Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Style Is Wait Do I Have Style??


I was reading this post over at Texan Mama’s and  I realized that I wanted to do a post on my style as well. 

I want to be Stylish: I want to own Prada and Gucci and look fabulous and gorgeous and belong on a magazine cover

style 1

I want to be able to walk to work in killer heels and not want to cry pathetically 5 min after I put them on or risk killing my self just by standing in them:


I want to wear something as simple as a black top and pants and still look killer and not have a hair out of place:


But that’s not me.

I know what Kensei Wants my style to be, tight tops, shirt skirts and killer heels, you know constantly dressing like this:


hooker2 hooker3

Definitely not my style.

I am the girl who’s hair was always frizzy messy, in her face, or in a ponytail or braids, and not pretty stylish braids but Indian braids, one on each side.

I am the girl who is at home in a ratty tee-shirt, jeans and sandals, or super ratty sneakers.

I never wear makeup unless I am on a date, at a wedding or at a funeral.

I was described growing up as the little sister, best friend and girl next door type.

If it’s comfy and I can curl up with a book in it that's what I wear.

So While I want to look stylish and amazing.. unless I find someone to dress me and style me daily it won’t happen I think..


Indigo said...

there is nothing wrong with that kind of style, it's called being comfy


kathi said...

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be more stylish, but I always go back to putting casual and comfortable first. I've made my peace with it :)

*mingle on*

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