Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Part Four!!!

Wow tomorrow is 2011…. this is strange, Parts One, Two and Three!

Here goes!!!


Joined the Fall Recipe swap. I had a lot of fun cooking new foods! It was fun!

I was seriously procrastinating about packing for moving, in fact I posted twice about it! Although I do still think I should be a Professional Procrastinator,

I got an amazing, Wonderful, Gorgeous could not have been better Blog Redesign by Brea of Utterly Chaotic Designs, GO check her out, she is amazing!  

I did A-Z about me, lots of information on me! lol


I started the 30 days of Me meme, signed up for the Warm Winter Secret Swap.

I told a story about my brother, Airforce and how Family is Family.

I went all out on my plans on my Dream Wedding,

Me and Airforce- 10 years ago!! image

I was given an award!!!!

Signed up for the 12 days of Christmas Swap!!!

I made Thanksgiving dinner all on my own!!

I put up my Christmas Tree and Showed my favorite Ornament.



Talked about my Traditions and favorite movies.

Went to see TSO and had so much fun!!

Whined about the Lack of Snow,

Got my 12 Days Of Christmas Package!! Haley was an Awesome Partner!!

Posted all the Wonderful things I got!

I swapped blogs with Devon for a day!

After all my whining we did get snow!!

I updated my 101 in 1001, and posted my new years resolutions

Wow what a year!! I hope you all have a Wonderful New Years Eve!!

Check out these Great blogs for more Recaps!!!!

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts
They are all Wonderful Blogs and Have  Great Stories!! 


Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day Before New Years Eve:

I guess that it is resolution time, I am not really all that great with resolutions…. I make them and never follow them, I even tried the 101 in 1001 but so far not much!

So First of all I have decided that in addition to my new years resolutions I am also updating and restarting my 101 in 1001, take a look!

So my resolutions:

Loose some weight

eat healthy(ier)

for the month of January I am not going to eat any sugar that does not occur naturally in the food I am eating, (no sugar in cereal, sauce, ect.) no sodas or sugared drinks, and no fast food.

work out at least once every two weeks

save 50 a paycheck!

Wish me luck!!




Sunday, December 26, 2010



Okay so I have been whining all winter season about SC’s lack of snow, and guess what happened today???

Snow, Dec 2010 001 Snow, Dec 2010 014 Snow, Dec 2010 015 Snow, Dec 2010 018 Snow, Dec 2010 019 Snow, Dec 2010 020 Snow, Dec 2010 021

Yes that is SNOW!!! Do you know how happy I am right now? I am just praying that it keeps snowing long enough for me to leave work and go home and play with Penni.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Review Part III

Click here for parts One and 2!!!

Once again its time for me to go through the year and review, this Time is July, August and September:

Once again I didn’t post a whole lot so here goes what happened!!



I officially got a new job at a new hotel, love the job and got hooked on the show Pretty Little Liars!!

Brittany Ciara had her 1st annual blog bash!! I had a lot of fun! I talked a little about me and how Confessions of a College Angel came to be!  I told a story about the Great Big Purse of Everything, then I answered what was my song. I enjoyed the Blog Bash and hope that Brittany Ciara has another one this year!

I had some problems with my home life that I mentioned in my first 5 Question Friday,

Piper and her family moved into my apartment with me for 2 weeks before getting the one right  across the hall! That led to my post on how I wanted to be Super Woman, or Samantha Stevens,

I went to NY got a tattoo (not really) and spent some time with my Uncle which was really a good thing because of what happened the next month.



I got my Penni Puppy, (poor things had 3 names and 2 spelling changes but isn’t she an angel???christmas trees ect 003 christmas trees ect 005 christmas trees ect 006 christmas trees ect 012 christmas trees ect 041

I was really random alternating between wedding proposals I love and being drunk dialed! lol you should go watch some of the proposals they are soooo cute!!


My Uncle passed away and rather than have family tell me I found out through Facebook.

