Saturday, December 04, 2010

OMG Best Show EVER!!!


Well this kinda works well with day 5! Favorite Christmas Songs, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music, so I’ll go through my favorite songs in a second, but first, Last night I went to the TSO Concert for the first time, I think that this is something I'll do every year regardless of the ticket price because it was Freaking Amazing!!! Fireworks, Flamethrowers, Amazing music, and a Band that LOVES doing what they do!! I took video until my fathers cameras battery died and then just pictures so here’s one of my favorite songs, Christmas Sarajevo from the concert as well as the video sequence that I adore, then one I didn’t get video of (dead battery) but I love this song, enough to if I have a winter wedding, I might use it as my entrance song.


Great Song I want to walk down the isle to this song!! I couldn't find a good link to the Show Version so click here!!

And just for fun



Now I love other kinds of music, I love Bing Crosby, and I love Jessica Simpson, I adore the song Baby its cold, in all its versions.


I don’t have a dress to choose for day 6 because well, I never get to go to any Christmas parties!!

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