Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Birchbox!

So I got 2 birchboxes this month! I signed up for the goop box and the regular box, and honestly? I wasn’t super happy with either box.


Want to see what I got?

In my Regular Birchbox I got:


Dr Jart BB Cream, I’ve gotten this sample before and honestly I prefer my Skin 79 BB cream then this one. 20121018_162039

Nexus split end samples, haven’t used them yet because I don’t like foil packets unless I am traveling. 20121018_162048

Tili Bag: pretty Ziploc bag


SUPER small lip-gloss sample in a nude color.. Sad smile

20121018_162236The Balm cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer super pretty highlight color in about the size of an eye shadow pan, I am a little sad about the size because I’ve gotten full sized Laura Gellar highlighters and Full sized stila Shadows from birchbox before.


Then in the Goop Birchbox I got




I got Essie polish in Carry On, honestly didn’t like the color one bit, its supposed to be a dark purple, it looked mostly black with a yucky purple tint to it.  but Full sized polish so yay.



Lunabar in Lemon Zest, I don’t mind getting these in the plain fruit flavors I actually enjoyed this one!


from Left to right Marie Veronique Body oil, eh nice sized sample nothing to write home about. Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, I actually love this I’ve been using it day and night my dry patches have really gotten better, as long as I’m using it, but at 85 a container I won’t be buying it. Sprout Lip Balm… YUCK hated the smell, it smelled like soap and just tasted nasty! I’ll stick to chap stick and EOS.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Influenster Beauty VoxBox Review!

So have you guys heard about Influenster yet? It’s an invitation site a lot like birchbox where you can get a box of fun items to review! I was lucky enough to be chosen for their Beauty Voxbox, and here is what I got! 20121018_162308

It comes in a super classy white box, with the Influenster sticker on it. When you open the box up this is what you see!


First I got a travel size of Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control cream:20121018_162403

This was great for me because my hair is REALLY frizzy! It smells amazing like coconut, and a little goes a LONG way! Unfortunately if you put more then a few drops on it can make your hair look greasy and crunchy.


NYC Limited edition eye shadow palette: $4.99 at drugstores:

I liked the fact that it came with both a primer and a highlighter, that makes this a good travel palette, BUT the shadows didn’t have much pigmentation for me and were VERY powdery, Wet and Wild has some trios for 2.99 that are much better pigmentation and creamy. I am going to try using the silver and black wet to see if that helps any.  20121018_162435

I have seen people rave about these Goody spin pins, I have mid back length long thick frizzy kinky hair and am always looking for a way to put my hair back that won’t cause damage and breakage. I wear my hair in a lot of buns at work and figured that by using these I would be able to not use the damaging pony tail holders as much. You have to twist them in and I feel like it is snapping my hair when I twist and I don’t get a very secure hold, maybe it is because I need more then two because of the amount of hair I am attempting to use?

 20121018_162446This product I have already used, I got it in a birchbox a while back and it wasn’t bad. It’s a single serve packet of orange drink, that reminds me a lot of Tang, remember Tang? It is supposed to be a “Healthy Energy Drink” and while I didn’t feel more energetic, I know that this is probably more healthy then a soda or a red bull. It does KIND of remind me a little of Alka-Seltzer though.

 20121018_162500I WANTED to LOVE these so freaking much! I am awful at applying false lashes, they never look right, stay on or feel right so this little kit seemed like a dream come true, but and this could be complete user error, I couldn’t get the lashes to stay with the provided glue. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of… any one have any false lash tricks???


This was honestly my favorite part of the Voxbox! I got a mini Bath and Body Works candle in Cider Lane, and a coupon for a 3 wick candle for $10!! The smell was amazing and I love Cider Lane, my only complaint, and honestly this is more BBW’s fault, It is October and I went to the store to get a full sized Cider Lane, they are completely done with their fall scents and have moved on to Winter, WTF?? I know the stores are starting Christmas but it is not even Halloween yet… So I got a Christmas full sized candle instead.

Check out Influenster’s new look and if you want an invite I’ll send you one!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swapoween Reveal!!

