Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 2014 BarkBox!!


Penni has been LOVING getting her monthly Barkbox in the mail! In fact her newest thing is as soon as it comes she knows it is her box and will just sit next to it and pout until I open it for her!

#PenniPuppy is Soooooo determined to get into her at @barkbox She started opening the#BarkBox on her own

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So Penni was super excited about what was in her Halloween box, Although we were a little sad that Barkbox didn’t give Penni the Halloween paper that everyone else got.


One thing that I was really excited about this month is they included a scout's honor promise that if the pup doesn’t ever love an item in their box they will replace it. I sent them an email about one of the items in this month’s box but no response yet.

The first thing in the box was Hartland Premium Weasand Strips; which is made from 100% cow gullet and made in the USA in Nebraska! Penni LOVED hers!! The Value is $3.

Then she got 2 bags of treats!

Baker’s Best Autumn Harvest Treats: 3 ingredients never tasted so good to your pup! Made from Liver, Italian olive oil, and oat flour from Canada, these crunchy classics are sure to be a hit around the neighborhood!! $10 retail

Max & Ruffy’s Pumpkin Patch Bites: Made in Maryland with organic, GMO-free ingredients, these terrifyingly tasty treats are also free of animal products, preservatives and dairy. Nothing but goodness in ‘em! $4 retail

Penni LOVES these!!! She adores the treats that we have gotten in the boxes so far!

We also got 2 toys this month: as usual Penni is pretty Meh with the toys although she does seem a little interested in the Mummy toy

Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Mummy: With multiple squeakers through the body and double stitching for durability, this squeaker mat from Plush Puppies is ready for whatever adventure your pup has in mind! $15 retail

Penni has snuggled the mummy but she doesn’t like squeakers usually so I am waiting to see what happens when the mummy squeaks.

The second toy is a toy that Penni is NOT interested in at all sadly.

Petprojekt Squeeki Skull: What’s Howloween without some spooky skeleton friends? BarkBox pups are brave, no need to be afraid of the Petprojekt squeeki skull there is to much fun to be had with it! $8 retail.

Do you get your pets a subscription service? If you want to sign up for Barkbox and use the referral links in this post you are supposed to get 10 off your box!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October LootCrate!!!


So I will admit I was NOT excited for Kensei to get his Lootcrate this month. The theme was Fear and all the teaser images were very zombie heavy and I am NOT a Zombie girl in any way shape or form! I was pleasantly surprised about this Lootcrate though.

So what did we get?

first my favorite Item in the whole box!

This is the Death By Kittens T-shirt!! YES those are kittens in the shape of a skull!

Then we got

Toxic Candy Waste and the Loot crate button

Third we got a Dead Rising 3 Sledgesaw Hammer Pen, which is a Capcom and Lootcrate exclusive, quite honestly this isn’t really of all that interest for Kensei and myself, BUT we have a friend that is really into this game so We will probably be passing this along!

Another thing I was excited for was a book! They sent us How To Survive A Sharknado, I love reading books like this!!

back on the not really our thing train, we got an art print from JSalvador’s SuperEmoFriends, “Oh, Brother”

A Walking Dead Lootcrate Exclusive comic

Slashes and bites Temporary Tattoos,

and we also got a Smite Gift card which was a super7 and lootcrate exclusive, unfortunately we don’t play the game so it is wasted on us.

The booklet was all 3D and zombieish which I didn’t go for at all, although I did run around for about 30 min pretending to be the Doctor in my 3D Specs!

Do you get LootCrate? What did you think of this months box?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Current Favorite App!!!


Hey guys! I wanted to share something with you all really fast! I could possibly be the last person on the planet to know about this like I was with Swagbucks (which is an amazing awesome site and if you want me to do a post about them let me know!)

But there is an App called Mobee which is for both iPhone and Android, (which I like!) it is a mystery secret shopper app, there are missions set up all over the area and you go to the places and do the missions and get points. For example today I did a mission at Starbucks where I went in, got my tea (Which I was getting anyways) answered a few questions about the cleanliness of the store and got points on the app!

You can use the points for gift cards, I’m saving up for a 50 Sephora card, but they have Target, Best Buy, TJMaxx, Amazon, all kinds and it is just going to places you normally go!

If you decide to sign up for Mobee Please use my referral code (not sponsored but I will get 100 points) and you will get an extra 300 points to start with, that is over half way to a $5 Starbucks card! My code is 2ZG3!!

