Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Still Remember and Pray I Always Will


Parts of this post were  Previously posted on September 11th 2009.


I sat at work this morning and watched the news, as they spoke and showed some of the old clips my eyes stung and my throat closed up and I flashed back to that morning…


I remember going to school and laughing as I joked with my friends.
I remember spending the first half of class gossiping and ignoring Mrs.. Tole who was desperately trying to teach us Sophomore English.
I remember glancing at the television in time to see the clock and counting the min until class was done when it suddenly became news and I watched in horror as one of the planes hit the tower.

When they had the moment of silence I felt a tear drip down my cheek as I remembered how I felt that day, I cried out and pointed at that television and then

I remember how no one breathed in that room as we watched the news Mrs.. Tole stopped teaching and we all had our eyes locked on that television set.

I held my friend’s hands in a tight grip and we all were praying that maybe it was like a horrible joke, or when they read the War of The Worlds and everyone thought It was real when it wasn’t.


I remember the bell for class change came and none of us moved until we were forced to, then we ran to Mrs.. Sansonetti's room.
I remember how I didn't like Mrs. Sansonetti at all and how she didn't like me any either, but when Megan mentioned wasn't my cousin in NYC she came over and hugged me just in case.

I still tear up when I think about the feeling in the pit of my stomach that day and the worry about my family.


We didn't have social studies that day, we watched the news, when the announcement came that the district was blocking every single outside channel because the "Images were to disturbing" I wanted to scream.

I still hate the fact that we were blocked out on what was going on because they were worried that we would worry, because it didn’t help any.

I remember we all stared at the clocks on the TV willing the news to come back the rest of the day.
That was the ONLY lunch where everyone was silent. There was no joking, or laughing, or talking, or food flying, there weren't even any whispers.
None of us knew what was happening. I remember going home and finding out my cousin was safe. I cried.
I cried because she was fine, and because so many people weren't.
I will never forget what I was doing that day, I will never forget how in that instant I felt the bottom of my stomach drop and I wanted to be able to fight and get even. Or how the next second I wanted to curl up and cry and pretend it never happened.
I will always remember how everyone banded together after that, how we were a united country, all colors, religions, creeds, we were all together and ready to fight.

I pray that I will always remember….


Nolie said...

I don't think any of us will ever forget that day. I don't understand why the district blocked the channels. The images are now going to be appearing in history books and will forever be a part of our memory. I can understand though that there was no guideline on how to handle the situation and they made the best call that they could.

Emily said...

Memories that you definitely will never forget, too bad they aren't happy ones.

I'll never forget the total details, but that's a post in itself. We were working and they broke in to an NPR radio station. After the second plane crashed I felt caged in my cubicle, but my boss and owner of our company invited us to watch the coverage in his home. I watched the second tower come down on CNN.

My boss sent us home at noon and I came home and I just cried to my husband. I cried every day for two weeks. I couldn't stop looking and even now I am always interested in anything 9/11.

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