Sunday, April 18, 2010

The further misadventures in romance of M

So we all know that M got married last march, and that her husband had been cheating on her and his family had been making her life miserable, so she wanted a divorce. He convinced her for one more chance and then another and another, finally when she was about to tell him to jump he came home to visit and once again tried to prove he had changed. He suckered us all in this time, partly because that was when we found out that her Marine friend was beating on her. So we were all kinda hoping that Navyboi had changed.

It seems he has not, he JUST got back to Japan and she has once again been sent emails by mistake, and had some of his Battle Buddies say he has had a girlfriend (who is married) for over two months, when questioned about it the only response was that it wasn't two months and that he is trying to change but she has to help him, and needs to be there so that he won't cheat and not talk to any male because that makes him cheat.

she asked me my opinion and I told her Kensei and I had been together for over 9 nine years, most of them spent apart, neither of us has cheated, and then so what if she moves to Japan, he still has to spend 9 month a year on a boat, she can't go with him, so he gets to cheat those nine months by his logic.

But I don't think she should be with Marineboy either because he hurts her physically, I told her that my opinion is she should get her divorce, and then take some time, maybe move somewhere for school, alone and away from the both of them and spend some M time.

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