Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Survive An 8 AM Class:

As most of you know I am a college student with a full time job, today I am going to focus on the classes I go to on Thursdays, because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I work until 7am I have a WHOLE new list of ways to survive.

This is basically how my morning goes.


Yes those are 3 of the actual alarms on my alarm clock, I have a total of 6 set for the mornings.

I wake up, go into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I toss on my Skin79 BB Cream in VIP Gold, do my eyebrows and usually use a Revlon Balm stain.

I also don’t eat breakfast, I know that I should but I usually don’t leave myself enough time to make food, so breakfast comes in the form of a Luna Bar usually the Lemon One

This is eaten as I drive.  Usually while drinking a Coke for caffeine.


How do you prepare for your mornings??

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Big Back to School Giveaway
Big Back to School Giveaway

These fantastic sponsors have teamed up with me for a Big (and I really mean HUGE) back to school giveaway!  We all wanted to go in on awesome back to school supplies that anyone could use.  Whether you're going to college, sending your kids to school, or you really just love adorable organizational supplies.  Here are the packages we have for you!

Big Back to School Giveaway: Grand Prize Pack

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Big Back to School Giveaway: First Runner Up

The First Runner Up will win a set of 3 pencils from Carbon Crusader and their choice of a Reversible Messenger Bag from Technicolor Moments.  If winner is outside of the US they may receive Paypal cash/Amazon gift card for items that cannot be shipped internationally or cost too much extra to. 

Big Back to School Giveaway: Second Runner Up

The Second Runner Up will win their choice of Weekly Planner from Simply Paperie and a set of 3 Pencils from Carbon Crusader If winner is outside of the US they may receive Paypal cash/Amazon gift card for items that cannot be shipped internationally or cost too much extra to. 

Entering the above Rafflecopter/Giveaway agrees to the Terms & Conditions listed inside.
Shops where the prizes come from are not participating and have nothing to do with this giveaway.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School

I am probably the only person on the face of the planet that looks forward to going back to school.

I figured I would give you guys a few of my tips that I learned over my past few years.

I have never stayed in a dorm so I don’t have dorm/roommate advice; but here are a few things I’ve learned.

If you are not a morning person don’t take an 8 am class. Most professors are not morning people and depend on the students to help keep them awake. I have gotten away with it by scheduling my 8 am classes on days I work 3rd shift, but that also makes me SUPER tired.

If you don’t buy a parking permit, be prepared to walk. Finding parking in the free lots can be a MAJOR pain, sometimes that extra 90 (for me) dollars to get the parking in the garage is worth the time.

This one is really simple but I didn’t do it my first semester, pay attention to WHERE your classes are scheduled. The worst thing to realize is that you have 10 min to get all the way across the campus.

Planners are your friend. I am not an organized person and having the planner, particularly one with both a month at a glance and weekly looks. Write everything down! You won’t remember it, I promise. So write it down. I put mine in my purse, that way I always have it.

Carry your water bottle with you at all times, you will find yourself so thirsty without realizing it. It is so nice to have a bottle of cold water/tea/juice with you.

Talk to your classmates, not while the professor is teaching but before and after class. Also Talk to your professors, if you have a good relationship with them, they tend to me a little more helpful if they know you, and know that you care about the class/your grade.

Don’t buy your books before classes. I know that is not what most people think. I tend to wait until the first day of class to talk to the professor to see if we really NEED to spend 200 for that paper back book. Also look online and see if you can get it cheaper from Amazon,, Ebay, Valor Books, etc.

Take notes, they will seriously help you. I have learned things that I didn’t even realize I learned because I wrote them down while I was taking notes.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Angel Reads: Towering

Oh how I wanted to adore Towering By Alex Flinn!! I mean I loved loved loved Beastly, (the book NOT the movie) and Bewitching!

This one was a 3 out of 5 for me.

I was super excited for this as I love Ms. Flinn’s work. The cover art is lovely and Rapunzel is one of my favorite stories.

I found that with this book if you can step back and accept the story on itself without much thought then it is a wonderful, suspense filled book.

Things I loved about this book.

The Mystery, I loved trying to make all the puzzle pieces fit, in fact I didn’t even get one until about 3/4ths the way through the book! It was fun discovering all the twists and turns with Wyatt.

The fact that I got to see the story from but Wyatt and Rachel’s point of view. They were both well rounded characters with thoughts, histories and quite compelling.

The connection to the Original version of the story I remember reading as a child.

The Wuthering Heights Connections! And random Star Trek inserts!

Things I did not like:

The unanswered questions.. I was left with so many unanswered questions at the end of the book it still annoys me.

The romance. I love when books have romance, but this was instant automatic I love yous, and just seemed a little to forced for me.

The Tangled Connection… I loved the movie Tangled. I thought it was great, but I don’t need to re-read about it. The magic healing hair things is just not great to me.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Angel Reads: 2013 Reading List Part 2!!

