Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Confessions


These are going to be short and sweet I think!

I confess I wish I had more money, but if I did I know I would just spend it….

I confess watching T have her baby is taking  a lot longer than we all thought she’s been 7 cm dilated for the past 2 hours

I confess I can’t wait for the baby to come.

I confess that I am not thrilled with T’s boyfriend… he just showed up to the room, and he was drunk, and when he called to see what was going on he said he didn’t feel like coming up.

I confess that M might have gotten a bit more upset with him than she should have because of what he did.

I Confess that when T had her daughter at 5:28 am I was so amazed and happy I barely rested at all today!!

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Vanessa said...

Nice confessions! I love your blog! It is so adorable!! Following :)

Rachel Murphy said...

Congrats on the healthy baby from your friend. Hope all is going well

Have a great weekend and get some sleep :)

Holly said...

I know what you mean about how you would just spend more money if you had it! I'm the same. :S

Mamarazzi said...

fresh babies are the best and boys are dumb. like seriously, showing up denial much. DUDE you are a dad, grow up yo!

i hope you are getting some much deserved rest you working fool!

thanks for joining in, sorry i am late to the party. i m usually better about commenting on everyone's posts but the last couple of Friday's have been coconuts

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