Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One In Which She Considers Her Choices....

Well I am going for serious here on this post. In January 2010 my Dad will be transferred to Peach Tree City Georgia. So this poses some questions. Do I move with them? There are two sides to this one. I should graduate with my Associates and be able to transfer at the end of fall Semester next year. So I could move with the family and help them out while I go to school in Atlanta or somewhere similar. Or I could use this as my push and move to TN with Kensei. I can go to school there and spend more time with him. Second if I do move with them does this mean I am never going to have my own place again? But if I move in with Kensei then I will be sharing a house with him, his father and roommate, so I'd be the only girl and slightly uncomfortable. This needs thinking on, luckily I have almost a year to consider.

Next topic: Have you ever been really Happy about something? Something that would make you seem catty? Kensei's ex girlfriend called him today, I don't like her, never have and most likely never will. They have been best friends forever and he wanted us to get along, The first thing she said when she met me was "I had him first and I'll have him after he dumps you" I was 16 at the time and those were fighting words. But like good little girls we smiled and faked that we were going to be "Bestest buddies!" She called to tell him she was in a serious relationship. I was so happy when he told me I almost gave it away! Now I am wondering if that necessarily makes me a bad person?

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Anonymous said...

Well, you won't have to worry about that first issue about moving with them. We all know you're going to Memphis now.

As for the second issue, you want me to beat that tramp up for you? Actually, I'm not one for violence, but there are other ways... ;)

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