So I am considering adding to my reading challenge because it is August and I am almost done with it!!

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Jacquie has read 70 books toward her goal of 75 books.
As of today I have read 70 of 75 books!!!
Here are the books I have read so far since the last post!
books 1books2
Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles
Of Poseidon
Darkness Rising Series
5 Stars
Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles
Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon, #1)
The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1)
School Spirits (School Spirits, #1)
A Rogue by Any Other Name(The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)
The Perils of Pleasure(Pennyroyal Green, #1)
UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #1)
Whispered Music (London Fairy Tales, #2)
4 Stars

The Book of Sith: Secrets From the Dark Side

The Rising (Darkness Rising, #3)
The Calling (Darkness Rising, #2)
The Undomestic Goddess

Completely Smitten (Fates #3)

Princess Academy (Princess Academy, #1)

London's Last True Scoundrel(Ministry of Marriage, #4)

Murder on the House (A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, #3)
In a Witch's Wardrobe (A Witchcraft Mystery, #4)
It Takes a Witch (A Wishcraft Mystery, #1)
A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)
The Perks of Being a Beauty(Ugly Ducklings, #3.5)
Hexes and Hemlines (A Witchcraft Mystery, #3)
Utterly Charming (Fates, #1)
3 Stars
Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)
Everneath (Everneath, #1)
The Runaway Princess
Desperate Magic (Chronicles of Arandal, #3)
Highlander Taken (Clan Mackenzie, #2)
Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy, #2)
The Sweetest Spell
The Temptation of Your Touch(Burke Brothers, #2)
2 Stars
The Spellman Files (The Spellmans, #1)
Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss
My Fair Godmother (My Fair Godmother, #1)

1 Star

Angel Reads: Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

Bewitching is a book I was REALLY Interested to read, although it didn’t live completely up to my expectations I loved seeing Kendra in another book.

The start of the synopsis makes this book seem like it will be mostly about Kendra; spoiler alert it isn’t BUT I still enjoyed it immensely! Here is the synopsis:

:"”Bewitching can be a beast. . . .
Once, I put a curse on a beastly and arrogant high school boy. That one turned out all right. Others didn’t.
I go to a new school now—one where no one knows that I should have graduated long ago. I’m not still here because I’m stupid; I just don’t age.
You see, I’m immortal. And I pretty much know everything after hundreds of years—except for when to take my powers and butt out.”

I loved Beastly and was super excited that this book would be about Kendra, unfortunately while we do get to see how she got to where she is and learn about her past a little, it is mostly about a girl named Emma and her stepsister  Lissette.

I need to put it out there… Lissette is really evil! I mean how did her parents not see the things she was doing/way she was treating Emma is beyond me.

throughout the story of Emma and Lissette little chapters about Kendra pop up, they really don’t mix well with the story other than to provide backstory, and insight into Kendra, they are little fairy tales, like The Mermaid, Princess and the Pea, and Hansel and Gretel.

This is at heart though a retelling on Cinderella, only it’s a little twisted  in the way of what if the stepsister wasn’t wicked, just manipulated?

Bewitched really makes you want to keep reading, I wanted to see how Emma’s Life turned out and the tiny cameo from Beastly made me smile. I really hope that we get an ACTUAL Kendra story soon!!!


Have you read Bewitched? What did you think??

Saturday, August 10, 2013

July 2013 Subscription Share!

So unfortunately I am going to have to use stock photos because I misplaced my memory card Sad smile 

Let’s Start with Ipsy.

I was okay with the bag this month, it reminds me of a pencil case and I might actually use it in school.

The first item I do have a picture of because it came unwrapped and it looked like it was used….

This is the pop color crayon I got, I wrote to Ipsy customer care and they were supposed to send me a replacement… but it hasn’t come yet.

The BH cosmetic pallet was a disappointment… I have several of the 88 pallets from them and the pigmentation is great…. on these it sucked and had no color.

Benetint is Benetint, it was a cute sample size and I like the product but I already have a full sized and a travel sized with a gloss.

Got a sample of Coola in Birchbox a while back and I liked it so I was happy to get another sample of the sunscreen


I didn’t really see a difference with Big Sexy Hair’s Anti Humidity spray… it just made my hair crunchy like hair spray and I still had humidity problems.


So this month Ipsy is a 2 out of 5 for me.


on to Birchbox, I get two boxes from them so here goes!

Box number 1

Pür Minerals	CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Pur CC cream…. this annoyed me… I wish American brands would stop trying to cash in on BB creams fame because all this was, was a very thin tinted moisturizer…

Vivant® Skin Care Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

Green Tea Cleanser I liked this, it smelt yummy!

Caudalie Divine LegsThe Caudalie Devine Legs sample was a MAJOR let down… there wasn’t enough in the sample to do all of one leg let alone 2.

