Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well. First off it is very early. My boss fired the girl who worked audit and so I took her place. Have you ever worked for a job and even though you were technically classified as a little fish you did all the work a big fish (manager) would do with out the pay or even title? Yeah That's me.

I did a really bad thing yesterday. I skipped math. I had a take home test that I was supposed to do over the weekend but working double shifts from 3pm-7am I was so tired I forgot so instead of sleeping yesterday I went to the student center and did all 50 problems. Then I gave the paper to a friend to turn in and went to the student center again to study for my psychology test. I think I did good.

have you ever listened to someone who had to much NyQuil?? I think you sound drunk when you take it. Plus if you are already sleepy then you sound like an eight year old and if your sleepy and you take NyQuil then do you sound like a drunk eight year old? and how would one know what that sounds like? I don't know many eight year olds who get drunk. I shall ponder this a while.

My dad made me the most awesome dinner. Usually I cook for them and I made some homemade clam chowder (Which was to die for good) but I didn't eat any because of lack of sleep I thought I should go lay down. Well when I went to leave for work, My daddy usually makes a comment about me needing to eat, which I respond I will eat a banana at work. Which I almost never do. So dad made me the best lunch. But I think that he thought I was like ten people. (I will post a picture of it later.) I had two thermoses of soup, two oranges, a bag of carrots and ranch, jello, chocolate pudding, and two cokes. I jokingly told Kensei that He was trying to feed Africa too.


Keely said...

I totally have a job like that. There should be a union for little fish.

I stopped by earlier but it wouldn't let me comment (apparently a couple of other people had the same problem). Blogger has been having all kinds of issues lately...

Casey said...

Your dad sounds pretty damn cool. If I didn't have a husband that did all of the cooking, I'd ask you to start sending me your extra food (pretend I'm Africa).

Every job I've ever had has turned into that position. The secret is to do less work and you'll actually get promoted. Let me know how that goes.

Sue said...

I only took Nyquil a few times, but it totally knocked me out too. You definately feel drunk on it.

bassackwards mom said...

I giggled about Nyquil... and you're right... it drunkens some people and that is just funny all together! Forget that they a cold and sound funny already, add a drunken slur and it's youtube worthy!

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