are already sleepy then you sound like an eight year old and if your sleepy and you take NyQuil then do you sound like a drunk eight year old? and how would one know what that sounds like? I don't know many eight year olds who get drunk. I shall ponder this a while.

My dad made me the most awesome dinner. Usually I cook for them and I made some homemade clam chowder (Which was to die for good) but I didn't eat any because of lack of sleep I thought I should go lay down. Well when I went to leave for work, My daddy usually makes a comment about me needing to eat, which I respond I will eat a banana at work. Which I almost never do. So dad made me the best lunch. But I think that he thought I was like ten people. (I will post a picture of it later.) I had two thermoses of soup, two oranges, a bag of carrots and ranch, jello, chocolate pudding, and two cokes. I jokingly told Kensei that He was trying to feed Africa too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mama Kat and her give aways!!!!

I Totally ADORE this apron go look at the site for even more pretty ones!!!!! Mama Kat is doing one of her famous give aways!!! Go see her and enter!! Good Luck!!

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

1. I most certainly did not start my take home test fifteen times and not finish it once.

2. I did sleep on Sunday until I had to go to work.

3. I did not call Kensei at 7:45 am (which for him is 6:45) after he didn't get to sleep until five because he was staying up to talk to me.

4. But If I had called Kensei at 7:45 am I would not have done it in my sleep and not remember anything I said.

5. I also would not have done this after taking a half a bottle of NyQuil, so I am pretty sure I would have sounded like a drunk eight year old if I had done this.

6. I've never wondered what a drunk eight year old would sound like.

7. I would most definitely not be sitting at work thinking about the super cozy warm sleeping bag and several blankets and pillows in my car wishing it was seven so I could sleep and leave.

8. I am not going to wake myself up an hour earlier than normal so I can try yet again to finish that test that is due at 12:45 Monday.

That's all for now folks! Happy Monday!!!!

No Sleep For the Working Girl...

Well We fired the girl who was taking money at the hotel. Which is a good thing for the manager and owner, not so much for me. I am now working her schedule in addition to mine. Which is not fun. I've been working this weekend from 3pm to 7am for the past three days. Great money when I get my check but now I just really want to go to sleep. I realized when I woke up this afternoon that tomorrow is Monday so when I get off work I will o straight to the school parking lot and sleep in the backseat of my car. This would be a good thing I will get three hours of sleep before class starts but I have to finish my Take home test for probability and stats. Honestly it's not gonna happen. I have been looking at the book for over two hours now and I get more confused and tired every time I try.

I get the fun of working audit all week long. Well I should be back to posting more regularly but until then have a good night everyone!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I like rain. I am feeling better now and much more rested and am back at work! It's raining outside and I really like rain. I am one of those strange people who can pull a chair up to the window and watch the rain and read a book. Did I mention it's raining? I am a little sick still my head's not the clearest so I will apologize if I jump around or don't really make sense for this post.

I am starting a new exercise thing. Kitty, Cindy and I will be doing it! We are going to have a lot of fun we think. We just need to find a day when we are all free because Kitty's apartment has a movie room we can rent. We are going to watch the DVD's for Carmen Electra and Flirty Girl Fit and hopefully all have a lot of fun laughing at ourselves.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

In Honor of Valentine's Day I am doing the 13 Quotes I love most.

13. From The Princess Bride (Book)
"Don't you understand anything that's going on?"
Buttercup shook her head.
Westley shook his too. "You never have been the brightest, I guess."
"Do you love me, Westley? Is that it?"
He couldn't believe it. "Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches! If your love were -"
"I don't understand that first one yet," Buttercup interrupted. She was starting to get very excited now. "Let me get this straight. Are you saying my love is a grain of sand and yours is this other thing? Images confuse me so - is this universal business of yours bigger than my sand? Help me, Westley. I have the feeling we're on the verge of something just terribly important."

12. George Sand 1804-1876, French Novelist

There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved.

"Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it for a little while."
from the movie "The Princess Bride"

"This is true love. Do you think this happens everyday?"
Westly; from the movie "Princess Bride"

"Last night I looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars."
Source Unknown

"When during sad times an angel should come to you, open your eyes and see who that angel is, for that is your one true love."
Source Unknown

"True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen."
Francois de La Rouchfoucauld

"Love is not always convenient, but if it is true love, it will outlast any strain, overcome any obstacle, and grow consistently and exponentially for all eternity."
Russell Conner

5. "
The foundation of any love story is trust."
Source Unknown

"If I could be anyone in the world, I would be love with you."
Source Unknown

"All I know is that it is you I want to see waiting for me at the altar, it is you I want holding my hand in the delivery room, and it is you I want to spend the rest of my life with."

"Death cannot kill what is not measured by time. I'll love you forever, and when I die, whatever part of me is left, will love you, far beyond eternity."
Source Unknown

and My most Favorite Quote of all time isn't directly about love but it is about those in love who kiss....

There have been five great kisses since 1642 B.C. ... (before then couples hooked thumbs.) And the precise rating of kisses is a terribly difficult thing, often leading to great controversy...Well, this one left them all behind. Grandfather from the Princess Bride

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I am sick.... It all started on Thursday when I had to do my clothes at the laundromat. I can't use my parents machine for some reason. So I picked up Jujube from school and we spent the next 4 hours at the local coin laundry. Yes, we were there from 4pm until 9 pm. I started getting the chills then. I promised Jujube dinner so I took her to Makato's a Japanese restaurant down the block from the coin laundry, and spent $49 dollars on food. Which I didn't finish because I was feeling ill. (they charged me 59 so we will deal with that when the bank opens on Monday. ) went to work on Friday still feeling sick and then on Friday night when I got home I was so sick I couldn't stop shivering. so stayed home. now I am not going to give you all the gory details but I probably shouldn't be at work today only my boss wouldn't cover for me again. Here's hoping I am better by tomorrow, because as part of my aid requirements I cannot miss one day of class.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Music Memories

Top 5 music videos from the 80s.- this was not an easy one for me but here we go!

5. Take On Me- A-ha
I just loved the way this video was set up

YouTube Music Videos 80s 90s - A-ha - Take On Me via

4. Free Fallin- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
My dad and I used to listen to this song over and over again

3. We're Not Gonna Take It!- Twisted Sister
It's an anthem what can I say....

2. Walk This Way- Aerosmith and Run DMC
This is just classic 80s

1. Like a Prayer- Madonna
I like her better as a brunette and this song had so much controversy and
still does that it is awesome in my eyes!

Friday Fill ins

1. Please don't tell my boss I spend all my time at work on a laptop, blogging or watching movies.

2. Can you think in the morning? Not really, can't eat until around ten either.

3. The color brown makes me want to curl up and sleep!

4. I have a craving for anything sweet.

5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it at least once a week, and then rewind and hit play again!!

6. Eyes are the Windows to the soul.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to working, tomorrow my plans include organizing my closest and more work.and Sunday, I want to organize my closet and room and I will be at work again!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Well this one was a lot of thought. I've been on a movie kick and was thinking about thirteen movies, but I decided that instead I would do this:

Thirteen Things I Learned in Nana's Kitchen:

1. anything that can be cooked should start on high temp and move down.

2. there is nothing that can go wrong a little cussing in other languages can't fix.

3. sometimes the most complicated looking meal is the most simple to make.

4. even though it looks like you spent six hours a good cook only spends one.

5. your neighbors are your best friends, they are also the ones who teach your granddaughter the bad words in other languages.

6. when cooking one should always listen to appropriate music. Frank and Dean for Italian, and the entire Rat Pack for any other type. You can put on other music if you have company.

7. Never buy from the store what you can make from scratch cheaper.

8. your food will never be as good as his mothers.

9. recipes are best kept in your head as they are easier to change then.

10. even though you keep them in your head they still get lost when you need them!

11. Chili doesn't mean pour the entire bottle of Chile powder in to the pot.

12. always laugh at yourself and you will never be sad.

13. Sing as loud as you can while you cook, no matter what it will turn out okay. unless the neighbors call the fire department for the smoke, then you have to offer them food to.

yes these are the lessons that I learned in Nana's Kitchen. The most important though is that no matter how you keep your recipes pass them down, that way you will always be remembered.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well there are some things that you just find odd...

