Friday, February 17, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

So I am linking up today to show an old video of my baby, Penni because it still makes me smile!


This was her very first time in snow, she was less than a year old when this video was taken.

This was what she looked like then, she is definitely not that small anymore!


Wednesday, February 08, 2012


So I am going to apologize ahead of time, because I will have 2 posts up today. One for WWTK and one for the Valentines Day link up!

I have an official Facebook page now! Either click the awesome f up there under socialize or click the link for Facebook if you want to see it!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today’s topic is Love Myself (favorite feature, best quality, best personality trait, etc.)

I have never really liked myself physically, but my best features are my eyes and hair. I have a really long hair. I have been growing my hair out since high school.


I think my best qualities are that I am very loyal and that I am a dependable friend.

I honestly do not know what else write about myself.


So I am going to apologize ahead of time, because I will have 2 posts up today. One for WWTK and one for the Valentines Day link up!

I have an official Facebook page now! Either click the awesome f up there under socialize or click the link for Facebook if you want to see it!


Hosted by Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama


{1} What is for dinner tonight (bonus for sharing the recipe)?

honestly tonight’s dinner is going to be super simple! I have been desperately wanting chili cheese fries so I am going to make some chicken chili cheese fries! Take some chicken breasts shred them up and mix with a pouch of taco seasoning/sloppy Joe seasoning and let cook down, bake up some frozen French fries and top with yummy Mexican cheese blend. and serve with corn/green beans for veggies!  I promise to try to take some pictures if  you guys want to see the finished product!

{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.

I am looking forward to spring break, I am going to spend the week in Memphis with Kensei! I cannot wait until the first week of March! If anyone wants to do a guest post for me while I am gone let me know!

{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting?

I am for it, as long as a-you don’t regift to the person who gave you the gift and b-it’s a gift actually worth giving, not like something really cruddy that you pass on.

{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture?

Before we moved to where we live now, I changed my room on a monthly-bimonthly basis, the only furniture that never moved was my bed because it was ALWAYS by the window and I liked it that way, in this house though, my room is WAY to small so it has been the same layout sine the move in, although I do have furniture now instead of piles of boxes!

{5} Share a picture from your cellphone or camera.


A camera I was debating on getting, although I might actually be able to get a Digital SLR instead!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge Day 4!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Okay So Today is about your wedding, and since I haven’t gotten married I figured that I would show a few of my ideas, via Pinterest!

Now I have already posted about my dream dress and my no holds barred dream locations, so this is going to be focused on my bridal party and actual wedding!

Find me on Pinterest and if you don’t have an invite let me know and  I’ll send you one!

First my wedding is going to be a little odd. I promised Kensei that he could make an entrance to the theme music from the Empire/Darth Vader, but I will be entering to more traditional music. Because I am not sure WHERE we will hold the wedding yet, I am not sure about the ceremony looks, but I do want my bridal party to represent me and one of the jokes I was always teased about is my love for Sailor Moon, so my attendants will all be in different colored dresses for a particular Sailor Scout.

Pretty much in one, or both of these styles, depending on the person, just different colors.

I want my hair in something like this only with a LOT more curls,

Source: via Angel on Pinterest


And I would adore a simple cake, and I love the slightly Asian influence of this one!

Source: via Angel on Pinterest


As for photography, I would love  some pictures like these!  

Hey It’s Okay!

Its Ok Thursdays

Okay so today I am linking up with Amber and Neely:
It’s Okay….
To post this a day late because my scheduled posts apparently did not post yesterday!
To be really really  looking forward to spending a week with Kensei for spring break.
To Wish I lived a little closer to the beach so I could surf on a more regular basis. (beach is 4 hours away Sad smile)
To not have done much of the exercising I need to do for the past to weeks.
To plan to pick up on the gym visits for starting next week!
To be looking forward to Romeo and Juliet ballet Saturday night!
To not be able to believe that T’s daughter is almost a year old!!
To plan to do more with my 101 in 1001 soon!
Also to do an update post on it soon!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pick Your Plum!

So I was sent an amazing gift from Janette! She sent me some items from Pick Your Plum, I had never heard of this site before and I had to go and check it out. They offer a deal a day and you can get art items, or craft items or accessories!

ShowUsYourPlum Button

So Here is what I got from Janette and Pick Your Plum! pickyourplum 001

I  got some really pretty paper, some modpodge and a foam brush.  I honestly had NO CLUE what to do so I went onto pintrest and looked around.  I found a cute idea where they took some pretty paper and a canvas and made hearts, but I don’t have a canvas. Sad smile I did have card stock though so I made a Valentine’s Card for Kensei!

pickyourplum 002pickyourplum 003

What do you guys think? I like Pick Your Plum and have signed up, so far I haven’t bought anything but I am looking forward to something catching my eye, AND me being there before it’s sold out!

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