Wednesday, October 01, 2014

September 2014 LootCrate!!!


Okay guys! I wanted to let you know what I (well Kensei) got in the September Lootcrate! The theme this month was Galactic and for the firefly fans they had a LOT of fan service! The inside of the box was the cargo hold of the Firefly, and on the booklet that shows what the items were is a quote from Mal, “I Swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end  you.”

So what did we get???


OHHH Looks interesting!

1st we have a special edition exclusive lootcrate Tribble!!!

Isn’t he cute???!!!


2nd we got an Alien re-action figure – We got The Alien!

3rd We got a Firefly Exclusive Mal Action Figure,

And because Kensei was playing with his toys….

4: Firefly bank robbery money, Honestly this was super cute for me, I like that they put the money in the crate!

5 and 6

Retro Arcade magnet and loot crate button!!

Six Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite:


seven: Pop Rocks candy and a digital code for Halo!


Have you signed up for Loot Crate yet? The theme for October is Fear, It is supposed to be pretty interesting!


Nikki Vergakes said...

love anything halloween themed!

Rachel Kerstetter said...

Omg Tribbles! I wanted them to exist so badly when I was a kid.

Miss Angie said...

Such a fun box. I'm so looking forward to this month!

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Love the Han Solo one! Sounds like a fun box :)

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Wow, that is an awesome box, I haven't heard of that one before! Thanks for sharing.

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