I was sleeping between Class and work this afternoon and M called and asked me if she could possibly use my head in her speech. I have to admit it woke me up enough to be all wha? We have a Speech class together and they want us to do demonstrative speeches. Now M doesn't leave the house looking less than perfect where as I show up in work clothes that I have been wearing all night long and are sleep rumpled from my backseat most of the time. I also have thick wavy/curly hair, M has been dying to straighten my hair from the day we met three years ago. I haven't let her yet. So she wants to do it during her speech. I am considering...

I was thinking about my speech today to since I am on that topic. I don't really do anything well and I doubt the professor will let me give a how to stalk... I mean follow people's blogs online speech. My dad says "cook something, your good at that" so I was thinking about making little Bento's for my class, I mean I do it for my sister why not them? I have started making jujubes Bento's for her everyday and leaving them for dad to pick up on his way to taking her to school. I do love the site Cooking Cute. In fact I sent Kensei the link the other day. I fear that my obsession may have been rubbing off on him a little.

Speaking of Kensei, we had the oddest conversation today. My friend Anna just got married. (getting slightly annoyed with all of my friends getting married and having kids while I just sit in limbo waiting... okay I am over it!) to a really great guy. He's got a great personality, and he's cute too. He also has 2 15, and 2 14 year old daughters (two sets of twins) but that's not the strange part. Anna is 20... I mentioned to Kensei that I thought it was a little strange that when Chris and his wife divorced he married a girl who was only 5 years older than his daughters, and Kensei's response was "why? I might i mean as long as the daughters were younger than the wife no problem" guy's don't understand how vicious we females can be. We are evil when we want to be!

And on the topic of evil why do we as a gender do such painful things to look good? I went with M to get her underarms and legs waxed... I hurt just watching! Why do we do this?? Have we lost our minds???

Back on losing out minds, I think I've lost mine! It is supposed to be a delightful 15 degrees in the morning and I am planning on sleeping in my car for at least 3 hours. I will most likely be frozen when and if I wake up.

I am slightly amazed how most of these had someway to connect with the topic before or after... huh. Anyways have a good one!!

Give Aways!!!

There is another amazing Give away going on!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Music Memoirs and Heads or Tails.

This is a new one set of ones for me! Here Goes!
Random 10 - Week 190
10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)
Okay Weekend play list... this one is actually not that hard: just narrowing my list down!

It's America, Rodney Atkins- picked this one because I am a sucker for Americana songs, anything patriotic can make me cry.. and I really don't know why.

2. Toby Keith- Who's your daddy- I like this song because Its got a good beat to drive to and I have a video playing in my head when I listen to it.

3. Dean Martin- That's Amore- i love this song because for one Valentine's Day is right around the corner and because my Nana used to sing it while she cooked her Italian food (she was full Italian and I used to spend every afternoon with her before we moved down south) So I have a memory of her cooking and waltzing with me around the kitchen while we cooked dinner.

4. Frank Sinatra- Witchcraft- I love this song... its just something that makes me smile.

5. Frank Sinatra- My Way- to me this is a very up lifting song. Makes me feel good about my life no matter what happened.

6. Frank- Something Stupid- I have had this problem so many times and this is just a good song to make you feel better about anything.

7. Frank Sinatra- Come Fly With Me- Another Nana song

8. FS again!- Come Dance With Me- I think I was born in the wrong decade, I would have loved to live in this music era with the rat pack, doris day and things like that.

9. and Again with FS- High Hopes- this song I just find funny! It makes me laugh and sing at the top of my lungs and giggle

10. Toby Keith- God Love Her- This is another make me smile song.

Heads or Tails!

This is my first one so which me luck-
This week the coin landed on its edge which means to go and do a past one. Well as this is my first try I think I will do one on....Any Tom, Dick or Harry from may 2008

I saw this topic and the first thing that popped into my head was this...