I had my very first Monday Min, it was fun!

Then It was time for one of my most favorite months of the year!!!


I had a post on why I love September so much!

I flashed back to 9-11

Had and new story for  my Tales from the Audit Shift!

I came up with 10 reasons I LOVE LOVE my job!!

I found out that we would be moving again soon, and participated in Roo’s what’s in your purse meme, which I should do a new one soon lol because I have since changed purses completely!! 


So that’s all that happened in those 3 months!!! Tune in next week for the last bit of the year!!!

The Wonderful Ladies in charge of the Recap Buttons!!

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts
They are all Wonderful Blogs and Great Stories!! 


Monday, December 20, 2010

I have been Swapped!!

So I participated in 20something bloggers blog swap! I have never done of of these before so I was a little worried, It’s basically both of us taking over the other person’s blog for a day. Guest posting at the same time lol. I was really lucky to be randomly paired with a Wonderful young lady named Devon and we swapped blogs for the day! Now if you want to read mine head on over to Devon’s Wonderful Blog Answering Oliver.

Devon is a very smart 23 year old! She is debt free and writes on what she plans to do with her “Wild and precious life.”   She runs marathons, goes on cruises and skydives! 

So with out further ado: Here is what Devon had to say!

Like Angel, I’ve never done a blog swap before, but I figured I would try something new and perhaps learn something in the process! I think the topic 20 Something Bloggers gave us to write about may help give both of us a kick in the butt to take action on things we’ve been meaning to do, and that’s awesome.

The simple answer to the question, "What will you do next year that you've been putting off for too long?" is: Move out of my mom's house! But answers to questions like that are rarely simple, and there's a little more to it than that.

I've lived at home for one year and four months. I graduated from college with both credit card and student loan debt, and I didn't want to carry that anywhere else once I moved out. With my mom's advice and encouragement, I managed to get rid of all my debt by July 2010. Ever since then, I've been saving up money to move out, and I've just signed a rental agreement on a townhouse with two of my good friends.

Next comes the part where I actually have to move all my stuff! I have my essentials at my mom's house (bed, clothes, books and other personal items), and quite a bit more at my dad's place (furniture left over from my college apartment, boxes of photos, yearbooks and a bunch of other stuff I've forgotten about). When I moved out of my college apartment, I just threw everything I owned into boxes, even if it was complete junk. I guarantee that when I round up all this stuff to move, I’ll be going, “What the heck is that?!?”

I don't want to move all this stuff. I don't want all this stuff, period.

So what I'll finally do that I've been meaning to do is go through that stuff and get rid of anything that (a) I don't currently use, or (b) doesn't have legitimate sentimental value.

I don't want to lug boxes of junk around from place to place just for the sake of hanging on to stuff that I might need or want "someday." Someday is now. I'd love to weed out everything that's unnecessary to my life and donate it all to Goodwill for the benefit of people who will actually use it. I’d love to feel the burden of all that stuff lift away.

It's not necessarily a fun or quick task – hence why I've put it off for one year and four months! – but the end result will be worth it. At some point, I want to travel around the world for at least 6 months, maybe a year or more. The less stuff I’ll have to worry about leaving behind and storing somewhere, the better!

To me, having less stuff – everything I need and nothing I don't – means having more freedom. I’ll take that over having a bunch of stuff any day.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 Review Part 2!!


So It's Time for Part 2!! April, May and June! There also were not a lot of posts from these months, I seem to have lost some of my blogging mojo in the first half of the year!


I joined in on Short Mama’s Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans, I made a lot of resolutions that I have not kept, although reading back now, I plan to try again!

My Best Friend M had some serious Misadventures in Romance  in her life, I am glad to say she divorced Navyboi finally, (read that post for more information on the two not so great men in her life.) but she is still talking to MarineBoi and he is still hitting her.. she is distancing herself from him though, so I am very glad of that.

