Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday The School Edition?

I wish class was like this when I took econ!


I might have made a better grade!


I have been pretty random in a lot of things lately.I know I barely posted at all this month and I feel bad about it.


I am getting ready to graduate- the set date is may 6th! I can’t wait although If they try to make me work I will probably quit on the spot.


I want to do Glamour shots I used to get told that I could, but was never actually taken there, and then they closed in our mall, the closest one in 172 miles away in NC. I still want to do it though.


Kensei had a dream about getting married to me last night, I told him that means he subconsciously wanted to buy me  a ring instead of a Wii. he got a kick out of it.


So that’s it for me I think! Wander on over to Keely’s and take a look at what she has going on!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just A Small Town Girl…. Living In A Lonely World….

First of all the title of this post is the song that I am listening to as I write it. . Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Something about this song just makes me happy inside.


So I am working on proof reading a paper for a friend and hoping I can find a way to get to tech tomorrow so that I can buy my cap and gown for Graduation. I get to graduate on May 6th.


I need to go to a Karaoke bar. I love to sing, although I get horrible stage fright.


I am making Airforce a book for his graduation, I am planning on taking pictures of him as he grew up and putting them in one of those sites where they make a real book for you. Any one have suggestions?


Okay so this was a pretty short and random post but hopefully I will have more to post later!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The further misadventures in romance of M

So we all know that M got married last march, and that her husband had been cheating on her and his family had been making her life miserable, so she wanted a divorce. He convinced her for one more chance and then another and another, finally when she was about to tell him to jump he came home to visit and once again tried to prove he had changed. He suckered us all in this time, partly because that was when we found out that her Marine friend was beating on her. So we were all kinda hoping that Navyboi had changed.

It seems he has not, he JUST got back to Japan and she has once again been sent emails by mistake, and had some of his Battle Buddies say he has had a girlfriend (who is married) for over two months, when questioned about it the only response was that it wasn't two months and that he is trying to change but she has to help him, and needs to be there so that he won't cheat and not talk to any male because that makes him cheat.

she asked me my opinion and I told her Kensei and I had been together for over 9 nine years, most of them spent apart, neither of us has cheated, and then so what if she moves to Japan, he still has to spend 9 month a year on a boat, she can't go with him, so he gets to cheat those nine months by his logic.

But I don't think she should be with Marineboy either because he hurts her physically, I told her that my opinion is she should get her divorce, and then take some time, maybe move somewhere for school, alone and away from the both of them and spend some M time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Papa…

Well this is actually a little late, but I think I can finally write about it with out crying, or getting angry. First the official obit, (names Changed)


Albert S.


Albert S
Henrietta: Passed away Tuesday, January 12, 2010, at age 75. He was predeceased by his wife, Patricia; parents, Albert I. Sr. and Evelyn. Survived by his son, Alan; daughter, Cheryl, Son in law- Peter. of S.C.; grandchildren, Air Force, Angel and Jujube.  Albert was a United States Army Veteran serving during the Korean War, an avid golfer and bowler.



So that is what the paper, and my uncle put in about my Papa.  The man who told me stories about Italy, and help my Nana, (his mother) teach me to cook, taught me to swim, and would dance around his house singing Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack songs with me. 

The man that taught me that no matter how hard life is you just have to keep trying, and fighting, and making yourself strong.

He cried with me while I raged against the fact I wasn’t there when his wife, and my Grandma DeeDee passed, because my mother didn’t even tell me she was sick. He was there when my Nana passed and I cried at her grave and didn’t want to move.  I remember him picking me up like weighed nothing and carrying me to the car.

I was very angry when he died, my mother refused to let us go see him in the hospital, she was fighting with him.. I never really said goodbye. The last conversation I had with him only lasted ten minuets at most, I called him for new year’s he had just gotten out of the hospital from Christmas, brain tumors, and he was sick, but he told me he was much better, and I was in a hurry so I rushed off the phone. and that was it.