I had such an amazing time this year with the Swapoween, this year there were an odd number of people who signed up so we all got to do basically a secret swap! My package was sent from Mary!


It was wrapped up so pretty!! And Mary included a card that was adorable!



I don’t know HOW Mary knew I adored tumblers but I LOVE them! And this one with the cute skull detail is perfect for Halloween!  Mary says she loves them too!


Inside my Tumbler was some yummy flavored drink mixes, perfect for me because  I am trying so hard to drink more water!


you can kinda see the color in the photo above but this is a GEORGOUS silver polish! I love nail polish so this was a perfect gift.


Okay How cute is this pumpkin? I agree with Mary, it is not fall with out awesome decorations and guess what? She MADE this!! I love it, and wish I was as talented!


Socks and Mittens, this are so soft and just my style! Plus these mittens are great when I go to work at 5:30 and it’s still chilly out!


How cute are these skull earrings? Perfect for Halloween!


And these window clings are amazing! I love them, SO Cute, plus No Spiders!!

Unfortunately I wasn't;t able to get some pictures of some of the things she sent me because I opened the box on my way back from picking my sister up and by the time we finished the 2 hour drive she had pretty much demolished the Candy Corn (my all-time favorite fall candy!) The skittles, Twizzlers, dum-dum lollypops, Mike and Ikes and the sour candy! But Those are all Mary’s favorites and She has great taste because they are mine too!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Angel!!

I am so excited to be a part of this months Blog Angel!


Rosie at Craftbotic made me an angel of someone who I already read and adore!

Janette of The Johanson Journey! I was thrilled to be her angel! I commented and tweeted her posts, + on google + and added her button to my sponsored bar!

Janette wanted feedback on her blog, I adore the Layout and LOVE her craft posts! Plus she’s a super caring person!

Today she will have a post up about a family in need! To read their story click here!

I LOVED her glowing mason jars, and her pumpkin crafts!

I can’t wait to see who my angel is!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey It’s Okay!

Linking up with Amber and Neely again for Hey it’s okay!

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s okay…

To be really excited for this month’s Birchbox! Here’s hoping  mine comes on time!

To have realized my favorite part of my job is making coffee, even though I don’t drink it often I love the smell of it!

To be a little, okay a lot terrified that I am going to be out of work in a little over 2 weeks!

And then even more petrified that in just a short 2 weeks after that I will be moving to Memphis.

To not be good with change AT ALL.

To be going to the SC State Fair for the VERY last time with my family this month.

To still have not even begun to pack.

To be excited about finally living with Kensei, although I am nervous about moving in to his house.

To wonder if maybe I am over worrying and stressing myself out over nothing?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pumpkin Soup!!

So this is a re-cycled post from last year! I made some super yummy pumpkin soup, which I have made again this year! I am seriously stressing out about my upcoming move so I might have a few recycled posts! If anyone is interested in Guest posting PLEASE let me know! I’d love to have some guest posts this month!

I think this soup would be delicious served in pumpkin bowls!!

pumpkin soup 001pumpkin soup 002pumpkin soup 003pumpkin soup 004

if you want to know how to make the soup watch this! although I subbed the chilies for bell peppers:

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fall Sunday Social

Sunday Social
I am linking up with Sunday Social again this week! There aren't any questions just what's my favorite thing about fall: Here goes!

Isn't this cute?

Leaves candles from Bath and Body Works!! Heck ANY candle from BBW!
Hot OR Cold Apple Cider! I love cider!

Pretty Landscapes! Nothing looks quite like fall! Or Smells like it for that matter! I don't get much of the look in SC, but fall always smells so amazing! Like smoke from fireplaces, crisp air, its so hard to describe but just the smell is amazing! 

EVERY girl should own a peacoat for fall!

And this one is just because it's CUTE!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


So I have been doing a lot of button swaps lately and so I have signed up for Passionfruit adds so if you want to swap all I ask is that you place my button in your blog as well!

If you type SWAP in the promo code it is free !

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