Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School

I am probably the only person on the face of the planet that looks forward to going back to school.

I figured I would give you guys a few of my tips that I learned over my past few years.

I have never stayed in a dorm so I don’t have dorm/roommate advice; but here are a few things I’ve learned.

If you are not a morning person don’t take an 8 am class. Most professors are not morning people and depend on the students to help keep them awake. I have gotten away with it by scheduling my 8 am classes on days I work 3rd shift, but that also makes me SUPER tired.

If you don’t buy a parking permit, be prepared to walk. Finding parking in the free lots can be a MAJOR pain, sometimes that extra 90 (for me) dollars to get the parking in the garage is worth the time.

This one is really simple but I didn’t do it my first semester, pay attention to WHERE your classes are scheduled. The worst thing to realize is that you have 10 min to get all the way across the campus.

Planners are your friend. I am not an organized person and having the planner, particularly one with both a month at a glance and weekly looks. Write everything down! You won’t remember it, I promise. So write it down. I put mine in my purse, that way I always have it.

Carry your water bottle with you at all times, you will find yourself so thirsty without realizing it. It is so nice to have a bottle of cold water/tea/juice with you.

Talk to your classmates, not while the professor is teaching but before and after class. Also Talk to your professors, if you have a good relationship with them, they tend to me a little more helpful if they know you, and know that you care about the class/your grade.

Don’t buy your books before classes. I know that is not what most people think. I tend to wait until the first day of class to talk to the professor to see if we really NEED to spend 200 for that paper back book. Also look online and see if you can get it cheaper from Amazon,, Ebay, Valor Books, etc.

Take notes, they will seriously help you. I have learned things that I didn’t even realize I learned because I wrote them down while I was taking notes.


This is Me. said...

I'm definitely not looking forward to another semester :(
but glad that you are to motivate us ! :D
but these are definitely great advice!

Miss Angie said...

Thanks for the advice! Luckily my parking permit is only $35 for the whole year, so that's nice! My books are going to be pricey though...

Not looking forward to having no social life... but I'll deal and it'll be worth it!

Buttercup said...

this is great advice, tahnks!

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