Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas!!

SOOOO I couldn’t wait! Here are the rest of my 12 days swap presents!!! I LOVED This!!

Brooke and Gifts 008

This Says a Heavenly Sent Perfect for an Angel,  When I opened this I was thrilled, I used to wear this perfume all the time, until we moved into the apartments and lost it! I had also been hinting rather heavenly on Facebook that I wanted new Perfume for Christmas, Now Haley is not on my face book, but she totally got me!

Brooke and Gifts 009 

Victoria Secret Angel Perfume

Brooke and Gifts 010

  I LOVE Sprinkles and Cookies!!

Brooke and Gifts 011

Brooke and Gifts 014 Brooke and Gifts 015

My friend Eri insisted I open this one next because it was the only one wrapped in pink, Oh.. these were so good!! I have been sneaking one a day! Brooke and Gifts 016 Brooke and Gifts 017

I Love the gloves, I have been wearing them every day! I got a lot of complements too! When I work night shift we have to leave the back housekeeping room open for the construction workers, and there is no heat back there so it saps out the heat from the lobby, and the lobby gets cold, so I love these!

Brooke and Gifts 018 Brooke and Gifts 019

I love doing my nails! I had to rush home and do my nails.

Brooke and Gifts 020 Brooke and Gifts 021 Brooke and Gifts 022  I definitely agree that these are great stress relief! I loved them!!

 Brooke and Gifts 025 Brooke and Gifts 026

I can’t wait to play the Sudoku and I loved the Christmas light post its! I have a slight post it addiction so these are great!!

  Brooke and Gifts 027“Sip” back and relax, I can’t find the picture lol, but its a Starbucks card! How did Haley know me so well???

 Brooke and Gifts 030 Brooke and Gifts 031 Brooke and Gifts 032I love the Vanilla sent as well so I have the defuser all set up in my room and I’ve been using the lip gloss and had sanitizer daily!

 Brooke and Gifts 034 Brooke and Gifts 035

I love this book!! I saw the movie and wanted to read the book but never found the time to pick it up, I am almost done and I can’t stop laughing I love it!Brooke and Gifts 036 Brooke and Gifts 037

mmmmmmm… Cookies!!!

 Brooke and Gifts 038 Now this was the only present with the little bow so I saved it for last, I was super excited when I opened the note and read:Brooke and Gifts 039

  Brooke and Gifts 040 Brooke and Gifts 041

I saw the bracelet on Haley’s page and I mentioned I thought they were cute! I love it!! I have been wearing it since I got it! (make sure you go stop at Haley’s shop too!!)



 Brooke and Gifts 042 Brooke and Gifts 044

My front desk at the hotel after I tore into the package!! I had so much fun with this swap and I hope that Haley likes everything I got her as well!!

1 comment:

~Haley~ said...

Yay, so glad I got pretty much every gift spot on!!!! Enjoy it all & I am so excited to get mine :) xoxo

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