Curly Hair Solutions™ Curl Keeper

Curly Hair solutions Curl keeper was okay, not great but not bad, not something I would actually buy though.

Birchbox Bobby Pins - Set of SixThe bobby pins, were not really bobby pins but barrettes and I liked them .

Birchbox number 2!!

Bobby Pins again in a different color I got blue and teal!

Caldrea Body Lotion Caldrea Body lotion, smelt good, but not a lot of it to try.

Dr. Jart+	Ceramidin Cream

Dr Jart+ Ceramindin Cream… WOW this stuff was great, smelt blah but I put it on and my face was super smooth and soft, I wish they had sent a bigger sample so I could see if it would have broken me out but I am SERIOSULY considering splurging on this one!

I.C.O.N. INDIA OilTiny oil sample, did nice in my hair not enough for me to really test it though, smelled REALLY good

Model Co Lipstick in a pretty neutral pink shade. I liked it and plan on getting both of the sets! ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick Trio

What did you get???

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Angel Reads: Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon, #1)

Of Poseidon By Anna Banks, I really enjoyed this book, 4 out of 5 stars for me.

I do feel the need to point out that Ms. Banks should have done a LITTLE more mythology research because she claims Poseidon and Triton are brothers. As a mythology buff I know that Triton is actually the SON of Poseidon and Amphitrite. That would not have worked well in her story, BUT it is what the real relationship is.

First off Yes, I picked this book up because of the Cover. Can we say pretty??

This book starts off with a huge bang, before the end of the first chapter I’d met the hero and his sister, the Heroine and saw the heroine’s best friend die in front of her.

I think more female leads need to be like Emma, she is spunky fiery, stubborn and not afraid to speak her mind in the least. She is determined not to just sit there and take it like some female leads nowadays.

On the other hand Galen is the typical male lead, he instantly falls in love with her, has to have her, even though it could mean the death of his entire race, and is overbearing, possessive, and obsessive.

One thing I did NOT like was the way the side story of Toraf and Rayanna. I did not like the way the Syrena as they are called married her with out her even being there and then she couldn’t even argue about it because well girls don’t get a say. Plus on top of that even though she doesn’t want to be married to Toraf as soon as he kisses another girl she is good with being married??

I loved how Anna Banks combined her mythology (even though some of it was wrong) and the search for Emma’s heritage really made the story for me. I am looking forward to book 2!


Have you read OF Poseidon? Is it on your to be read list? What did you think I would love to know!!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

August Goals!!

Monthly Goals

Recap of July!

  1. Write at least 1 book review for the blog! Fail…. I didn’t review one book this month on the blog, BUT I did post about what I liked/disliked about some book covers, that counts right?? Right???

  2. eat healthier Fail… I wanted to, but I have to figure out a way to make it work.

  3. join the gym I’ve been debating on all year Fail, Still debating.

  4. clean the bedroom again Fail, in fact it is even worse off then before.

  5. Because I know I won’t give up Coke-a-Cola for every can of Coke I drink I need to follow it with a glass of water/green tea Success!! I have been KILLING the green tea lately!

  6. start tracking on My Fitness Pal again fail.

  7. Clean out my car! Success!!

  8. Wash and Vacuum it! Success!!


Goals for August:


  1. Post at least 1 book review!!
  2. Start classes
  3. Stay organized for classes!
  4. Decide on that bloody gym!
  5. Save some kind of money!
  6. Go through the boxes I still have packed from my move in the computer room
  7. move some of my still packed boxes into the computer room

LifeWay Keifer


I was recently able to try a new product thanks to Influenster. If you don’t know what Influenster is it is a review company that sends out products randomly for people to try out! If you want an invite leave me a comment below and I will send you one!

I got accepted into their Lifeway Program and I got a free coupon to try Lifeway Keifer, which all the local Kroger’s in my area carry!! What is Lifeway Keifer?? Well it is delicious that is what! Directly from their webpage

“Like all good missions, ours is simply expressed:  We’re here to provide the best in probiotic and nutritious foods.  We’re here to improve the health of our customers.  And we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it.   On a lighter note, we’re also here to change the meaning of the word delicious, and to have a little fun along the way.  You with us?  Good, very good.”

So what did I get with my free coupon?? Well here is a hint.

Photo: Amazicool I'm grateful there hasn't been too many hot days yet this year in Thunder Bay ~ Edward :)

Yes, I  have been DYING of heat lately so when  I saw that Lifeway Keifer had FROZEN yogurt I knew that was what I needed to try!

I got their Tart and Tangy Mango Frozen Keifer


It is Delicious! It is sweet but not to sweet and so freaking light I could have eaten half of the container in one sitting! I think everyone should give this a try. I plan on trying more of the frozen flavors and they have drinkable flavors too!!

Have you tried Keifer? What did you think?





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