Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just A Small Town Girl…. Living In A Lonely World….

First of all the title of this post is the song that I am listening to as I write it. . Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Something about this song just makes me happy inside.


So I am working on proof reading a paper for a friend and hoping I can find a way to get to tech tomorrow so that I can buy my cap and gown for Graduation. I get to graduate on May 6th.


I need to go to a Karaoke bar. I love to sing, although I get horrible stage fright.


I am making Airforce a book for his graduation, I am planning on taking pictures of him as he grew up and putting them in one of those sites where they make a real book for you. Any one have suggestions?


Okay so this was a pretty short and random post but hopefully I will have more to post later!

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