Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Not Quite Cold Out There....


I Love Love Love Winter, I love love love Snow… So am I sad I never get any in Sunny SC? you bet! So when I saw that the weather was forecasting snow for Monday I was super hyped, and now I am just hoping that I am not going to be disappointed. Kensei can’t stand snow, it makes his sinus’s act up and his work close, which I still say is worth having snow for! I am a big fan of Snow Days!! 

I have been LOVEING Accuradio this week, I love Christmas Music, but most of my music is packed up and Listening to this station I can hear Frank Sinatra, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rock, Pop and oldies as well! All in one station!! You should check it out!!

Gah!! I just realized I have Got to get my Christmas Cards in the mail!!!! Oh! I hope I can get them out soon!! lol I have to finish them too!! If anyone wants a card please let me know either in comment or email!!

Here’s One of my favorite songs to randomly Sing!!

I hope ya'll are having a great Saturday!!

1 comment:

~Haley~ said...

Your wish for a jingly bracelet MAY have come true! I'm so excited for you to get your package, it's filled with such AWESOME stuff, if I do say so myself! I'll email you the tracking number AS SOON as my boyfriend gets home with my car, I accidently left it in there! :) Have a great MOnday & I hope the snow hit you! It certainly hit us here pretty hard!!! :)


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