Friday, February 28, 2014

March Goals



Monthly Goals

So Feb was kind of a bust for me, I only finished one goal.


1. try to save at least 300 for M’s wedding  Fail--- I wanted to and tried, but with Kensei’s back being out and him not working I got nothing…

2. Get my taxes done  Success! I did it!!

3. Don’t spend as much money on things I don’t need Nope…. spent way to much on things like eating out and some things I didn’t need.

4. Post at lease 3 book reviews.  I didn’t post any reviews, I did post a what have I read but not any reviews.


March Goals

1. Try to post at lease 3 reviews

2. sign up for Obama Care so I don’t have to pay the fee

3. spend spring break relaxing and catching up on school work

4. Clean the bedroom and do the laundry regularly.

5. Try to drink at least 3 glasses/bottles of water per day

6. Post a review on my Jawbone and try to stay active each day

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Your Pet Day.


I did not know this was an actual “day” but apparently it is. So here is a picture heavy post all about my Baby and her sisters.

So first off I need to mention Max. Maximillion  was my dog for years, and then he got sick and passed and I still miss him a lot.

I got Penni when I was living alone in a bottom floor corner apartment. I loved her from the moment I saw her photo.

She has a thing for feet, and loves to snuggle and adores kids. She would spend 99% of her time asleep if let and 1% of her time jumping around like crazy!

She has 2 sisters now, Sugar and Lady who are Kensei’s dogs, she gets along with them and they seem to be really sisters, they play and get on each others nerves.


Penny and Sugar, Sugar is very camera shy.

All 3 of the girls!! I love how Penni is cheeseing for the camera.


So I plan on going home and hugging Penni and giving her extra snuggles today. She is the sweetest puppy and perfect for me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I’m The Kinda Girl Who…

… Loves doing these kind of link ups! I Love learning about everyone else!

…. Is extremely loyal to my friends, family and even my jobs, I have stayed WAY past when I should leave places because of this loyalty.

… Thinks everything through way to much, sometimes I think that just jumping into something would work better for me

… Loves to cook/bake do anything in the kitchen

… but hates the clean up.

… Loves the smell of clean laundry, but can’t stand folding it and putting it away.

… Knows my strengths and weaknesses and tries to improve daily.

… can spend days lost in books

… Has to be on time, I cannot stand being late and usually show up 30 min early.


What about you? What Kind of girl are you?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Because I Need To Vent….


As most of you know I work at a hotel, I like my job and have worked in the hotel industry from the time I was 17 years old until now, so over 10 years… (holy cow!) I have worked in high class $150 per night hotels and low class $34.95 a night motels. I do my job well and am usually getting comment cards with my name on them saying that I made someone’s day brighter or helped them enjoy their stay.

This is not what my need to vent is about, my need to vent is about the management. I consider myself a good employee, I am NEVER late, in fact I make it a large habit to be at least 30 min early for each of my shifts. I do not say no when the managers call me in to work on my days off, even when they only give me 30 min notice. and I do a lot of things at my current job that I don’t consider to even be in my job description.

What annoys me is that they treat me like crud. I work all 3 shifts in one week usually for example this week I work Sunday and Monday from 11pm to 7 am. then on Wednesday I work from 3-11 and Friday I work 9 to 3 and sat from 3-11 again. While this is not ideal with my school schedule I do not complain because hours are good and I would rather be working than not. Just for reference  I have class from 7:30 –2:30 Mon &Wednesday, I have class from 7:30 till 11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday and from 7:30 to 8:55 on Friday.

This is still not my problem, here is where I get angry. I worked on sat, because we were busy, and then on sun at 630 am my boss called me into work, even though I worked 11pm-7am that night. I worked until 1pm that day. then came back and rented over 25 rooms that night, the hotel had 57 rooms when I left, I ran breakfast until 730, and my boss was late, so I got locked out of my first class. I had to refill the breakfast 3 times before I finally got to leave and then I get to work tonight to find a nasty note about not letting people walk, last night I had maybe 4 people come in that didn’t get rooms, and they didn’t get rooms because we had only non-smoking rooms available, so unless they want me to tell the guests they can smoke in a non-smoking room no, they were not going to get rooms.

Then on top of that I found out that the manager had been talking about me with a co-worker (a big no no in my opinion) and told him I do nothing. UMM first of all I walk the parking lot every 30 min (something a front desk clerk shouldn’t do) to look out for people breaking into vehicles (on their orders) 2nd I do everything they ask me to do, fold the laundry, mop, sweep, and restock breakfast. and deal with the guests. so I am SERIOUSLY pissed off right now….