Do you use any apps like this? Would you use an app like this? What do you guys think?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stay With Me Music Monday!


Sam Smith Stay With Me

Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

Why am I so emotional?
No it's not a good look, gain some self control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt

Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

Prosperous Pooch Pumpkin Spice Puppy Treats!!


Today I wanted to share some amazing puppy treats with you guys! I recently discovered Monica and her shop through a Facebook group I am in!! She makes homemade healthy puppy treats and they are freaking amazing!!

Here are her Facebook and Etsy shop pages!

Monica asked me if I though my girls would be interested in testing out her treats and then posting a review on them, and we were all for it!!

They cam super quick, and they were freshly made! She wrapped them up in pretty purple tissue paper!

Major presentation points!

I loved the fact that the made by date was on the bag, and as you can tell from this picture Penni KNEW these were for her and was already dying to get one!

We got the Medium sized treats and they are pretty large in size which is great for all 3 of my girls! I gave Penni her treat and then took some out with me when I was training LadyBug and Sugar, (my fiancée's girls) They all adored them!

I use the What is fat? Puppy meme here because honestly I think Penni would devour the entire bag If I let her!



#PenniPuppy thinks this daily

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I loved the smell just opening the envelope, as a quintessential white girl in the fall, Pumpkin Spice everything is my jam, and they smelled amazing! I love the fact that they are completely natural as well!

Monica has the ingredient list as “Oat flour, brown rice flour, pumpkin, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, flax seed, peanut butter, ascorbic powder (vitamin C, a natural preservative).”

So they are healthy for your puppy as well as super yummy! Penni literally has drooled all over the bed as soon as I pull one out of the bag for her!

If you have a puppy I highly recommend that you check out Prosperous Pooch!

If you do let me know which flavor you get! I am planning on getting the girls some more treats around Christmas time!!

Here is Penni determined to get some treats!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Day 4 My Favorite Instagrams!!

Helene in Between

I couldn't pick just one picture from my instagram feed, so here are my top 6!!


#PenniPuppy knows something is going on...

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Tori and #PenniPuppy! !

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#coetzeelyonwedding #coetzeelyon my family together!!! #Family

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Puppy snuggles #PenniPuppy #BarkBox Rock lobster and #PerryThePlatypus

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One of the few pictures of me taken recently that I actually like!! Sept 20 birthday pic!!

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What are your favorite Instagram pictures?

Friday, October 03, 2014

What’s In My Purse Fall 2014??


So I posted the Handbag Tag a while back and a lot of you guys said you wanted to see what was in my purse!

I LOVE these posts because I’m nosy and they amuse me, so here is everything in my bag!

This is my Bag! It is a Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote in Bright blue. I LOVE it!! Although you can see some of the threads fraying on the bag which makes me sad, because I paid retail for this bag, (something I usually NEVER do)

On the handle of my bag I clip my keys, and my SWTOR key button thingy.

Now into the Bag, I am warning you I have a LOT of stuff in this bag

My journal that is going to become my weight loss journal, and Maybelline Matte Lipsticks in 670 Ravishing Rose and 655 Daringly Nude

WinterSpell, The new book I am about to start, I’ve been putting it into my purse so I can read it when I am not working on homework or taking naps!

My Amazon Kindle Fire and black case, this is a constant in my purse for Netflix watching and book reading.

My Erin Condren Life Planner, I use this thing for everything!

2 Netflix DVDS, I have Minority Report and New In Town.

My Vera Bradley ID case with my Student ID and a few other daily needs inside it.

Ipsy Makeup Bag with Harvey Prince hand cream in Ageless, Butter London Horse Power, Anastasia Lash Genius, Eyetini in Spiced Rum, Lord and Berry eyeliner, nail clippers, Laura Gellar silver sands cream shadow, You’re the Balm in Grape, pens for my sketchbook, Revlon Kissable Lip Stain Balm in Honey, Sally Hanson Diamond Flash, Ruffian in Hedge Fund, tooth paste and 2 tooth brushes

This is my “tech” things bag, I have my Cherrio charger, my Triple C Charger, pink headphones, the charger for my Jawbone Up and several usb cords.

