Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Review Part 1

Okay So This Recap is going to be relatively short!! Because well honestly I didn’t post much in Jan, Feb and March, I have a tendency to do that especially on breaks I’ve noticed!

So Here goes, I had a total of 5 post for the whole period of time! lol but These are the ones that made me smile or feel something when rereading them. I wondered about the Choices I was making,  I was having some self doubt and a lot of stress with my relationship with Kensei. Then there was my completely random odd early morning Tuesday post.  
Then I really didn’t post in February except for a music post,
And in March Air Force took  Chickiboo to the Military Ball, They were an adorable couple!  And I signed Up For Short Mama's Wonderful Amazing Spring Swap!!!

If you want to read some more Wonderful Recaps of January, February and March Click on these Wonderful Ladies Buttons!!

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts
They are all Wonderful Blogs and Great Stories!!


Emmy said...

Hey we all have to start somewhere. :) Your blog has definitely progressed a lot since then.
Thanks for playing along

shortmama said...

Boy you really changed things up around here!

Lourie said...

I am really enjoying reading each of these posts. And I look forward to see what you have to say next! ;)

Em said...

agh! my button got left out, how sad!

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