Sunday, December 26, 2010



Okay so I have been whining all winter season about SC’s lack of snow, and guess what happened today???

Snow, Dec 2010 001 Snow, Dec 2010 014 Snow, Dec 2010 015 Snow, Dec 2010 018 Snow, Dec 2010 019 Snow, Dec 2010 020 Snow, Dec 2010 021

Yes that is SNOW!!! Do you know how happy I am right now? I am just praying that it keeps snowing long enough for me to leave work and go home and play with Penni.


cbusch said...

Hope it sticks around love enough to enjoy. Merry Christmas. It is brown here in Nebraska :(

Anonymous said...

Cute Blog, Thanks for leaving me a comment. I clicked the follow button.
We got no snow this year. XO

The Suburban Princess said...

Happy Holidays! I'm glad you got snow if it makes you happy (I hate the stuff!)

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