I always planned on having Papa sing to me when I got married, if he even came. When I was little he gave me a list of guys I couldn’t date, and me being the smart aleck I was asked him then who was I allowed to date? He laughed and told me I could be a good little catholic girl and join a nunnery, then every birthday, and Christmas along with my gifts would come a brochure for a different one.

I miss him so much and listening to the radio the other night I heard two songs that made me think of him, and even though I cried and still do, I just want to think of him looking down, and sitting with my Grandma DeeDee, and Nana and Grandpa Paul, and watching me smiling.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Swap Part 2!


Okay so I got to participate in a WONDERFUL opportunity, thanks to shortmama and her wonderful amazing super fun:


I hope that everyone can see the pictures of what my swap partner sent me, they were taken from my cell so keep your fingers crossed:


So the other day I came home and opened my apartment door to find a note from my landlord, they had a package for me in the office.  I very happily skipped over and picked it up.

package 1 see?? this is the package that Chris from Chris’s Corner sent me!

I immediately ripped open the box, opened the box in a nice and gentle manner.  and pulled out all the goodies from inside.

1purple bag this little green number is not only one of my favorite colors, but its a great Idea, I buy the bags to be green but always forget them so not i have one for my purse!!

2sparkleyfrog and the super cute and sparkly green frog wind chime! I LOVE IT!

3yummycandy1 oh! Yummy Chocolate!

4yumycandy2 Times 2!!!

5super cute note card and cookie cutter I love the cookie cuter and the little note that Chris put in, I just felt so special!!

7 cards and notepad I am always writing things down on paper scraps and now I have a cute notepad and some cards too!

8 book on the movie i was wanting to see I had actually JUST seen the preview about 20 min earlier and mentioned I wanted to see the movie, and now I have the Book!!

6 best movie EVER and what can I say? BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

One of my favorites that I watch all the time!



I had so much fun on this Swap and I definitely want to do something like this again!! So head on over to Shortmama’s and see what the others have swapped!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 2 lol

So I am updating on time this week lol, and the question is how do I know and measure weight loss?

weightloss Well I went out a bought a scale to replace the broken one we had in our bathroom, and well honestly I am not going to post the weight here, but I do need to loose at least 150 lbs, that's what the doctor said the other day anyways. (Any ideas?  please please please! )


I am stealing the Idea that this blogger stole from this blogger lol.  I plan to run right out and get some Ziploc bags!


I did pretty well on the things from last week, did two exercise videos from netflix, they were interesting but nothing I wanted to run right out and buy.

I have attempted to cut back on my soda’s actually went two days with out one..then I had two, so its a work in progress.

bought the scale and weighed in… ouch…

emotional eating, and bored eating.. well I have been working on it. not nearly as much, although I think I am bringing some water bottles to work tonight and when I get stressed or bored I will drink them instead of finding a snack.


The next bit was goals, my Doc made another appointment for me in three months, If I am still in SC then she wants me to have lost at least 20 lbs, I am going to try to have lost at least 30.

long term I want to be in single digit clothing sizes.

Goal for the summer I want to feel confident when I am at the pool, I plan on going to the pool at least three times a week, for working out and getting a tan lol.


Make sure to stop by Shortmamma’s and see what she and the other’s are up too!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay So I know that I am just a tiny little bit late for this post but… weightloss

Here goes…

The challenge was making changes to start weight loss:


1. for me I have a lot of issues with emotional eating, when I am bored, I eat. Angry I eat, upset, i eat, sad I eat, basically I eat a lot.  so I joined  Fat Secret to help me keep track and eat the correct amount of food I should be eating.  If anyone else, is on there, or joins I will give you my id so that maybe we can support each other.

2. I added exercise videos to my netflix and they are not all at the bottom, If I want to get the next disk in my series that I am watching I have to complete the exercise disk.  So we will see how long my willpower holds for this.

3.I am going to try to drink less soda.. I can kill a 12 pack on my own if i don’t get stopped not only will this save me some cash but I will drink water instead!

4. I am going to buy a scale.. I haven’t had one in a long time, I am going to Wal-Mart on payday and getting a good digital one.


So wish me luck and I will try to post on time next week!

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