Soundtrack Artists Lyrics
Tom, Dick Or Harry Lyrics
I wish I could have found the real video but the best one was this preformance:

Something about this movie has always impressed me, maybe its the fact that they did the movie in 3D in 1953! or maybe I just love redos of Shakespeare but I think I wouldn't mind "any Tom Dick or Harry " fighting over me!


Random Tuesday Thoughts!!!

<span class=randomtuesday" width="200">

okay well There is really no introduction for this so I am just going to jump in and go...

Kensei has this obsession with dating Sim video games... why? why do guys obsesses over this. His response when I asked him was 'this one's not totally about dating even though there are dates in it, but I do have one that is strictly about dating people and having them help you make weapons." after sharing this little bit of wisdom the phone became silent except for the beep of his game and my head wondering why do guy obsess over those games???!

I used to have a pretty green van... had horrible gas mileage and was possessed the car fixing place named her Christine after the movie. I miss that car. Before the new place my parents sold her so my mother could get a new car, and passed her old one down, Tori (short for Taurus Jujube named her) was behind in the car payments so now I pay 350 twice a month to catch up... I love Tori but I miss Christine.

EBay.... I am hooked. I thought I had gotten over my addiction and was okay to look at eBay again but found myself trying to bid on things! Things I don't need. Its a shoppers nightmare and heaven all at once.

and in the same line as EBay- Bento Boxes... I am obsessed with them When Jujube stays at my place I make her bento lunches, when she doesn't she calls me and asks for them anyways. she loves them! Daddy not so happy about them but as long as she loves them I am happy and can justify why I spend 30 plus on a tiny little box from Japan.

So I strongly believe that I have failed my math test. I did study and try but the last two problems of a three problem test made no sense to me and so I guessed the answers. I know that I failed and need to do better on test 2.

I have this guy friend I've known forever we used to work together and I was giving the nickname Bunny, because of my bounciness, random jumping from topic to topic and the fact I was (am still am) obsessed with Sailor Moon. He now has EVERY single person that knows both of us at my college calling me Bunny and thinking that it is my real name! I wouldn't mind but he decided that now that He has everyone calling me Bunny he will call me Angel which causes much confusion and annoyance for me because I have to explain.

I think that is all for now, might have some more later!!


Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Monday, It's Moinday....

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It's Monday, It's Monday, It's Monday again! wait why am I happy about this???

now for what i did not do this week...

I did not finish my psych paper with only four minuets left until the midnight deadline

I did not have to deal with the cops last night at work because a guest who was actually not in the hotel called them to say he was having trouble with the staff taking money.

The only two employees on yesterday were me and maintenance we did not have a great laugh about the fact the police called and then we did not offer the very nice sheriff part of our pizza hut pasta (which incidentally does not taste reasonably good. just not as good as they say it does)

I did not come home after work and staying out all night the night before and working all day before that to o to sleep on the floor and not wake up until 6:30 this morning.

I did not leave the door to my room open and the dogs did not apparently jump on the bed and they did not break said bed so I am not sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Manic Monday #153

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod (or music collection)?

The most embarrassing song on my iPod....well its actually a collection of theme songs from the 80s and 90s cartoons, as well as the soundtrack of DDR and the soundtrack to Avenue Q. in an off note I have the music video of the I wanna be bad song by Willa Ford...

How much time do you spend each day in your commute? (Or if you don't work outside the house, how much time do you spend in your car or other preferred mode of transportation?)

I spend about 30 min to school, then 30 back and then 30 to work unless I worked audt like I do on monday and tuesday night then its 30 min to work, 10 to school 4 hours of sleep in the car and 30 min home.

What's your favorite wardrobe item and why?

This is hard.... I have a dress I bought way back when that looks like something that came off the red carpet in the 40s.. I love it, but never wear it so I am not sure its considered wardrobe.

I also have a pair of boots that I borrowed from a friend she said I could keep and I love them, but don't wear them all that often because I broke the heel and haven't taken them to be fixed yet.

thats about it I think....

and in other news: Mama Kats Give Away!

Mama Kat is doing a wonderful give away for Feb! It is Apron month! You should go over and check out her amazing site for some laughs and writer's prompts as well as her amazing aprons she will have out this month!