I had a very bad month With the Passing of my Papa, which tore me apart inside, I did not get to say goodbye because of my mother and I have a lot of regrets from that whole situation, because I didn’t know that later this year I would also loose my Uncle.

I participated in Short mama's Spring Swap!! I got so Many Wonderful things!! If she ever host’s another I plan to sign right up!!



May Was a very stressful month for me:

I ranted about the way some people behave in a hotel, through a collection of cute sticky notes.

James Dean and Ingio Montoya stayed at my hotel!

I tried to find my style only to realize that I don’t really have one although I’d love to wear the clothes I showed!!

I got kicked out, moved back in and kicked out once more, quit my job, got a new one! and moved back in again. all in 1.5 weeks

I found out my new hotel was closing… then being kept open…. then closing again



another worried and sucky month for me, Still was worried about losing my job and paying for the apartment on my own.

Lost the job officially, it was a really bad week for me!

My mother and I had some issues,

So I was jobless and paycheck-less, but I got a lot of things done!

I avoided Temptation.

Got my paycheck and Prue Moved in!!

Told a little about me!!!

The Wonderful Ladies in charge of the Recap Buttons!!

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts
They are all Wonderful Blogs and Great Stories!! 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas!!

SOOOO I couldn’t wait! Here are the rest of my 12 days swap presents!!! I LOVED This!!

Brooke and Gifts 008

This Says a Heavenly Sent Perfect for an Angel,  When I opened this I was thrilled, I used to wear this perfume all the time, until we moved into the apartments and lost it! I had also been hinting rather heavenly on Facebook that I wanted new Perfume for Christmas, Now Haley is not on my face book, but she totally got me!

Brooke and Gifts 009 

Victoria Secret Angel Perfume

Brooke and Gifts 010

  I LOVE Sprinkles and Cookies!!

Brooke and Gifts 011

Brooke and Gifts 014 Brooke and Gifts 015

My friend Eri insisted I open this one next because it was the only one wrapped in pink, Oh.. these were so good!! I have been sneaking one a day! Brooke and Gifts 016 Brooke and Gifts 017

I Love the gloves, I have been wearing them every day! I got a lot of complements too! When I work night shift we have to leave the back housekeeping room open for the construction workers, and there is no heat back there so it saps out the heat from the lobby, and the lobby gets cold, so I love these!

Brooke and Gifts 018 Brooke and Gifts 019

I love doing my nails! I had to rush home and do my nails.

Brooke and Gifts 020 Brooke and Gifts 021 Brooke and Gifts 022  I definitely agree that these are great stress relief! I loved them!!

 Brooke and Gifts 025 Brooke and Gifts 026

I can’t wait to play the Sudoku and I loved the Christmas light post its! I have a slight post it addiction so these are great!!

  Brooke and Gifts 027“Sip” back and relax, I can’t find the picture lol, but its a Starbucks card! How did Haley know me so well???

 Brooke and Gifts 030 Brooke and Gifts 031 Brooke and Gifts 032I love the Vanilla sent as well so I have the defuser all set up in my room and I’ve been using the lip gloss and had sanitizer daily!

 Brooke and Gifts 034 Brooke and Gifts 035

I love this book!! I saw the movie and wanted to read the book but never found the time to pick it up, I am almost done and I can’t stop laughing I love it!Brooke and Gifts 036 Brooke and Gifts 037

mmmmmmm… Cookies!!!

 Brooke and Gifts 038 Now this was the only present with the little bow so I saved it for last, I was super excited when I opened the note and read:Brooke and Gifts 039

  Brooke and Gifts 040 Brooke and Gifts 041

I saw the bracelet on Haley’s page and I mentioned I thought they were cute! I love it!! I have been wearing it since I got it! (make sure you go stop at Haley’s shop too!!)



 Brooke and Gifts 042 Brooke and Gifts 044

My front desk at the hotel after I tore into the package!! I had so much fun with this swap and I hope that Haley likes everything I got her as well!!

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