Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am a romantic, I am a hopeless romantic, I believe in Fairy Tales and True Love, Star Crossed Loves, Destiny and Fate, I'm every girl in every sappy romantic story ever told. I watched Letters To Juliet for the first time today. and This part stood out to me, this is how I feel, how I’ve always felt.

So a few weeks ago I asked for you guys to Ask Me Anything. These are the questions I was asked in Regards to my relationship With Kensei, I am going to answer them all today, but one which I will answer more in depth (if ya’ll want it) another day.

how did you meet?

More in depth if ya’ll want another day, just ask me what you want to know!!

how long have you been together?

Kensei and I started dating when I was 14 almost 15, and he was 18, We started dating officially when I was 15 years old, Neither one of us can remember our EXACT anniversary so we decided one year that It would be Halloween, So as of October 31st 2011 We will have been together for 10 years.

how often do you see each other?

Not as much as I would like, We try to manage at least 2 visits a year of two to three weeks, if  not more, but the past to years it’s been only one visit of a week or so. I visit him more than he comes down here. The last time he came here was when I was 17, my parents kicked him out and told him not to contact me again… (see how that worked?? lol)

are you totally exclusive or do you "date" other people?

We are completely and totally exclusive, I don’t believe that people who “date” other people are actually dating, or if they are then they are cheating on each other, I am VERY old fashioned that way. I get a lot of people that ask me How I can Trust him because he’s in an other state, and don’t I know guys have needs, etc. things like that, but I do trust him, and I respond with the same answer to all of those questions. If I can do it, then why should I expect him not to?

where do you see your relationship in 1 year from now?

In one year? Hopefully I will be in TN with Kensei, but I have been unfortunately working on that for a while and it has yet to happen, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


Any other questions you want me to answer? I am completely open to all of them! Just leave them in a comment or send me an email!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay so I know I have been an AWEFUL blogger, I have no excuse so I am just going to apologize, I promise to get better!

I went out with M last night to a Boots N Bikini contest she was in it was fun, So I am going to leave you with a few of those and starting tomorrow I will hopefully be back on a good posting schedule!!

Therese Show 025Therese Show 029Therese Show 030Therese Show 071

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I am SOOOOO Sorry to have been MIA, honestly I have no excuse, I have been working and then when I get home I’ve been falling into bed! I promise to update more!!

So for your amusement I wanted to show you my baby--- Penni has entered into a destructive  phase, so I got her these bones, the package said that it would take a large dog at least an hour or two, my baby killed it in less than a min!!

Does anyone have any advice on what I can give her? She’s eaten all her little plastic toys and I’m out of ideas!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I participated in Mamarazzi’s amazing Pinktastic Swap!


My partner was Atlanta Yankee Belle, and I like to think that not only did we swap goodies but I made a friend too!!

So I know ya’ll are just dying on the goodies so here goes!!!

She called it a Spa in a Box and I loved it!!!


Tori and gifts 018Just look at the goodies!!!

Tori and gifts 019Pink Hot Coco!!!!

Tori and gifts 020And bath and Body works sweet pea! I love it!!

Tori and gifts 021Tori and gifts 022

A pink bath poof and I was so excited to open it!!

Tori and gifts 023Tori and gifts 024

Fuzzy socks are amazing!!

Tori and gifts 025

And obviously she knew me well to include candles!!Tori and gifts 026

Look at that change/card holder sooo cute!!

Tori and gifts 027Tori and gifts 028Tori and gifts 029More bath and body!!!

Tori and gifts 030Tori and gifts 031

I have started the book and I love it already!

Tori and gifts 032Plus I had to go and make some of the coco, you can’t really tell here but It was a super pretty pink rose color!

So go to Mamarazzi’s and see what everyone else got!!

La Revolution

Viva la revolution!!

so almost all of the comments I get now have reply address, but some still don’t and it makes me sad! So Please Please Please

1. go to the Blogger Dashboard
2. click edit profile
3. look in the privacy section.
4. Click the box that says show my email address
5. In the identity section enter your email address
6. Scroll down and click Save Profile




Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ask Me Anything!!

Okay so I know I promised more on Kensei and my story, and that I’ve been rather remiss on keeping up with my blog lately so I have a question for all of you, (those who still read me that is lol) What do you want to know?

You can ask me anything either in email or comment and I will respond to all of the questions I get in my next post, or in a post of their own if they need one!!

I hope everyone is having a good day!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wow! What a Weekend!!

I have had an insane weekend, I spent part of it at the hospital with M, T and the new baby, worked a ton, and spent the rest with my sister. I spent the entire day in bed asleep yesterday and am all ready to go this week lol. So because I wanted to show everyone and (now that T gave me permission, This is Tori Story, her daughter.

Tori and gifts 008Tori and gifts 011Tori and gifts 038Tori and gifts 072Tori and gifts 079Tori and gifts 083Tori and gifts 129

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Confessions


These are going to be short and sweet I think!

I confess I wish I had more money, but if I did I know I would just spend it….

I confess watching T have her baby is taking  a lot longer than we all thought she’s been 7 cm dilated for the past 2 hours

I confess I can’t wait for the baby to come.

I confess that I am not thrilled with T’s boyfriend… he just showed up to the room, and he was drunk, and when he called to see what was going on he said he didn’t feel like coming up.

I confess that M might have gotten a bit more upset with him than she should have because of what he did.

I Confess that when T had her daughter at 5:28 am I was so amazed and happy I barely rested at all today!!

Make sure you go to Mamarazzi’s and link up!!!


Thursday, February 03, 2011

I Can’t Wait!!!!

I am counting down the minutes until I leave work tonight, not because I am off tomorrow, or even because I have mail at the house, but because M, one of my very best friends, You can read some of her adventures and misadventures by clicking the links) is at the hospital, not for a bad reason but because her baby sister T is having her first daughter.


T is on the left M on the right.

I can’t wait and I love the fact that the baby is waiting on me, lol or at least that’s what I am telling myself!! More updates and hopefully Pictures soon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Things are fixed!!!

So my car is fixed! When they installed the new alternator they put to much stress on a belt and replaced the belt (for free!!! But I think its mostly because I was crying)  I didn’t get much done today that I would have liked because I had a lot of things to do that I didn’t get to do yesterday.

I was talking to Kensei and he started playing a song this song:

and we started talking about how I was almost Lil Red for Halloween last year and that he was playing an RPG with his friends and Little Red is kicking their butts, which I find hilarious!

I hope everyone enjoys that song and has had a good day!!

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