Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Random things

Well I saw this on Here (you should go and read) and I am not quite sure how it works so I'm going to do it my way So here are 25 random things about me!

1. I have had a total of 45 concussions in my life most of them happened between 6-12th grade (explains a lot about how I think huh?)

2. I Proofread my friend's papers before they turn them in to the teachers because I find it fun and will correct their mistakes.

3. I very rarely proofread my own papers and tend to have small and stupid mistakes.

4. I am not a confrontational person.

5. I've kept a journal from the time I was eight, I tend to have periods where I don't write but then straight months when I do.

6. I want to home school my kids but I doubt I will be able to just because Kensei and I will probably have to work, although after seeing the school when they will go to when I do have kids I almost want to home school just because of that, regardless of it being Kensei's school or not.

7. I cannot STAND when people are fake.

8. Books about time travel and history.

9. I love old musicals more than the movies they make now.

10. My favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 which Kensei wrote at the bottom of the first and only actual love letter he's every written to me
11. I would love to learn how to scrapbook, right now the ones I've tried just look like pretty photo albums and no journaling.

12. My favorite drink is Coke, I an not really a Pepsi kind of girl.

13. I am horrible with languages but that doesn't stop me from trying to learn Spanish, french, Italian and Japanese.

14. I have been dating Kensei for almost nine years now and sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes its like we just met

15. Kensei is obsessed with my eyes, he says most of the time they are a chocolate brown with honey flecks (so poetic I know) but when I am happy, excited or satisfied they become a vibrant green like a cross between forest green and emerald. I've never noticed but people have said they have seen it.

16. I have never been but can't wait to become pregnant.

17. I want to have the 50s lifestyle: white picket fence, stay at home mom, honey I'm home. This is straight verbatim but I couldn't agree more!

18. I've been recently meeting up with friends from high school and have realised the difference in maturity continues even as you grow up.

19. I used to be able to swim like a fish but now i can't doesn't stop me from being in a pool though!

20. I keep track of my family & friends' birthdays, and anniversaries.

21. I love the ocean but will not let lake water touch me.

22. My dream house is three stories and has a library and a maid!

23. Sometimes the fire brings out the best in people but most of the time you just get burned. That's my opinion!
24. I can sing the entire "Elmo's World" theme song. plus some Barney, Sesame Street, Dora Dragon Tales and several other children's programs
25. I have always wished that I would wake up and find out that I am royalty.. even though I know it will never happen I still hope

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