Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Review Part III

Click here for parts One and 2!!!

Once again its time for me to go through the year and review, this Time is July, August and September:

Once again I didn’t post a whole lot so here goes what happened!!



I officially got a new job at a new hotel, love the job and got hooked on the show Pretty Little Liars!!

Brittany Ciara had her 1st annual blog bash!! I had a lot of fun! I talked a little about me and how Confessions of a College Angel came to be!  I told a story about the Great Big Purse of Everything, then I answered what was my song. I enjoyed the Blog Bash and hope that Brittany Ciara has another one this year!

I had some problems with my home life that I mentioned in my first 5 Question Friday,

Piper and her family moved into my apartment with me for 2 weeks before getting the one right  across the hall! That led to my post on how I wanted to be Super Woman, or Samantha Stevens,

I went to NY got a tattoo (not really) and spent some time with my Uncle which was really a good thing because of what happened the next month.



I got my Penni Puppy, (poor things had 3 names and 2 spelling changes but isn’t she an angel???christmas trees ect 003 christmas trees ect 005 christmas trees ect 006 christmas trees ect 012 christmas trees ect 041

I was really random alternating between wedding proposals I love and being drunk dialed! lol you should go watch some of the proposals they are soooo cute!!


My Uncle passed away and rather than have family tell me I found out through Facebook.

I had my very first Monday Min, it was fun!

Then It was time for one of my most favorite months of the year!!!


I had a post on why I love September so much!

I flashed back to 9-11

Had and new story for  my Tales from the Audit Shift!

I came up with 10 reasons I LOVE LOVE my job!!

I found out that we would be moving again soon, and participated in Roo’s what’s in your purse meme, which I should do a new one soon lol because I have since changed purses completely!! 


So that’s all that happened in those 3 months!!! Tune in next week for the last bit of the year!!!

The Wonderful Ladies in charge of the Recap Buttons!!

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts
They are all Wonderful Blogs and Great Stories!! 



Emmy said...

I can't believe you found out about your uncle through facebook! Crazy.

And yeah for jobs that you love! Makes life much easier.

Thanks again for playing along.

shortmama said...

What a horrible way to find out about your uncle's passing...Im so sorry!

Em said...

We were supposed to get a dog. My stepmom decoded she wanted it instead. This makes me want her again! Wah!

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