Monday, September 27, 2010

So I Might Be Moving Again


I might be moving to a new home again soon, our lease is up in December and well because I might still be able to move to TN this summer, there is no sense in renewing for another year, my dad wants to get a house for me, my brother and him, and one of the choices is this house that I used to live across from, my friend Delany lived there when I was younger and then later on the house of the guy I was totally crushing on! It would be nice to end back where I began ya  know? Although if not there are a lot of really nice apartment and townhomes close to mine and my father’s work  I could move into.


On another note, I have always wanted to participate in one of these so here goes!!



I am going to empty out my purse for you all!! Although the great big purse of everything is sadly long gone, I still can fit a lot into it!


Okay so My purse from the Outside!

022 Cute huh?


Then from the top.


Okay so now I take things out:


(which is pink not red, lights funky)

015Midol, Excedrin, Kleenex, Pictures of Family and Friends, 2 MP3 players, Pink Bluetooth, and my Samsung Gravity T, with the Pink Hearts hard case and Red Jelly Case. also 2 pens, and Spry Benadryl. 


Keys, Hand Sanitizer, Black Wallet, 2 packs of gum, Trident White Spearmint and Dentine Pure, Baby wipes, Hair ties, pill case, random receipt, and Pink polka dot makeup bag.

019 Inside the Makeup bag I have, Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue, (I LOVE THIS STUFF) and Skin Renew Anti-dark circle roller in sheer tint, Avon clear skin acne treatment, Clean & Clear Acne Treatment. mirror, 2 tide pens, Chap Stick: Fresh Effects, Liquid Crystal Lip-gloss in Ice, black pen, cotton swabs (not in picture)  Revlon: Just Bitten Lip stain in Gothic, Passion, and Flame; Maybelline Color Sensational  Stain in: In The Buff and Bitten Berry and Cover girl Outlast Stains in 400 and 415 and hand sanitizer




Also two romance novels, and it is actually strange that they are the same author and series which is strange for me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Reasons I LOVE LOVE My Job


Mama Kat has her usual Writers Workshop up today, and I saw one I HAD to do.

5.) 10 Reasons why you love your job.


So here goes!

10.) I work crazy hours, like 11pm-7am and 7am-3pm.

9.) I never do them back to back!

8.) I get awesome stories from the hotels  for example,

The time Time with the Manhunt, the Time with the drugs and Drunks, The time with annoyancesNaked chicks, and so much more!

7.) I can do my nails at work.

6.) I can watch movies and tv shows at work

5.) I get to work with one of my best friends Eri

4.) my boss is awesome!

3.) we get a party on our birthdays

2.) we get two days off paid and a week of paid vacay!

1.) Iget to meet some seriously interesting people!


So those are 10 reason why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!  Swing on over to Mama Kat’s and tell her why you love yours!

Mama's Losin' It

Friday, September 17, 2010

Forever and A Day


Okay so once again it’s been forever and a day from the last time I posted.

My mother and Father have come to an agreement on visitation rights and child support so that is a good thing. We will see how long my mother sticks to it.


So this week has been hectic for me.  lol On Sunday I came to work and was informed of some interesting things that had happened during the night shift,

One guest put his girlfriend through the window of their hotel room, the police were called, but by the time they arrived the couple had vanished, only THEY CAME BACK!!! Apparently they had forgotten their ummm smoking material of choice (its green and grows and is illegal except in California lol) so they figured the logical thing to do would be to come back and get it! then they argued in the car about who would go into the room and get it, while they were arguing the police had enough time to come back and surround them. they were arrested of course, but the night wasn’t over.

while this was going on one of our regulars was coming back from his nightly partying and was drunker than a skunk, he pulled up to the chief of police’s car and informed him that he needed to move the squad car as the gentleman (and I use that term lightly) wished to park in that particular spot, the chief of police said no, and the guest pulled up to the car, then he was informed that he should back away from the car, the guest couldn’t put his car in reverse and HIT the chief of police’s squad car… of course leading to an impound and jail.

God I LOVE my job! lol

I need to figure out what to wear for Halloween, I was informed we could wear tasteful costumes to work so I need one! Any ideas?

I promise promise promise to write more often!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Still Remember and Pray I Always Will


Parts of this post were  Previously posted on September 11th 2009.


I sat at work this morning and watched the news, as they spoke and showed some of the old clips my eyes stung and my throat closed up and I flashed back to that morning…


I remember going to school and laughing as I joked with my friends.
I remember spending the first half of class gossiping and ignoring Mrs.. Tole who was desperately trying to teach us Sophomore English.
I remember glancing at the television in time to see the clock and counting the min until class was done when it suddenly became news and I watched in horror as one of the planes hit the tower.

When they had the moment of silence I felt a tear drip down my cheek as I remembered how I felt that day, I cried out and pointed at that television and then

I remember how no one breathed in that room as we watched the news Mrs.. Tole stopped teaching and we all had our eyes locked on that television set.

I held my friend’s hands in a tight grip and we all were praying that maybe it was like a horrible joke, or when they read the War of The Worlds and everyone thought It was real when it wasn’t.


I remember the bell for class change came and none of us moved until we were forced to, then we ran to Mrs.. Sansonetti's room.
I remember how I didn't like Mrs. Sansonetti at all and how she didn't like me any either, but when Megan mentioned wasn't my cousin in NYC she came over and hugged me just in case.

I still tear up when I think about the feeling in the pit of my stomach that day and the worry about my family.


We didn't have social studies that day, we watched the news, when the announcement came that the district was blocking every single outside channel because the "Images were to disturbing" I wanted to scream.

I still hate the fact that we were blocked out on what was going on because they were worried that we would worry, because it didn’t help any.

I remember we all stared at the clocks on the TV willing the news to come back the rest of the day.
That was the ONLY lunch where everyone was silent. There was no joking, or laughing, or talking, or food flying, there weren't even any whispers.
None of us knew what was happening. I remember going home and finding out my cousin was safe. I cried.
I cried because she was fine, and because so many people weren't.
I will never forget what I was doing that day, I will never forget how in that instant I felt the bottom of my stomach drop and I wanted to be able to fight and get even. Or how the next second I wanted to curl up and cry and pretend it never happened.
I will always remember how everyone banded together after that, how we were a united country, all colors, religions, creeds, we were all together and ready to fight.

I pray that I will always remember….

Saturday, September 04, 2010



September is my favorite month ever, and not just because its my birth month lol. I am looking forward to a lot of this this month,

Like the Greek Festival!! Can’t wait for it!

So things have been hectic with my life lately between work and the situation with my parents and life in general.

So I plan to try to be more post active lol and let you all know how things are going!

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