Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I’m The Kinda Girl Who…

… Loves doing these kind of link ups! I Love learning about everyone else!

…. Is extremely loyal to my friends, family and even my jobs, I have stayed WAY past when I should leave places because of this loyalty.

… Thinks everything through way to much, sometimes I think that just jumping into something would work better for me

… Loves to cook/bake do anything in the kitchen

… but hates the clean up.

… Loves the smell of clean laundry, but can’t stand folding it and putting it away.

… Knows my strengths and weaknesses and tries to improve daily.

… can spend days lost in books

… Has to be on time, I cannot stand being late and usually show up 30 min early.


What about you? What Kind of girl are you?


Shane Prather said...

I'm the same way ovethink everything!!!

Night Owl said...

great things there. :D we're all different that's for sure. i linked up too and love getting to know others and will also try to respond to some of the ones linked up as well. but you know what i'm thinking why bother b/c i rarely hear back from anymore. i do enjoy your comments though.

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