I got an Award!!!

Anni at Hootin' Anni's Has Given me my VERY first award! I am completely in Shock and Awe and delirious with happiness!

from What I gather I give 5 of these to people who have helped me with my blog at the begining and then 5 to the people who comment on my blog!
*Lights dim and spot like on Angel a skinny blond walks across the stage with a sparkling envelope and hands it over, ripping sound and she unfolds the paper inside*
and so the award goes to:

, Niki, and Mimi Lenox for being my very first followers!! Thanks so much because now at least I know that I will hopefully be amusing someone besides myself.

Also to Mama Kat for her wonderful writing prompts and the really nice comments she leaves me!

Keely of The Un Mom for the funny blogs I read and for her nice comments as well!

Nurseexec, and well I really don't have anyother people who have commented so now for the pay it forwards, the next four people can hove one as well as a blog plug As I will update them and put it into the awards list!

And the Final Four Awards go to.......

Thistle, Hey, Mama, where's my..., Mommaof4wife2r, and last but not least Teena!

You all should check out the awsome people who I have mentioned because well they are amazing!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Last Night:....

Last Night was fun... sort of... This is going to be a little rant, a little story, and who knows what else so here goes.

As I said yesterday I was going out with my friend I haven't been out with in a long time last night, we also invited another friend for a little while too. Piper, Prue and I went out to shoot pool at a sports bar called Bailey's.
Prue's boyfriend has been a general prick and treats her like crap, he's always calling to check on her and ask what she's doing and who she's with and always accusing her of messing around with other guys. Now in my opinion this behavior is typical for a high school or early college boy but JD is 35 years old and should know better.
Anyways he told Prue she could go out and so we did. We shot five games of pool, she won four and I won one. poor Piper didn't win any. at about 9:40 10 Piper said she had to leave because she was going to church in the morning, Prue wanted to go dancing and I was okay, I just reminded her I did have work at 6:30 am and so I needed to be home by the latest 1 am. Just so you know I didn't get home until 4.
but that's where the story comes in: So we went to this club in SC called the Skyline Club, I've never been before but I figured why not Prue has been telling me how great it is for years. So we went when we were waiting in line to get in we ran into someone she knew, and invited him to sit with us, then on the way to a table we ran into some other people we both knew. Now apparently JD was at the club to watching us, Prue had a few drinks and danced a few times with, lets call the guys by their hats for this one to protect the innocent and all that, so Prue danced with Baseball cap (BBC) who she had known from elementary school on. she didn't slow dance, but she did dance like 5 times with him. Then we were all sitting/standing against a wall and talking, Prue went to dance with yellow cowboy hat (YCH) and Black cowboy hat (BCH) asked me what she was doing, I responded dancing, he looked at me strange and walked off.
Next thing that happened was BBC and Prue came back and Prue said she wanted one last drink before we left. I told her okay and then she said she wanted me to drink it with her. now for the record I have a freaking low booze tolerance, I mean heck wine coolers make me giggly. So BBC grabbed her hand and she grabbed mine and we started walking to the bar and all the sudden JD's hand slammed down on her shoulder and he literally began to drag her across the room. BBC wanted to punch him right then. I told him it wouldn't be a great idea and then he gathered up a bunch of his friends to help if needed. JD and Prue were screaming at each other and Prue told me to go stand by the door, I did just in case we were leaving but I wanted to keep an eye on her too. JD stormed over to me and grabbed me and yelled into my ear that I needed to tell Prue not to come back to his house again and that she could F*** anyone she wanted. I looked for her and found her crying in the bathroom.
Apparently he had told her the night before that he "Loves her, and always will because they had a kid together, but he's not in love with her and hasn't been in almost a year" He was angry that she had danced with a guy and that she was having fun and upset her. Now its midnight by this time, she finally calms down enough and decides that she wanted to go have another drink, and I was like its okay with me. So she went to the bar and ordered four shots of Jack and a coke. handed two to me and took two herself. the next few hours were kind of a blur of her dancing with BBC and them trying to make me dance with them, and BBC and Prue making out. we left when the place closed at 3:00 well we sat in the car at 3 anyways and finally made the 45 min drive back to my place afterward. I got her a room at the hotel and told her to stay there, but after they dropped me off, BBC convinced her to drink more and she woke up in his apartment this morning. Now while this was going on, JD went to the babysitters house BROKE down the door and took the boy but left the daughter. Then called her every three min and yelled at her, she got aggravated and turned off her phone so he tried calling mine, at about 4:30 when I was trying to sleep I turned mine off as well and so he called her family and told them the daughter was sick and he couldn't get Prue so her family has been worried all night. (daughter is fine btw never was sick) she's finally on her way to talk to him and hopefully get her son back because I don't think that JD is going to give him up now.

