Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Well this one was a lot of thought. I've been on a movie kick and was thinking about thirteen movies, but I decided that instead I would do this:

Thirteen Things I Learned in Nana's Kitchen:

1. anything that can be cooked should start on high temp and move down.

2. there is nothing that can go wrong a little cussing in other languages can't fix.

3. sometimes the most complicated looking meal is the most simple to make.

4. even though it looks like you spent six hours a good cook only spends one.

5. your neighbors are your best friends, they are also the ones who teach your granddaughter the bad words in other languages.

6. when cooking one should always listen to appropriate music. Frank and Dean for Italian, and the entire Rat Pack for any other type. You can put on other music if you have company.

7. Never buy from the store what you can make from scratch cheaper.

8. your food will never be as good as his mothers.

9. recipes are best kept in your head as they are easier to change then.

10. even though you keep them in your head they still get lost when you need them!

11. Chili doesn't mean pour the entire bottle of Chile powder in to the pot.

12. always laugh at yourself and you will never be sad.

13. Sing as loud as you can while you cook, no matter what it will turn out okay. unless the neighbors call the fire department for the smoke, then you have to offer them food to.

yes these are the lessons that I learned in Nana's Kitchen. The most important though is that no matter how you keep your recipes pass them down, that way you will always be remembered.



The Holistic Knitter said...

I love these - reminds me of my grandmother too ;0)

Gattina said...

Mr. Gattino wouldn't agree to n° 8 ! I am a far better cook than his mother, lol ! and he likes to cook too !

Karen said...

As a person who loves to cook I appreciate your list immensely!

My expressions LIVE said...

I love number 13....and sometimes we wonder if people call just because they want us to come over for dinner. xoxox Happy TT

CountryDew said...

Those are really great - and universal - lessons!

Crazy Person said...

It's all about #13.

Not that I set the kitchen on fire or anything that one time...much.

- Celticlibrarian

Nicholas said...

I do most of the cooking round here, so I think I'll adopt that singing loud advice! I'll see if it's appreciated!

Lori said...

LOL...great list. Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsay?? I love him...Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

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