Wednesday, October 01, 2014

If I Won The Lottery #Blogtober14

Helene in Between

Today’s Topic is If I won the lottery I would…..

I’ve thought this topic out thoroughly. If I won the lottery first of all I would do the option where they pay you a little bit of the money yearly for 30 years, because in the long run with taxes it is more money that you get that way.

now let’s say that I do win the lottery, I am going to say I win the current jackpot which is 30 million, so I get one million a year for 30 years, then I take what’s left after the taxes and I pay EVERY person I owe ANY kind of money too, student loans, credit cards, old debt anything at all that I owe gets paid.

I will then take half of what’s left and put it into a savings account for school use.

Then I will look for some land, buy it and begin building of a custom built house for myself, from scratch, Kensei and I have plans for this house, and with him in school for mechanical drafting we could probably find someone in architecture to help us design it. main requirements for the house, a large library, complete with sliding ladder and hidden passage way. state of the art kitchen, darkroom and studio for photography and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

some of the lottery will be split between friends and family to help them out and make them be able to do what they really want with their lives.

a new car for both myself and kensei

a shopping spree

our wedding and honeymoon plans

and the rest will go into a savings account to help with future expenses'.

I would also use some for Adoption and being able to have kids and a large family.


What would you do if you won the lottery? Do you have it planed out like I do?


Rachel Kerstetter said...

I've thought about it and have a little bit of a plan, kind of similar to yours. First pay off debt (student loans are sucking the life out of our budget). Since I'd also do the extended payout, I'd do everything in stages but building a house and helping out friends/family are on the list. Also charity and starting a business.

Miss Angie said...

Oh wouldn't it be nice to win the lottery? You have some great things on your list. I'd probably pay off all my debt and buy a house first!

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I'd definitely splurge & go crazy buying a house, new cars, clothes, a few vacations, etc. I'd also give some to family & maybe a few friends (depends on how much I won, haha!) I hope I'd also be smart & save & invest a lot too so I wouldn't be bankrupt in 10 years. Ahhh, a girl can dream.

Lublyou said...

It's so sweet of you to think of friends and family right away! You melted my heart!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I am SO with you on the library with the secret passageways! lol. That would be amazing. My own little getaway. :)

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