Fossil Leather Wallet

Avenue Q CD

Random pink hole punch

Pink Ipsy Bag, blue headbands, I’ve never worn, but keep in my purse, brown hair comb I wear all the time, Maybelline Color Tattoos in Gold Rush and Barely Branded, Maybelline Vivid lipstick in shocking coral, Revlon Matte Lip stain balm in Shameless and Julep cuticle oil


Ipsy bag by Rebecca Minkoff, Rimmel London Kate Matte Lipstick in 104, NYX Butter Gloss in Crème Brule Rimmel London Kate Matte in 101 and Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains in 10 LA exclusive, 50 London Posh, 45 New York Scene, 35 Miami Fever, 40 Shanghai Sizzle, 1 India Intrigue, 25 Cannes Crush

NYX soft Matte lip creams and my Mermaid Mirror.

My sugar monitor, my hair brush, a collection of hair ties and mints.

Vitamins, Headache pills, Icy Hot for migraines, an umbrella, gum, antibiotics, and stomach pills.

Nail Glue, chargers for the usb cords, coola chap stick with spf, a pen and my coin holder,.

Blue Tooth for my phone, nail glue, Vicks Thermometer, and random dollars from the bottom of my bag.



That is it!!! Everything in my bag! What is in yours?? I would really love to know. Leave me a link So I can come by and check it out!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Dream Job Blogtober14

The Daily Tay

When I was little I wanted nothing more than to be an actress, but not the Hollywood type, I wanted to be on Broadway. I wanted to spend a lot of time on stage, singing and dancing and acting. I also wanted to have a HUGE family, at least 5 kids.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

September 2014 BarkBox!!


So this month my Penni Puppy got her BarkBox again, and she as usual LOVED the treats, but was meh about the toys.

She knows it is her box now though, as soon as I sit down to start opening it, she is already on the bed with her head in my way tying to get to the BarkBox before I can move things

the first thing she got this month was a PetProject Skrubal Football – according to BarkBox this toy is made from 100% natural rubber, and is durable, colorful and ready to hit the field – it is $14 per toy.

Penni’s Opinion? This is a Meh toy for her, she doesn’t play fetch or catch or with balls in general, the only ball I’ve ever seen her play with is a pink tennis ball and she will only play with it by herself, and she throws it into the air, catches it and repeats for about 5 min and then she’s done with it for a week or so.

My opinion: We will be trying to play with this is Sugar and Lady and see what happens!!


Second she got Barkworthies Sweet Potato Steak Fries – Sweet potatoes are taking over as the healthy alternative for those of us who need our fry fix – and your pup shouldn’t miss out! Made from 100% sweet potato, these steak fries from Barkworthies are perfect for sensitive bellies and pups with allergies. $8 a bag!

Penni’s Opinion: She was SUPER excited for these, I didn’t get get the bag open yet when she was already trying to stick her face into the bag. She crunched down on 2 of these and then licked up all the crumbs!

My opinion: I LOVED the fact that the ingredients list only had one item! All that was in these were sweet potatoes! I thought the fries were a little dryer than they should be but it didn’t seem to bother Penni and even though they are 8 a bag we might get her more of these!!

Next she got Safemade Pet Pawcford Pennant – a BarkBox exclusive! What better way to show your team spirit than a classic university pennant? Raise that paw up high for your alma mater, pups!! $7

Penni’s Opinion: Meh

My opinion: This is a super adorable crinkle and squeak toy! Sadly Penni isn’t really into those types of toys either, but I think it is freaking adorable!!

Petsafe Indigo SmokeHouse Strips Bacon – We’ve heard victory smells delicious. made with 100% USA pork and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives you will want to refrigerate after opening. these goodies are best consumes within 3 days of unsealing and store in an airtight container.  -- $7

Penni’s Opinion – this was another one where I didn’t even need to open the box all the way for her to want it, they come sealed in an airtight food saver bag and I haven’t opened them for her just yet because of the use by 3 days and needing to be refrigerated, there is a good amount of treats in the bag so I might just end up giving her, sugar and lady all of them at one time.

And lastly we got another Etta Says Duck Chew – Made from wholesome American Duck, Etta Says Duck Chews have always been a favorite to pups world wide. – $4


She knew what this was before I opened the package, we got them once before from barkbox and Penni LOVED them!!

as for Penni’s opinion, I will let her speak for herself!

So far we really like BarkBox even if the toys are hit and miss for her! Do you have BarkBox for your baby? What do you think?

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