Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey It’s Okay!

Linking up with Amber and Neely again for Hey it’s okay!

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s okay…

To be really excited for this month’s Birchbox! Here’s hoping  mine comes on time!

To have realized my favorite part of my job is making coffee, even though I don’t drink it often I love the smell of it!

To be a little, okay a lot terrified that I am going to be out of work in a little over 2 weeks!

And then even more petrified that in just a short 2 weeks after that I will be moving to Memphis.

To not be good with change AT ALL.

To be going to the SC State Fair for the VERY last time with my family this month.

To still have not even begun to pack.

To be excited about finally living with Kensei, although I am nervous about moving in to his house.

To wonder if maybe I am over worrying and stressing myself out over nothing?


Allie said...

I loooove the smell of coffee even though I don't drink it myself too! Have a great Thursday!

Jeannie Clemens said...

Good luck with your move. It WILL be okay.

Sarah Grace said...

so many exciting things for you to look forward to! :)

happy thursday!
xo, sarah grace

Nikki said...

I've got a birch box coming too & I can't wait! Good luck with the move, how exciting! I'm stopping by from the hop. I hope you have a great Thursday!


Your Blog Angel said...

I'm in Memphis! When do you get here? What are your plans?

How exciting is that!

Gina Gao said...

I too would like to not change at all in life. I really liked this post.

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