Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay So I know that I am just a tiny little bit late for this post but… weightloss

Here goes…

The challenge was making changes to start weight loss:


1. for me I have a lot of issues with emotional eating, when I am bored, I eat. Angry I eat, upset, i eat, sad I eat, basically I eat a lot.  so I joined  Fat Secret to help me keep track and eat the correct amount of food I should be eating.  If anyone else, is on there, or joins I will give you my id so that maybe we can support each other.

2. I added exercise videos to my netflix and they are not all at the bottom, If I want to get the next disk in my series that I am watching I have to complete the exercise disk.  So we will see how long my willpower holds for this.

3.I am going to try to drink less soda.. I can kill a 12 pack on my own if i don’t get stopped not only will this save me some cash but I will drink water instead!

4. I am going to buy a scale.. I haven’t had one in a long time, I am going to Wal-Mart on payday and getting a good digital one.


So wish me luck and I will try to post on time next week!

1 comment:

shortmama said...

Thanks for joining in! I know what you mean about eating emotionally. That is something I am really trying to work on too, its a hard one! Check in tomorrow for this weeks weight loss topic

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