Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge Day 4!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Okay So Today is about your wedding, and since I haven’t gotten married I figured that I would show a few of my ideas, via Pinterest!

Now I have already posted about my dream dress and my no holds barred dream locations, so this is going to be focused on my bridal party and actual wedding!

Find me on Pinterest and if you don’t have an invite let me know and  I’ll send you one!

First my wedding is going to be a little odd. I promised Kensei that he could make an entrance to the theme music from the Empire/Darth Vader, but I will be entering to more traditional music. Because I am not sure WHERE we will hold the wedding yet, I am not sure about the ceremony looks, but I do want my bridal party to represent me and one of the jokes I was always teased about is my love for Sailor Moon, so my attendants will all be in different colored dresses for a particular Sailor Scout.

Pretty much in one, or both of these styles, depending on the person, just different colors.

I want my hair in something like this only with a LOT more curls,

Source: via Angel on Pinterest


And I would adore a simple cake, and I love the slightly Asian influence of this one!

Source: via Angel on Pinterest


As for photography, I would love  some pictures like these!  

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Anonymous said...

The dress in the last photo is absolutely beautiful! I've pinned some of the same things, although I hear you need a gentleman before you actually get married ;0)

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