Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 2 lol

So I am updating on time this week lol, and the question is how do I know and measure weight loss?

weightloss Well I went out a bought a scale to replace the broken one we had in our bathroom, and well honestly I am not going to post the weight here, but I do need to loose at least 150 lbs, that's what the doctor said the other day anyways. (Any ideas?  please please please! )


I am stealing the Idea that this blogger stole from this blogger lol.  I plan to run right out and get some Ziploc bags!


I did pretty well on the things from last week, did two exercise videos from netflix, they were interesting but nothing I wanted to run right out and buy.

I have attempted to cut back on my soda’s actually went two days with out one..then I had two, so its a work in progress.

bought the scale and weighed in… ouch…

emotional eating, and bored eating.. well I have been working on it. not nearly as much, although I think I am bringing some water bottles to work tonight and when I get stressed or bored I will drink them instead of finding a snack.


The next bit was goals, my Doc made another appointment for me in three months, If I am still in SC then she wants me to have lost at least 20 lbs, I am going to try to have lost at least 30.

long term I want to be in single digit clothing sizes.

Goal for the summer I want to feel confident when I am at the pool, I plan on going to the pool at least three times a week, for working out and getting a tan lol.


Make sure to stop by Shortmamma’s and see what she and the other’s are up too!


J.B. said...

Good for you. I am envisioning that 30 pounds or more gone from you.

Hurray for all of us.

Anonymous said...

The ziplock bags definitely work! LOL Have you tried weight watchers? I did it off and on for a couple years and it does work! But it only works for me if I go to meetings which get expensive so I usually stop and now with two kids I can;t go!

But if you have self discipline you can try it yourself and save a lot of money! Also lance armstrongs website
has a program that is identical to weight watchers and it free!

If you find something EASY that works let me know! LOL I'm super hard to get motivated when it comes to losing weight but I know I have to do it....eventually!

And good luck girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Jenny said...

Good Luck on your goals. I can't wait til our pool is warmer, because I am going to swim as well for exercise :)

shortmama said...

You can do it. I have a lot of weight to lose too and it seems near impossible most days. But little by little you can and WILL get there

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