Has anyone else had a night that started out good and ended in Major Drama? I'd love to hear about it if you have.


Sunday Memes

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of jan 18.2009: Finish the Sentences

1. I wish I could.....Fly
2. My biggest fear is. waking up to find everyone gone
3. I hate to.get in the middle of fights
4. I love.Kensei
5. Today I on my blog and sleep after work
6. Yesterday I .went out and had fun until my friends whatever showed up and pissed her off.
7. My hair is.a very pretty chocolate brown now!
8. I will never.get into a physical fight with someone I care about again

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Take :: Five

  2. 350 :: the number of times i missed a call last night

  3. Stand :: at your side

  4. Raspberry :: really good jelly but is spelled funny.

  5. Turnstile :: some kind of machine

  6. Infomercial :: Fun to watch late at night.

  7. Dejected :: my mood

  8. What’s the word? :: Frick Frick Frickety Frick

  9. Awestruck :: during a storm

  10. Smashed :: how we were last night

25 Random things

Well I saw this on Here (you should go and read) and I am not quite sure how it works so I'm going to do it my way So here are 25 random things about me!

1. I have had a total of 45 concussions in my life most of them happened between 6-12th grade (explains a lot about how I think huh?)

2. I Proofread my friend's papers before they turn them in to the teachers because I find it fun and will correct their mistakes.

3. I very rarely proofread my own papers and tend to have small and stupid mistakes.

4. I am not a confrontational person.

5. I've kept a journal from the time I was eight, I tend to have periods where I don't write but then straight months when I do.

6. I want to home school my kids but I doubt I will be able to just because Kensei and I will probably have to work, although after seeing the school when they will go to when I do have kids I almost want to home school just because of that, regardless of it being Kensei's school or not.

7. I cannot STAND when people are fake.

8. Books about time travel and history.

9. I love old musicals more than the movies they make now.

10. My favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 which Kensei wrote at the bottom of the first and only actual love letter he's every written to me
11. I would love to learn how to scrapbook, right now the ones I've tried just look like pretty photo albums and no journaling.

12. My favorite drink is Coke, I an not really a Pepsi kind of girl.

13. I am horrible with languages but that doesn't stop me from trying to learn Spanish, french, Italian and Japanese.

14. I have been dating Kensei for almost nine years now and sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes its like we just met

15. Kensei is obsessed with my eyes, he says most of the time they are a chocolate brown with honey flecks (so poetic I know) but when I am happy, excited or satisfied they become a vibrant green like a cross between forest green and emerald. I've never noticed but people have said they have seen it.

16. I have never been but can't wait to become pregnant.

17. I want to have the 50s lifestyle: white picket fence, stay at home mom, honey I'm home. This is straight verbatim but I couldn't agree more!

18. I've been recently meeting up with friends from high school and have realised the difference in maturity continues even as you grow up.

19. I used to be able to swim like a fish but now i can't doesn't stop me from being in a pool though!

20. I keep track of my family & friends' birthdays, and anniversaries.

21. I love the ocean but will not let lake water touch me.

22. My dream house is three stories and has a library and a maid!

23. Sometimes the fire brings out the best in people but most of the time you just get burned. That's my opinion!
24. I can sing the entire "Elmo's World" theme song. plus some Barney, Sesame Street, Dora Dragon Tales and several other children's programs
25. I have always wished that I would wake up and find out that I am royalty.. even though I know it will never happen I still hope
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