Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fall Sunday Social

Sunday Social
I am linking up with Sunday Social again this week! There aren't any questions just what's my favorite thing about fall: Here goes!

Isn't this cute?

Leaves candles from Bath and Body Works!! Heck ANY candle from BBW!
Hot OR Cold Apple Cider! I love cider!

Pretty Landscapes! Nothing looks quite like fall! Or Smells like it for that matter! I don't get much of the look in SC, but fall always smells so amazing! Like smoke from fireplaces, crisp air, its so hard to describe but just the smell is amazing! 

EVERY girl should own a peacoat for fall!

And this one is just because it's CUTE!


Sabz said...

oh my goodness,that kitty is so cute!!

new follower from the sunday social :)

Leigh said...

Oh my gosh, that kitten is so freaking cute!! I want to squeeze it!

SimplyHeather said...

Hi from Sunday Social!!

I just love Fall scented candles from Bath and Body works. They are truly amazing. The Winter ones smell really good too! I always get the diff hand soaps!

Happy Sunday!

xo, Heather

Anonymous said...

Great selections, that kitty is too adorable!

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