Do you guys think I’ve got the right to be? or am I over reacting?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Michael Buble

Today’s Music Monday is two songs from Michael Buble’s newest cd, that I have, Something Stupid which is a Frank and Nancy song redone and It’s A Beautiful Day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day

I really do like Valentine’s Day although I’ve never had an actual Valentine’s Day date. And this year id not any different. Kensei is working until close and then opens the next day. I work from 9-3 after class and then I am planning on going home, to read relax and watch Austinland! What are you doing for Valentine’s this year?

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Just Want You To Dance With Me Tonight!



I love this song!  I have seriously spent way to much time dancing to it on repeat in the car, much to the odd looks from my fellow drivers! But it is such a FUN song!!

"Dance With Me Tonight"

Olly Murs

Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve got a special treat for tonight
I’m gonna call my friend Olly up here to sing to you ladies
Let’s go man
My name is Olly nice to meet you can I tell you baby
Look around there’s a whole lot of pretty ladies
But none like you, you shine so bright, yeah
I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute
On the floor up and close getting lost in it
I won’t give up without a fight
I just wanna, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
We’re getting sweaty, hot and heavy in the crowd now
Loosen up and let you hands go down, down
Go with it girl, yeah just close your eyes, yeah
I feel the music moving through your body
Looking at you I can tell you want me
Don’t stop keep going till the morning light, yeah
When I saw you there, sitting all alone in the dark acting like you didn’t have a care
I knew right then, that you’d be mine, and we’d be dancing the whole damn night right
Oh baby, I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
Break it down now,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Shake it like that,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Now bring it all back
To dance with me tonight
One more time, one more time, come on now
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Do your thing,
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Everybody sing
(I just want you to dance with me tonight)
I just wanna, oh baby
I just want you to dance with me tonight
Everybody everybody come on now
Girl, just close your eyes
We can dance all through the night,
I just want you to dance with me tonight
And everybody sing
Girl just close your eyes, we can dance all through the night
I just want you to dance with me tonight
So come on girl just close your eyes
We can dance all through the night
I just want you to dance with me tonight

Friday, February 07, 2014

Books ‘N’ Bloggers Swap Reveal!!!

I know I have mentioned this before but seriously guys this is my FAVORITE swap of all time!! My partner this go around was Dabin From So Many Books So Little Time!!  She sent me some amazing books!

I got really lucky and all 3 of the books she sent me were on my wish list!!!

She read and loved Madman’s Daughter. She says she liked the writing and  It was dark and actually sort of terrifying to read.

I also got sent Venom and Dragonswood which I have been wanting to read!! I can’t wait to crack into these books!!! Thanks again Dabin!! I loved them!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Best Of Blog Awards!!!

One of my FAVORITE bloggers Miss Angie over at My So-Called Chaos has started an annual Blog Awards and Nominations are open for a week!! I think this is a great way to find new blogs to read and learn about some peoples favorites! So head on over and nominate your favorite blogs for this year!!


My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

February Goals!


Monthly Goals


So it is time for my Feb goals!! Let’s look back at Januarys!

1. start off the semester right, study and work hard to keep getting As and Bs in my classes.

Success!!! So far so good, I don’t have many grades yet, but so far I’ve made all As and Bs!

2. read at least 13 books

Success!! I read 16!! At least according to Goodreads!

3. Post reviews on at least 3 books.

Fail—I count this as a fail I only reviewed 1 set of books The Rhymes With Love Series, yes there were 3 books in the series, but I reviewed the series not the individual books.

4. Join a gym because the boot camp thing didn’t work out

Fail—nope not even a little.

5. get a dress for the Steampunk Ball in March

Fail—Found one I want just no cash!

6. look into my wedding dress

Fail—again found the one I want but no cash.

So my goals for February:

1. try to save at least 300 for M’s wedding

2. Get my taxes done

3. Don’t spend as much money on things I don’t need

4. Post at lease 3 book reviews.


What are your goals??

Monday, February 03, 2014

Lung Leaving Day 2014

I learned about this from Night Owl VentingLung Leanin’ Day is Feb 2 2014, so I know I am a day late but this story is amazing. Please take some time to check out the story.

They asked me what my fears were:

Here are a few of my serious fears

I am terrified that I will never have the family I’ve dreamed of for my entire life. I have PCOS and all I have ever wanted was a large family.

I am scared that I won’t ever “grow up”

I am scared that I will never be able to have my life the way I want it.


What are you scared of?

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