Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday The School Edition?

I wish class was like this when I took econ!


I might have made a better grade!


I have been pretty random in a lot of things lately.I know I barely posted at all this month and I feel bad about it.


I am getting ready to graduate- the set date is may 6th! I can’t wait although If they try to make me work I will probably quit on the spot.


I want to do Glamour shots I used to get told that I could, but was never actually taken there, and then they closed in our mall, the closest one in 172 miles away in NC. I still want to do it though.


Kensei had a dream about getting married to me last night, I told him that means he subconsciously wanted to buy me  a ring instead of a Wii. he got a kick out of it.


So that’s it for me I think! Wander on over to Keely’s and take a look at what she has going on!


Keely said...

The 6th! Congrats!

Indigo said...

LOL about the engagement ring instead of a Wii!


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