Sunday, February 01, 2009

Last Night:....

Last Night was fun... sort of... This is going to be a little rant, a little story, and who knows what else so here goes.

As I said yesterday I was going out with my friend I haven't been out with in a long time last night, we also invited another friend for a little while too. Piper, Prue and I went out to shoot pool at a sports bar called Bailey's.
Prue's boyfriend has been a general prick and treats her like crap, he's always calling to check on her and ask what she's doing and who she's with and always accusing her of messing around with other guys. Now in my opinion this behavior is typical for a high school or early college boy but JD is 35 years old and should know better.
Anyways he told Prue she could go out and so we did. We shot five games of pool, she won four and I won one. poor Piper didn't win any. at about 9:40 10 Piper said she had to leave because she was going to church in the morning, Prue wanted to go dancing and I was okay, I just reminded her I did have work at 6:30 am and so I needed to be home by the latest 1 am. Just so you know I didn't get home until 4.
but that's where the story comes in: So we went to this club in SC called the Skyline Club, I've never been before but I figured why not Prue has been telling me how great it is for years. So we went when we were waiting in line to get in we ran into someone she knew, and invited him to sit with us, then on the way to a table we ran into some other people we both knew. Now apparently JD was at the club to watching us, Prue had a few drinks and danced a few times with, lets call the guys by their hats for this one to protect the innocent and all that, so Prue danced with Baseball cap (BBC) who she had known from elementary school on. she didn't slow dance, but she did dance like 5 times with him. Then we were all sitting/standing against a wall and talking, Prue went to dance with yellow cowboy hat (YCH) and Black cowboy hat (BCH) asked me what she was doing, I responded dancing, he looked at me strange and walked off.
Next thing that happened was BBC and Prue came back and Prue said she wanted one last drink before we left. I told her okay and then she said she wanted me to drink it with her. now for the record I have a freaking low booze tolerance, I mean heck wine coolers make me giggly. So BBC grabbed her hand and she grabbed mine and we started walking to the bar and all the sudden JD's hand slammed down on her shoulder and he literally began to drag her across the room. BBC wanted to punch him right then. I told him it wouldn't be a great idea and then he gathered up a bunch of his friends to help if needed. JD and Prue were screaming at each other and Prue told me to go stand by the door, I did just in case we were leaving but I wanted to keep an eye on her too. JD stormed over to me and grabbed me and yelled into my ear that I needed to tell Prue not to come back to his house again and that she could F*** anyone she wanted. I looked for her and found her crying in the bathroom.
Apparently he had told her the night before that he "Loves her, and always will because they had a kid together, but he's not in love with her and hasn't been in almost a year" He was angry that she had danced with a guy and that she was having fun and upset her. Now its midnight by this time, she finally calms down enough and decides that she wanted to go have another drink, and I was like its okay with me. So she went to the bar and ordered four shots of Jack and a coke. handed two to me and took two herself. the next few hours were kind of a blur of her dancing with BBC and them trying to make me dance with them, and BBC and Prue making out. we left when the place closed at 3:00 well we sat in the car at 3 anyways and finally made the 45 min drive back to my place afterward. I got her a room at the hotel and told her to stay there, but after they dropped me off, BBC convinced her to drink more and she woke up in his apartment this morning. Now while this was going on, JD went to the babysitters house BROKE down the door and took the boy but left the daughter. Then called her every three min and yelled at her, she got aggravated and turned off her phone so he tried calling mine, at about 4:30 when I was trying to sleep I turned mine off as well and so he called her family and told them the daughter was sick and he couldn't get Prue so her family has been worried all night. (daughter is fine btw never was sick) she's finally on her way to talk to him and hopefully get her son back because I don't think that JD is going to give him up now.

Has anyone else had a night that started out good and ended in Major Drama? I'd love to hear about it if you have.


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