Sunday, May 30, 2010

So My Life Is Still Up In The Air


Well the possible job lost has been postponed until Tuesday at 5, so my random Tuesday thoughts will probably be a cluttered mess of confusion and worry.

I love this job, I have worked audit the past two nights and not only do we have a security guard, but he rocks! And my friends were able to come and chill with me, making me feel better and time go by super fast.

I am currently listening to Glee’s Version of Don’t Stop Believing, which is a song I use to make myself feel good. If you haven’t watched that show you REALLY need to! One of the best shows out there!

This post is going to be a short one partly because I am half asleep, I have about an hour left a work. lol


Hope Ya’ll have a good weekend and I’ll see ya later!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grey Skys Are Gonna Clear Up....

Put on a happy face, Brush off the Clouds and Cheer Up! Put on a happy face!

So I have been humming and imagining Dick Van Dyke and Jason Alexander singing and trying to put me in a better mood all day..

Take off that gloomy mask of tragedy,It's not your style.You'll look so good that you'll be glad ya decided to smile!

Why am I so depressed that I feel the need to hum show tunes one might ask? Well remember how I was all hyped up about my new job and telling my old boss to take a long walk off a short bridge? might have been a TAD premature.

Pick out a pleasant outlook,Stick out that noble chin,

Not that I Don't LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job, but I just found out that the owner has not paid his taxes on the property, and that the bank may or may not shut us down tomorrow!! So I may not have a job tomorrow at all.

Wipe off that full-of-doubt look,Slap on a happy grin!And spread sunshine all over the place, just put on a happy face!

So now, not only am I stressing about the apartment and all of the things that were driving me crazy in my last post, I need to add, getting unemployment, finding a job, and paying for the apartment to that list!

And if you're feeling cross and bickerish don't sit and whine.Think of banana splits and licorice,And you'll feel fine!

So if anyone has an extra 300k sitting around... (OMG That's a lot of money!!!) Come save my job!

I am completely losing it and hopefully tomorrow I will come to work at night a realize that everything is fine... please please keep your fingers crossed for me ok?

I knew a girl so gloomy,She'd never laugh or sing, She wouldn't listen to me, Now she's a mean old thing! So spread sunshine all over the place, just Put on a happy face

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Apartments And Jobs And Moving Oh My!!!


Okay Wow it has been a long time from the last time I posted!! Sorry, but You will not believe what is going on in my life!!

I was kicked out of my apartment, let back in and then kicked out again for two weeks, and finally moved back in on Sunday.

I have a new job. Its at another hotel, and a pay raise and better hours, so I am happy about that.

I almost was moving to TN tomorrow… but that is a post in itself.

I not have less than a week to get a roommate, or pray that my complex has a one bedroom available for me to move into.  ASAP. 

Other than that life is pretty random lol,

I want a Disney Wedding, but I know that any wedding with a 10k min, won’t happen.

Kensei thinks I am crazy to want one

Make sure to stop on over to Keely’s because her Randoms are way better than Mine!!


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Style Is Wait Do I Have Style??


I was reading this post over at Texan Mama’s and  I realized that I wanted to do a post on my style as well. 

I want to be Stylish: I want to own Prada and Gucci and look fabulous and gorgeous and belong on a magazine cover

style 1

I want to be able to walk to work in killer heels and not want to cry pathetically 5 min after I put them on or risk killing my self just by standing in them:


I want to wear something as simple as a black top and pants and still look killer and not have a hair out of place:


But that’s not me.

I know what Kensei Wants my style to be, tight tops, shirt skirts and killer heels, you know constantly dressing like this:


hooker2 hooker3

Definitely not my style.

I am the girl who’s hair was always frizzy messy, in her face, or in a ponytail or braids, and not pretty stylish braids but Indian braids, one on each side.

I am the girl who is at home in a ratty tee-shirt, jeans and sandals, or super ratty sneakers.

I never wear makeup unless I am on a date, at a wedding or at a funeral.

I was described growing up as the little sister, best friend and girl next door type.

If it’s comfy and I can curl up with a book in it that's what I wear.

So While I want to look stylish and amazing.. unless I find someone to dress me and style me daily it won’t happen I think..

Tuesday, May 04, 2010



Okay so I put in my two weeks notice at one job today… I will be working at another hotel in two weeks.

My sister has been acting like a PMSy angst ridden teen… she is only 11 what happened??


I know this rocks right??

well I don’t have a lot to say today, so happy RTT and head on over to keely’s and say hey.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Customer Service…


Okay so I work in a hotel, we all know this, but sometime I want to forget that I am a nice person and that I care about people and try to do my best, because some people just need to be smacked!! Not really but you know what I mean, so I am stealing and combining a few things I like a few days late, Dear So and So and sticky notes.






free night 2




And then because I feel kinda whiny from that Here is M when she was with me the other night, I only messed with the picture a little so I could have done better.


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